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Ludum Dare 37

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Hello all! Sorry to be late.

This is our first time that we participate to the Ludum Dare.
Our team is composed by 3 programmers: Mario and Edwin from Guatemala and Andros from Spain. 2 artist: Sonia and Sarah from Spain both. And 1 musician: Juan, also from Spain.

These are our updates.

Our game its called “Shall I Kill Her”: A woman tortured by dark feelings dabate between good and evil. She must decide to kill or not to kill his couple. In order to make the decision she must look over her memories to find a reason.
Una mujer atormentado por oscuros sentimientos de debate entre el bien y el mal. Debe tomar la decisión entre matar o no a su actual pareja. Para ello recorre sus recuerdos en busca de una razón.


“Debo tomar una decisión. No saldré de esta habitación hasta que tenga claro si mataré o dejaré vivir a mi novia. ¿Qué ha pasado en mi vida para que haya llegado hasta aquí? Tengo poco tiempo. Su vida se tambalea entre mis dedos.” 


“I must take a decision. I won’t go out of this room until I am clear about killing or not my girlfriend. ¿What happened in my life that leaded me to this situation? I don’t have time. Her life is tottered in my fingers.”


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Music & Sound:

Shall I Kill Him – Teaser

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