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The Evolution of Super Bugs

Sunday, August 26th, 2012 1:30 pm

So, this will be the third time I’ve competed in this competition. Hoping I can get everything I’ve planned completed in time for the deadline; not finishing this is a very real fear at this point.

Normally I’m too preoccupied developing to post anything, but this time, I’m making an exception. Development is going all right, but we’re getting near crunch time, and I’m worried I won’t get it working just right before that’s over.

Usually, what takes the most time is balancing the game, and I end up not leaving enough time to pull that off nicely. Fortunately, this time, balancing isn’t a real issue if my game’s main idea works. Instead, getting the idea to work is the time-consuming part. To fit the theme, Evolution, I decided that all enemies should be based on a genetic algorithm. The more damage they inflict on you, and the longer they live, the better their chances of making it to the next generation of enemies. So the enemies are really only as nasty as you are.

Essentially, when the game starts, all enemies are completely and utterly bat-shit insane. They have no real pattern; they’re very wasteful in their movement. The idea is that after you kill the slackers, only the most likely enemies to cause you injury will be kept. Hence, evolution.

Of course, the game’s setting also fits the theme. Basically, the enemies are all bugs which have evolved to the point of being well-armed killing machines, wielding biological energy weapons. Kind of like war wasps in Metroid Prime. This has presumably happened over the course of hundreds of years of smashing anything with more than four legs that is unable to defend itself. You are an exterminator hired to break into a research facility wherein weapons were built to combat the creatures and research was being done on how to reverse their evolutionary process. The lab has since been overrun, its inhabitants nowhere to be seen. Along your journey to recover the research, you will need to collect the various weapons left around the now-less-furnished facility.


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