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This is harder than I thought…

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 7:33 pm

It’s my first Ludum Dare and already 1 day has passed… feeling pretty pessimistic right now.

The theme “Alone” doesn’t do a great job of inspiring ideas, so instead I was inspired by the “Kittens” theme that lost.

The basic premise is that you have been trapped somewhere by some evil thing, and you want to escape. Also there are kittens that you can pick up and throw to solve puzzles (eg press switches) to move forward. It’s fine because cats always land on their feet…

So because it seems to involve physics I decided to try learning Box2D while I was at it. Probably not the best idea.. learning a new engine for a 48 hour contest.. due to that I really don’t have much done. I have the character movements (WAD keys) done, and he can collect coins and go into doors (S key) and there’s some kind of message box that I can use to explain the story in dialogue-style (space key). But, as anyone can tell, no cats, no puzzles, and really, no game. And also no art and no music….


I’m not sure how much I can get done by the end, but I’m quite interested in finishing this, since I’m not planning to make it a long game with 40 levels or anything. A short but interesting 4-5 levels + a boss fight that I have in mind. See it seems like I’ve given up already and am thinking about afterwards :\

Time to take a short break and eat something. Gotta cheer up, me. I can do it!

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