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Lumbejand! LD34

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Thursday, January 26th, 2017 2:25 pm

Hello everybody!


After 1 year, we have finally released Lumberjand! This game was created in the LD34. It was one of our first games and we made some mistakes during the ludum. The main problem was that it was too complicated, but we saw it with potential for mobile games.

So, after the LD, we started to improve it. We changed a lot of things (graphics, mechanics, tutorial, extra content…) and after several iterations, we transform MagicLumberjack into Lumberjand!

As most of you probably know, it is very difficult to release a game when you are not fulltime working on it. In this case, we faced that situation, developing the game during our free time. The best thing was when we tested the game with the same people that tried the LD submission and we realized that they were enjoying the game much more. We learned a lot during the process but we also created something that the people enjoyed!

We are very happy and we wanted to share our happiness with you, since LD33 was our way into game development and this community means a lot for us.

If you want to give it a try, this is our google play page! Thanks!!!



LD37 Rewind

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Thursday, December 15th, 2016 1:22 pm

Hi all! Once again, we started so hyped the LD and… again, we didn’t finish it like we would like. We always invest more time in technical aspects than improving the gameplay but we suppose that everybody has this problem right? Would you like to know what did we try?


Mix (1)


The competition:

Ludum Dare is basically the only contact that my brother and me have had with game development. Because of that, each edition (5th for us) we try to focus on new things to learn. You can see different styles in our previous entries.

The Concept

One Room. Between all the different themes, this one wasn’t our favourite and we lost time thinking about the idea. Finally, we decided to do Open House, a puzzle game where you are a spirit that defends his house against buyers. In the room there are two types of traps: attracting traps and killing traps. The spirit can move the traps and activate them (using a turn system) to try to kill all the buyers “simultaneously”.



The Challenges

We have learnt a lot. We tried bone animation, new effects, changing ambient music… the gameplay was not as polished as we would liked and we had a lot more thing in mind that we didn’t included like new traps, punctuation system, better animations, screenshots of the situation (we planned to do a newspaper with the picture of the deaths after each stage with the results)… but as always, we enjoyed a lot all te process.

Now, we hope you also enjoy the game. We will try to play the maximum number of games to give feedback. For us, this is the best part of this learning process and about this community!


Play now!Imprimir

Here we go!

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Friday, August 26th, 2016 11:37 am

We are very excited to participate in our 4th LD!

We will use:

Engine: Unity

Graphics: Illustrator, Photoshop and Pyxel Edit

Audio: Audacity, Bfxr

Good luck everybody!!

Side Effects Post Ludum

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 12:23 pm
Hello everybody! I am having a lot of fun during this LD, but I think my brother is even more excited!


I’ve just arrived home and my crazy brother has surprised me with an “animated” t-shirt of the enemy guards of our game (each t-shirt has a different frame). He loves those sarcastic bastards!




You are still in time to play our game, experiment terrible side effects and destroy them all! SIDE EFFECTS



Side Effects – Selfinish

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 12:10 pm

After three crazy days, 7 redbulls, go to work on monday (Spain) and last time changes (Sooo stressful), my brother and I finished our entry!!!!

Side Effects



We had more features in mind, but we had to prioritize and we are very happy with the result.

We hope you enjoy it! Now it’s time to play some games!!!




We are in!!!!

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Friday, April 15th, 2016 7:18 pm

This is the third consecutive LD for my brother(@tuercadevuelta) and me!!!


We will use:

Engine: Unity

Graphics: Illustrator, Photoshop and Pyxel Edit

Audio: Audacity


Good luck everybody!!


Magic Lumberjack

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 2:36 pm

Hello everybody!

My brother and I would like to present you our game. “Magic Lumberjack” is our second game. We have participated in the previous LD with two friends but this time we were just us.
We learnt a lot in the previous LD and we did again in this LD. Now we are waiting for your comments to keep improving since we are just starting (LD 33 was our first game ever).



