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My favorite LD30 games so far

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 10:27 am

Here are my favorite LD games so far. They all deserve to be played, so go ahead! :)

Twist and Weave: A fun puzzle game where you have to connect your circle with other circles and they build a chain. The catch is that the circles cannot move through walls of their color. Tricky at times, but feels always fair.

Fragments: A puzzle game where you have to build paths in order to restore the memory of the protagonist. Has a great atmosphere that adds even more depth.

Yonumbo: Yonumbo is very minimalist, all you have to do is click on the little squares with numbers in them to add to the number or subtract. The game shows you which mathematical operation you do next and all squares have to be 0 when you used up all your actions. So simple, so much fun. A very rewarding experience.

The Lion’s Song: A point and click adventure where you play as a composer sitting in a house in the mountains trying to get inspiration when suddenly the telephone rings. The game features awesome graphics with a very unique style and it’s very well written, too.

Color Worlds: A PuzzleScript game where you have to combine colored blocks to get the color black. Sounds simple, but gets very difficult quick, as you can also split the blocks up again, as you can only push blocks through walls of another color.

A Sneeze a Day: Another PuzzleScript game where you literally sneeze the boxes to their destination. It’s both hilarious and clever.

Ordinary Weekdays of Tech Support of Parallel Worlds: A cool shooter game where you have to maintain a server and protect it from virus attacks. Awesome pixel art and music!

On the Edge of Earth: I think this was my favorite of all. You’re the only one on a space station and you have to operate several machines in order to calibrate a laser beam that can create life on dead planets. Very funny and atmospheric game.

Heart Star: The most polished game I played so far. You play two cute characters living in parallel worlds and you have to switch between them in order help them both to get to the exit. Awesome graphics, sound and controls!


So what were your favorite games? Which one should I play? Please comment! :)

A change of style

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 5:01 am

As I want to make an arena multiplayer shooter for 2-4 players, I need a bunch of characters. At first I planned to make them look like future soldiers – a hybrid of the Master Chief and Samus Aran, but then I got the idea to make them look more unique. Here’s the result:


Now I will animate them. Also I’m working on the secret main feature that will make my game special. It’s a bit tough, but I’ve got a promising start.

What are you guys up to?

It’s 8am and I’m starting now

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Friday, August 22nd, 2014 11:20 pm

I don’t know how many LDs I joined, but I only had one really successful attempt and this weekend I wanna make it two. And by successful I mean that I actually finish a game.

My setup is that I’m using Game Maker: Studio to create a HTML5/Windows game. I’m using Photoshop to do some simple Pixel Art graphics. I’ll probably use sfxr to make sound effects.


The Base Model

As for the genre, I really want to make a local multiplayer arena fighting game like Tower Fall. Not the most popular or wise genre to pick for a jam game, as you need more than one player to actually experience it, but I fell in love again with local multiplayer and hope that the game I create can be played when I hang out with friends in the future.

I already have two ideas for a game. Connected Worlds wasn’t a favorite of mine, but it’s not a bad starting point. Today I will implement the basic movement and collision detections, while also drawing all the graphics I need so that I can create the actual game tomorrow.

So good luck to everyone! :)

Progress screenshots

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 4:05 pm

Once I Found Love has made some nice progress today. I wrote the whole ‘story’ of the game and began implementing the first two missions. Right now you can travel between three different solar systems with a space shuttle and explore the systems as an astronaut.


Hope you like it. :)

Now I’m heading to bed.

First details to “Once I Found Love”

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 4:08 am

Although I don’t have the time to work on the game for the whole 48 hours, I decided to join LD this time again.

I decided to go with a very minimalist space game, which is very focused in the things you can do (fly and collect stuff), but still has a feeling of vastness, as the space in the game is huge (200000 x 200000 pixels).

You are an astronaut searching for your partner, which flew into space and left you behind. You decided to go after your partner to bring him back and thus the adventure begins…

Here’s a first screenshot showing a very small planet near a blue sun. There are speakers on some planets giving you missions or information.

First screenshot of "Once I Found Love"

First screenshot of “Once I Found Love”

I hope I will be able to integrate the story I came up with. Right now I only have the physics up and running and some graphics.

Best luck to every developer joining Ludum Dare! :)


My Top11 LD21 entries so far

Posted by
Thursday, August 25th, 2011 1:26 am

I’ve been playing some of the entries, mostly those of which I liked the screenshots and there have definitely been some really amazing games already. This is why I thought I could share my top11 (why top11? Because I couldn’t decide which one to leave out!) with you. I’d love to see your top5/10/11/whatever, I’m sure there are still a lot of great games I missed.
So here we go!

GTFO – The Game (afterthoughts)

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 5:50 am

Phew, now that this crazy 48+something marathon is over, I finally got the time to think about it without having to worry about the deadline.

It’s time to ramble! ^^


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