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Friendly music competitions!

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Sunday, September 17th, 2017 11:15 pm

Hey guys! I’ve always been into music as well as game jams, so I decided to make a site like Ludum Dare but for songs! We have week long song writing competitions every other week, they’re really fun, and if you’re interested in getting better at making music, we’d love to have you join in!

Here’s the most recent compo: https://chipscompo.com/compo/18

We also have a pretty fun discord community and you should totally come chat!: https://discord.gg/JsWcBzD

(If you’re seeing this later, we do competitions at least once a week, so there will probably be a new one up on https://chipscompo.com :)

I’m In!!!~

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Friday, April 21st, 2017 11:55 am

I’m going to be using a small scrappy engine built on top of Pixi.js.

My tools:

  • Music: Ableton Live
  • Code: Visual Studio Code
  • Starter Code: https://github.com/johnfn/ld-warmup
  • Pixels: My own pixel editor, maybe. Otherwise, Photoshop.
  • Map Editor: Tiled

I think Tiled is the only thing about my tools that has stayed constant through the years. I love Tiled!


  • Finish something!
  • Aesthetics #1. Always aesthetics.
  • Maybe a little more story focus this time.

Good luck, everyone! Especially you, Ludum Dare website. You’re gonna need it. :)

Finally… assets

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Monday, December 12th, 2016 7:45 am

This is the first time I’ve done art with the hard black borders. It’s kind of a fun goofy toony style.




















Um…yes… the NPCs are rather ugly… Try not to mention that to their face, poor guys :(

Finished my song!

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Monday, December 12th, 2016 5:28 am

It would go really well with my game…


Arguably my most ambitious method

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Sunday, December 11th, 2016 6:49 pm

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 3.48.34 PM

Day 2 Done!

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Sunday, December 11th, 2016 6:41 am

Progress gif:

LD Day 2 Done

Sadly, that’s pretty much all I got done today. I blame Unity. What? No! It’s not my fault that I didn’t know Unity coming in to LD…

Good morning from San Francisco!

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 5:29 pm



Alright, it’s 2:30… not exactly morning… but whatever

Day 1 Progress

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 2:07 pm

They told us not to use a framework we didn’t know, but did we listen to them??


Maybe we should have, though.

Anyways, here’s what I got done on day 1:

  • Some sort of weird time system
  • Text that follows your character
  • Things that can be interacted with

Yeah, not too much!

LD Day 2

This looks terrible. I don’t care

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 12:58 am

Every time I search for some question online

and the answer is “Why would you want to do that?”…

I wanna find that guy

and stab him


Ludum Dare Simulator 9000

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Friday, December 9th, 2016 11:21 pm



I made a Ludum Dare Simulator! You helplessly watch the time tick away as you do nothing.


Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Friday, December 9th, 2016 10:29 pm

I always want to do platformers.

And then we always get these weird themes that aren’t amenable to platformers at all.

I mean, what’s the point of a platformer if it’s in a single room? How on earth could you do a platformer if your Entire Game is On One Screen? etc

The next theme is going to be “Anything But A Platformer” just to spite me.

This ain’t my first rodeo

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Friday, December 9th, 2016 8:13 pm

I’m in for LD37!

Things I’ll use include but are not limited to:

  • Unity
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Some plugin that some cool guy made for Visual Studio Code
  • Photoshop
  • Ableton
  • Tiled
  • Tiled2Unity

Let’s set a goal for myself, because why not? I want more improvement on the art side of things. I want my game to feel dynamic and artsy. Particle effects everywhere!

Here’s my starter code. It’s just some collision detection stuff, plus some IoC stuff that I really don’t understand at all and shouldn’t be learning during LD. :)

Good luck, everyone!

You wouldn’t SLAUGHTER a KITTEN…

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Monday, March 21st, 2016 7:49 pm

So don’t slaughter them in theme voting either!

Kittens for Ludum Dare 35!

Whoa music

Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 2:32 am

I might not actually get anything else done, but I wrote this freaking awesome song, which you should listen to while you go back to work on your project! 😀


Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 9:18 pm





Posted by (twitter: @thedayturns)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 2:47 am

Stuff I’m gonna use:

My goals are very lofty

  • Don’t die

Okay! let’s do this!

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