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I’m in! Woohoo!

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 7:27 pm

It’s been a while since I’ve last participated. I can’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t do this one so I figured “why not?” I don’t know how well I’ll do but I figure anything is worth a shot, you know?

The tools I’m planning on using this time around:

  • Python/Pygame – I’m not a huge fan of Pygame but seeing as how I literally just decided upon doing this an hour ago, I don’t really think I have any other choice. I think the big goal for me this time around is a smarter AI, we’ll see how that goes.
  • SunVox/GraphicsGale/whatever: Honestly I’m not sure what art tools I’ll use, I guess it’ll come down to what I want out of it. But these are what I’m thinking I’ll probably use.
  • Git/Bitbucket: For code stuff. I’ll post a link to my repo in an update when I’m in the thick of it.

I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 1:03 pm

I won’t have the whole weekend this time around due to real-life stuff, in fact I’ll only have Friday afternoon, most of saturday and tiny fragments of sunday, but we’ll see. I’ll have to keep it simple and minimize art and such because I’m terrible at it.


Tools I’ll be using:

  • C/SDL- Moving down to C because C is the 2nd most incredible language I’ve ever come across (nothing will take Python’s throne away, though). SDL: Tried and true.
  • Pelle’s C- It was a pain getting it set up with SDL, but once I did, it was very much well worth it! Pelle’s C is definitely the single greatest IDE I have ever come across. It’s impossibly simple yet at the same time impossibly powerful- coding is a breeze and the UI is really innovative.
  • Sunvox- Very confusing at first but a little while ago I came to finally master it, and it’s proven to be an incredibly versatile synthesizing tool. Probably not recommended to try and learn it in the remaining hours until theme announcement, but if you ever get the chance I recommend it.
  • GraphicsGale- I think I’d like to move on sometime in the future but as of yet I’ve never really found anything to top this. ASEprite is good, if very buggy and crashprone, and all the other options are either behind a paywall, made for Mac (eww), or just aren’t good.


Hopefully I can do this, not really known for coming up with simple ideas but I’ll try and make that more of a focus than the theme itself this time, we’ll see where that goes.

My postmordem

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Monday, April 29th, 2013 6:47 pm

I’ve been trudging away at this for a while, moved my compo entry to the Jam for extra time, and continued to drag my feet in trying to get this entry done until 15 minutes ago when the last straw snapped (yet another fun thing about C++’s “OOP”). Oh well, I’ve certainly learned a lot, and I’m at the point where attempting to give it the final steps to make it submit-worthy is pointless because it won’t do well anyway. Here’s what went well, however:

  • I learned-

    I learned a lot of SDL and how to work with some of C++’s many quirks that previously I wasn’t even aware of

  • I planned-

    I planned out a lot of the code, and as a result it didn’t turn out as bad as it could have

  • I conquered-

    I worked with a new environment, not a single line of code prewritten (aside from SDL and SDL_image, of course) and various other distractions and was able to work something out.

Now, for the bad stuff.

  • I wasn’t focused-

    There were too many distractions this week to even count, and the stress from other things didn’t help that.

  • I forgot how to art-

    Quite literally, I woke up on the second morning fully expecting to get all the art done. It didn’t come together until 3 PM, and that was when I threw it all out in favor of programmer-art squares.

  • C++- Why u no work like other languages?

    I’ve been working a lot with Java recently, and it’s quite poisonous. I made as much as I could class-based, and that was a bad idea with C++, graphics pointers galore and STL.

Well, that’s my take on it. Hopefully I’m not the only one who will learn from this. Next time I’ll definitely go much simpler. Nonetheless, it was important for me to take this faliure- I just recently moved up from python/pygame, so this was 100% me getting familiar with SDL/C++.

you can’t kill potatoes

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Thursday, April 25th, 2013 4:25 am

do this


Potatoes cannot die.

Silly BACON.

I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Sunday, April 21st, 2013 1:47 pm

This’ll be my 6th time participating, though AP testing is coming up very quickly and I’ll have to restrict myself so that I have time to study. Hopefully not too much though! Of the two tests I’m taking, I’m all set on one and feeling pretty good about the other.


I’ll be using C++ and SDL, along with SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer. This will all be new for me; in the past I’ve used Python/Pygame or AS3/Flixel.


Tools I will be using:

DEVELOPMENT: All the good tools for the job

  • Code::Blocks IDE
  • MinGW compiler
  • Bacon-flavored ocarina

ART: Either/or, depending on what I end up making

  • Krita (for detailed graphics)
  • GraphicsGale (for pixel art)

MUSIC: This is more of a list of what I *might* use, if I even get around to it

  • Audacity
  • SunVox (my favorite synth)
  • sfxr (if I’m in a pinch- this time I’ve got SDL_Mixer working reliably)


I love doing LD, and this time I thought I’d celebrate by making a background. heh. (credit to Robert-Ralik on DeviantArt for the ragecharacter)

thumbs up if you cringed when reading the code.

Forever Programming

EDIT: fixed the image (I hope)

EDIT2: well, meybe not. oh well, it’s perfectly fine if you download it, WP is just messing with me…

Sir Cat postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 8:09 pm


Sir Cat postmortem


Overall, I’m exceptionally happy with how this turned out. I took a near-complete leap of faith and used a bunch of new tools- new graphics editor, new development setup/OS, new IDE, everything except the kitchen sink and the programming language/library. I used the following new stuff this time around:

  • Krita for Graphics Editing- I was so impressed with this that I’m no longer using anything else- this is really a great piece of work. Open source too!
  • SPE for IDE- Admittedly I’ve been using python for the past few years and never fooled around with SPE. (Seems like a crime against nature, doesn’t it?) The tool did well, but the debugger doesn’t like lots of entities at once, so at a point I was forced to debug from the command line.
  • Ubuntu- I’ve done a little bit of development on it, but nothing much at all, so this was a new experience for me as well. I’m never developing anything on anything else again, it was such a breeze on Linux. :)

The rest:

  • Python
  • Pygame
  • Old code from LD23 (“Dreamworld,” if you’re interested.)

