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23 year old dude currently studying Computer Science at Aarhus University, and working (semi-full time) as a web developer/project manager.


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I’m participating for the first time, too!

Posted by (twitter: @kattehus)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 5:31 pm

Hi! 😀
I’ll be participating in this one. This’ll be my first jam, my first Ludum Dare, and also (hopefully) my first finished game! (:

I’ll also be streaming! (Although sometimes it’ll be games that are streamed, not development) http://twitch.tv/bitymous

Although I am in a rather annoying timezone for the competition (it starts at 3 AM!), I’ll try to get something done for it. I’m going to do something in Flash, as I feel that’s where I’d get the most done quickest. Although I’ll have to get used to the syntax again (I usually do Java stuff), it feels more ‘natural’ to make games in.

Language: ActionScript 3
IDE: Flash CS5 Pro
Additionally: Audacity and maybe BFXR for sound.

I’ll be using my own helpers class [Helpers.as (AS3)]. I may also reuse some of the code from my now-deprecated Plants vs Zombies ripoff project [PlantsVsZombies (RAR, includes .fla and .as)] and my now-deprecated random game [RandomProject (RAR, includes .fla)]. Other than this, I’ll be starting (code-wise) from scratch. Please note that the two projects are horribly commented (I was young and reckless!)

Possible additions: Tiled Map Editor, Tile Studio, Starling, Feathers, Away 3D, box2d, Adobe Gaming SDK

Should I decide to use Tile Studio, I will also use this definition file that I made [LudumXML (TSD)].

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