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I lied!

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 9:31 am


Although I promised that the game “Vendetta!” was playable on all platforms, it didn’t run on OSX and Linux. Sorry guys! For technical details and to play the game click here.

(The level-designer still doesn’t run on OSX!)

Note to myself: Don’t forget to test it on multiple platforms.

“Vendetta!” Post-mortem.

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 5:15 pm

The game “Vendetta!” was developed by kuchenkruste and me during Ludum Dare 33 (which was the third ludum dare we participated).

Find it here.

The idea:
Actually we didn’t want to participate in this ludum dare, because we didn’t “feel the theme”, but than I had a (as we think) brilliant idea:
A pacman clone, where you can play as the ghosts and take revenge for your fallen brothers and sisters.




Tools we used:
– eclipse
– jsfml (java binding for sfml)
– our own game library that handles basic stuff

What went good:
– All planned features were implemented!
– We made a level-designer to do more than one level (which turned out to be super handy, even if the render-code of the level-designer isn’t that performant).
– The game feels more complete and finished than the last two ones!
– There is sound! (the first game were we have sound)
– Scala (programming language) turned out to be our friend, because it allowed us to program on a more semantic level as java would.
– AI. The first game where we implemented a simple artificial intelligence. It works great, even if it could path-find faster.
– The game is hard, but somewhat fun

What went badly:
– Even though there is sound, the sounds and songs are not made by us. (You can find them here)
– We didn’t make a own font (Find it here)
– There are still one or two bugs in the game, which were not reproducible (sometimes pacman cheats and walks diagonal)
– I wasn’t at home the whole weekend and forgot to bring my timelapse-program, because of this, there is no timelapse this time!
– Although I promised that the game was playable on all platforms, it didn’t run on OSX and Linux. Note to myself: Don’t forget to test it on multiple platforms.

We had a nice weekend, because Ludum Dare is always fun!

cheers ~ kuchenkruste & keddelzz

We’re finished!

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 4:52 pm

Take revenge on all fallen ghosts in pacman. Play as ghost, kill pacman.


Play it now!

cheers ~ kuchenkruste & keddelzz

Tony’s Adventure – Post-Mortem

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 4:55 pm

Hi and hello folks,

We (kuchenkruste and myself) made the game “Tony’s Adventure”. (Check it out.)

Screenshot of Tony's Adventure

Tony’s Adventure


What went bad:

– For sound was no time left.

– We both slept way too long (about 12h a day) for a competition with time-limit.

– On the last day I had to use my laptop instead of my computer, because I wasn’t at home.

– The time was to short for new and alternative content in the game like: more maps, more enemies, a boss enemy.


What went well:

– Because we prepared some basic low-level code in a “Game Library”, we could write more code more efficient. We could concentrate on the main features.

– All sprites are done either by me or by kuchenkruste. We both like them a lot, although they are “programmer art”.

– I did a timelapse of all three days. (Check out Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3)


Overall we had a very nice time and a lot of fun!

Have a nice morning, day, evening or night ~

“More an Experiment, than an actual game!”

The decision to participate at Ludum Dare (for the first)
I did want to compete in a Ludum Dare before, but I hadn’t time.

But this time I swore myself to take part in it, if I could imagine a setting under the impulse of the moment. – I couldn’t. I disliked the theme.
So I spend the first day of the compo-challenge derping around in various streams and saw a vast amount of people coming up with great ideas.
On the morning of the second day I started drawing planets. They were better than expected, so i showed them a buddy of mine (kuchenkruste).

We both liked the sprites and decided spontaneously to take part in Ludum Dare 30 (Jam).

What went well:
– The sprites turned out to be prettier than I expected. (they’re still far from beeing perfect)
– Writing parallel on the same code with my buddy using Saros (http://www.saros-project.org/) and Eclipse.
> That’s it

What could have been better:
– Everything!
– We startet to implement a render-routine using int-Arrays (raw pixels), after implementing the rendering of the primitives (ovals, lines, rectangles and polygons), we decided to dump that project and use Java2D instead.
– If we were more bound and determined, we would’ve been more motivated.
– Our time management. (Also a lot to do in real life, so that we couldn’t work fulltime on the game)
– If we’d been more organized, we could have made faster progress in implementing the application frame and the drawing
– The fun aspect in the game comes to short, there a not a lot of fun gameplay-mechanics implemented, that we planned to implement

What we’ve learned:
– pixel-pushing (alias working with int-Arrays) is cool (because you learn of how it can be done)
– use Java2D instead of pixel-pushing (you can still achieve the pixel-look) and it’s easier to scale and rotate stuff in
– premake your own engine or library, if you don’t want to use an existing one
– know the libraries you want to use (at least a bit)
– prepare everything you can (which is not forbidden in the rules; eg. prepare a development environment, choose an engine or library (or prepare an own))
– twinkling and colored stars look better than static, white or yellow ones 😀

What i’ve learned:
– Lambdas in Java 8 are great and very powerful!
– tell your family (as long as you live with them), that you have something to do at the weekend and you don’t want to do housework during the competition.
– Before submitting, test the compiled project jar. (For me it turned out, that during development the game used a different font, than as a compiled jar file)

Because we wanted to take part, and not throw away the “game”, we handed it in anyway (approx. half a minute before the time limit ended (and the submission hour began)).
It is more an experiment, than an actual game. Technically it isn’t even an experiment, but an animated and interactive slideshow through my drawn sprites, in that you can connect planets with a kind of leash.

We know that it’s not really great, but hey, it was fun to programm, to participate and we had a lot of fun in skype and during the development.

Have a look on it and please don’t hate on it, we really know it’s bad.

cheers ~ keddelzz & kuchenkruste



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