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Idle Civilisation – Incremental Strategy Web Game(unfinished)

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Monday, December 8th, 2014 5:35 am

Idle Civilisation

So i havent participated in LD for a while now. It was about time to refresh my programming skills and try again solo. I chose html,css and Javascript for coding which was a really bad idea. Since i only had one day to make my game i shouldve choosen an editor instead.

After 10hours my code was messy and the game still unfinished and unpolished. I decided to publish it anyway, so i can look back at my achievements (and mistakes) when i decide to join LD the next time :)



Maybe some day i will finish this, maybe not …

Anyway, thanks for reading (and trying out the first finished minutes of Idle Civ)

Cheers, Mirko

Incomplete Post Mortem

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Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 5:58 am

“Incomplete” is my very first LD game and second game jam overall. Since i suck at coding my brother can only do “programmer art” yet we decided to work together this time and i think it turned out well.

Play the Game

“Incomplete” is a point and click adventure in which you have to make the right choices to become a better human being. God has punished you for living your live in a bad way and thus took away several body parts of yours. Get them back by being a good person or continue your way and suffer the consequences.


What went right:
– Art Style: I decided to go for semi realistic Pixel Art which was a great choice because i have the most experience with this style and doing anything different would have been a disaster, both time and quality-wise.
– Software: I worked with photoshop cs5 and thanks to a good workflow i was way faster than i expected. While my brother always encourages me to work with open source software i think its important to stick with what you know, atleast for a game jam.
– Distraction: We had a friend over, played skat and smooked hookah, went bowling and ate some delicious cookies our mom made. Keeping a good balance between work and relaxing keept me going and helped us refocus and rethink our concept.

What went wrong:
– Time Managment: One of my biggest problems in the jam. I Spend an hour on a small graphic with little or no importance to the game and this forced me to do more important graphics like the main character in 30minutes in the last night.
– Game Concept: After 1 Day we changed our game concept from a minigame-collection to a point&click adventure. Sadly even after doing so we didnt take time to think it through, resulting in a nice concept about morality but some inconsistencies in the implementation.
– Real Life: Monday i had a university appointment and lost 6hours. Atleast i was able to test the game on my tablet but spending that time on animations wouldve added even more juicyness to the game.

Overall a great jam and alot of fun and stress in 72hours. Cant wait for the next one!

72hours of madness

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 7:31 pm

My second gamejam and first ludum dare and it was intense.

Still managed to finish the game of me and my bro called Incomplete, a Point&Click Adventure with a deep and meaningfull story.

Good Luck everyone for the voting phase, you will need it to compete :)

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