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Where is my sword?!

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Sunday, December 21st, 2014 1:23 pm

‘Where is my sword?’ post mortem

Hello everyone! Almost two weeks have passed since the release of our awesome AAA-rank games. Thank you guys for playing with our sword and leaving feedback. It was our first game and we want to share our impressions.
The game was developed at local event in our city, with dozens of teams in one large room working on their games at same time. It was a place with a great game-making atmosphere and free cookies for all fellow developers.
Old 48
At the beginning we had a vague idea of making a game with a flying sword, some levels and boss fight at last one. After the theme was announced we altered the concept and packed everything on one screen. Instead of many levels we decided to have one, which would dynamically alter itself during the game (beware of falling tiles!), and the boss were clinging on upper platform from start, looking down on player and shooting huge plasma-balls from his fingers.
Some time were spent on planning tons of features, but we didn’t had enough time for them all. Boss have been left with only one stage, which isn’t even his final form, and there could have been more various tiles and animations. Only thing to behave like planned is the sword: sometimes it spins and defend its master from all harms, and sometimes it randomly flies away, leaving you alone against the creeps, making game process unpredictable.
Unfortunately, we forgot about the testing, which is an important part of game-making. When other people from different teams tried our game for the first time, nobody was able to get even past the 30% mark, or use collected items properly. So we had to add manual and tweak difficulty at last time, instead of adding awesome controllable turrets. But late stages of game are still hardcore enough, making it a real challenge for you.
Since it’s our first ludum, we’ve seen many new interesting things even after, during judging stage. You have plenty of cool ideas and kind guys in comment sections with constructive feedback, pointing out our beginner’s mistakes or just leaving encouraging words.
Bye all, play the game and let’s meet here again next Ludum.


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