We are from Spain and LD starts here at 3 am so we kept awake to see the theme and start the brainstorming. What a surprise when we saw that there was a tie! I imagine that all the participants had similar feelings.
So… We started thinking and some ideas came up. Enough for that first day and after sleeping for some hours and with the mind rested, we decided the game. At the beginning we were thinking about both possibilities. Later we thought about creating something using just one of them… but two button controls was too abstract, too vague and too many things could fit it. For instance, almost every game controlled by the mouse fits that theme and we preferred to work with the challenge of the theme selection. The challenge of having an idea related to something more specific selected by the community… And we did. We decided to do both themes.

At that point, we had actually thought about the lumberjack. Plants grow. We know that a lot of games were going to explore the idea of plants growing… but what happen when plants grow? That we have a lot of wood!!! So we need a woodcutter! And probably, there are people that thinks the same and that’s why we need to give him personality. We need a lumberjack. So Miguel started the initial designs.




And I started the mechanics. The first thought about the game could be… “ok, just two buttons, simple” but we wanted something special. A challenge for users (Yes, we love challenges) and that’s why we decided to do an infinite game. That means an infinite tree but in order to do a funny game, the user have to have multiple possibilities; the tree has to have multiple thickness.




And the tree has to be as special as the lumberjack, with variables shapes but the game has to be infinite. So we have to generate an infinite tree, with different shapes and everything should be smooth.
And… is that all? If we include the different animations, UI… could be enough work for two people but we needed something else, something deeper, and the fruits came up. Three different fruits (blue, yellow and purple) with extra powers: Extra strength (selfexplanatory), Extra precision (the “right cut” range is increased) and Extra life (if you miss the hit, you have another try) but these powers are optional. The player chooses to eat the fruits (second button) and in fact, if you get used to the strength needed, the extra strength complicates the game. In this situation people can think “ yeah, that is right so I will not eat the extra strength fruit” and here comes the last mechanic. Every game, each fruit color gives a random power. The player can risk the game and eat a fruit, that fruit can give an extra life and that is a lot… but the fruit can give you extra strength and in that case, the player has to be very careful.


What went well: We are very happy with the result based on our experience. We tested the game with some users and they were very happy. A bit skeptical at the beginning (“Mmmm so I have to hit the tree… Oh! It is very difficult! I am bad at this game”) but 3-4 tries later they were trying to beat their record and kept playing, absorbed by the game. That was exactly our objective. We recommend you to play with friends and see who can cut more chunks!

What went wrong: We planned to add more effects, sounds. Do it “crazier, extravagant”, but the time is what it is and in fact, we are satisfied.

We hope you enjoy the game!!!!


Play Here

Second time :)

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Thursday, December 10th, 2015 6:52 pm

After my first Ludum Dare and first game creation experiencie (LD33), I am ready for the next one. My brother and I will participate.


Photoshop + Illustrator

Halloween Maskness Post-Jam Edition

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Thursday, August 27th, 2015 11:37 am

Hello everybody!!!

We are very happy with this ludum dare (our first) and the results of our first game. We are learning a lot! And with the comments of the people we realized lot of things. In addition, after sleeping a bit, we have seen things that have to be changed 😛

Right now, there is a new post-jam version. I think that this one is easier but funnier and for the people that played it before but didn’t completely get the mechanics I recommend to try it again! If you do that and leave us feedback about the improvements we will be very happy!!!!!


Again, thanks everybody for this great LD. We have seen awesome games and we will be in the next LD for sure!

Halloween Maskness!!

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 12:44 pm

Hello everybody!!!

This was our first Ludum Dare and we have to say that the experience was great!! A friend told me about this and the great community and I cannot agree more. Thanks everybody!


With this introduction done, we can show you our game!! It is our very first game and we learned a lot this 3 days. Everything was made from scratch (code, graphics…) and we are very happy with the result. Enjoy it!!!!

Halloween Maskness



Game link

I am in!!

Posted by (twitter: @TheMadStrauss)
Thursday, August 20th, 2015 12:25 pm


This is our first time for my team. Let’s hope we do something interesting!!!

We will use Unity!

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