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Beneath The Surface – Check it out!

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 2:16 am

Hey all! I’m posting on behalf of my two-man-team to release what we’ve been working oh-so-hard on!

I wanted to post this last night, but, submitting it 1 hour or so before the closing of the competition (1am my time) I had to get some rest first!

Our game, titled along with the Theme, “Beneath The Surface”, is a 2D Platformer Puzzle game; where you hold control of two characters, but you move them both with only one input! The game is focused on getting both of the characters out of the level. Alive. There are traps such as spikes and lava, and man obstacles for you to tackle using nimble movements clever planning!

So the team who built this was only two people! There’s Alberto, the engine fuelling this creation; and then there’s me, the art & sound guy!

Here’s a link for you all to go get started!

Or if you like to go direct to the download, click the below link

Screenshot of our LD29 entry.

For those of you who are keen speedrunners (or just like a challenge), I challenge you to beat my record time of 6 minutes and 7 seconds, in only 6 deaths! Post your comments below with what you thought of the game; please remember to vote, and feel free to show your time & deaths! I’d love to see how everyone does at this little puzzle game!

Current BTS Record

367 seconds; that’s 6 mins 7 seconds. :P

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy playing the game even half as much as we enjoyed making it!

– Josh

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