What went right: So much went right with this time ’round that I can’t even begin to list all of them, but I’ll list a few, because I know you guys wanna know :)

  • Python- never lets me down, never gives me obscure pointer errors
  • Graphics- Normally I’m relegated to glorified programmer art. Krita let me do a whole lot more, and I’m more than impressed with the results.
  • Angular velocity- Learning trig in my math class, naturally I wanted to apply it, so I added angular velocity for the player and mice, and while through post-compo playtesting it now seems (to both me and the people who’ve commented on it) a little annoying, I think it really brings out the mice as an innocent “feather.” I like the effect.
  • The idea: Normally my ideas are way too far out to reasonably complete in 48 hours. This was the first which I felt I’ve truely fulfilled in the best of my abilities given the time
  • Goats: I added a goat- a laser goat made out of yarn attempting to take over the world- naturally.

Where I found gremlins hiding:

  • One short, confusing level- Many people I’ve shown the game to are confused as to how to win the game- I explain that there’s a sign that goes across the screen, but even then it seems too vauge…
  • Misaligned text- I don’t like pygame’s text, it doesn’t let you specify “centered” or anything sane like that, so I had to guess as to positioning…
  • Python/Pygame: I think this will be (sadly) the last entry I make with python- I’ve hit upon many limits of it in making this game that wouldn’t be there on other platforms. It’s a great learning tool and really helped me get to this point though.
  • Py2Exe: eeevil eeevil tool, I had to use python 2.5 (when Itanium was a thing and support for windows 9x was *starting* to look old…) to get a nice .exe for windows.

Overall, I love how it turned out, will definitely be making a post-compo version, and who knows? Depending on how much positive input I get, I might just go all out with this one- That’s how much I love it.

Finally, some advice to first-timers:

If you think you didn’t do well, that you didn’t try, or anything negative, it’s not true. You just found out how *not* to make a game. This is my 5th LD, and the first which I think I actually did OK in- it took me a while to get it right, and it might take a little while for you too- just know that each time you do it, you get better, and not just by a little bit either. You start noticing yourself doing things you never thought you could do, or even dream of, during any normal time. LD is not a competition, it’s a learning experience. You don’t win LD, you learn by doing it, that’s what you take away from it. Hell, you just had some of the most productive 48 or 72 hours of your life- even if you didn’t finish, you still have (at least some of) the code, the art, and the idea- and most importantly, you worked hard on it and learned from it. You don’t get to be Notch without learning how to make a ton of separate, unrelated games. That’s the point of LD, and if you had fun, you won it.



Play and rate my entry here!  http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-25/?action=preview&uid=5160


LD25 1st update

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 8:06 pm

This has been an unusually productive LD (hopefully I’m not jinxing it by saying it), normally I don’t have this much done by now

Then again, it might be my beatifully simple idea and Python.

Sir Cat (still doing name-mogrifiying- I just made up both that word and our villains name) is very hungry, and he flies coach (with wings, outside the aircraft, because that’s what evil cats with wings do. Duh.). So, he needs to eat *something!* Luckily a few innocent mice happen to swing by… and I think you all know what Sir Cat does to them…

He greets them and keeps on flying to deliver an evil bomb to blow up the world. Well, not really, but IDK what Sir Cat will do- eat the mice or avoid the mice for a more evil goal.

I’m working on things such as angular velocity for them- it works (but not amazingly- I think it’s probably because of the fact that pygame sprites have positions based on the top left corner

I’d upload a screenshot but I’m on Ubuntu and don’t wanna figure it out tonight (tomorrow, I promise!) Therefore I’ll simply upload the images for the bg, cat, and mouse. (not actual size- these have been scaled differently)

cat mouse sky


What’s left on the todo list?

  • Figure out a story
  • Add menu
  • Add (maybe) cutscenes
  • Add (maybe) music
  • Fix mice
  • Optimize mice (currently crashes on my comp after ~3-5 (is it three or is it five? </pythonicmontypythonreference>)
  • Add scoring

Overall I’m very impressed with myself here- though the new tools I’m using this time around might have something to do with it (Krita is amazing! GIMP, I’m leaving you.)


I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 3:39 pm

I honestly have no clue what I’m gonna use, or even jam/48h, or even alone/team, but I still have the conviction and the time set aside, so this should be good!

I’ve been doing this since LD21, and each time I do it I feel I’m getting better by no small amount. When I started I was doing slightly glorified programmer art and had at best a poor grasp of pygame. Just last LD I was trying things like music composition and 8-step walkcycles, and produced some good art (if I do say so myself). My programming abilities had much improved (still not perfect, never will be, but leaps and bounds better). This LD is very promising as I *might* try 3d. Not sure yet :/ (better decide quickly, lol)

If anyone else wants a good way to better their abilities in any way, do LD.

Derailing myself a bit here, is anyone else participating on an FIRST FTC (or FRC) team? Just out of curiosity…

And sadly, we’re going to have to forfeit this one. (Postmordem)

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Monday, August 27th, 2012 7:02 pm

Well, a lot of things went wrong here, and a lot of things went right here. We had a grand plan, maybe too grand, but that’s not what killed us. We may not have spend as much time as would be favorable, but no, that’s also not what killed us.

The biggest reason why we failed was a lack of coordination stemming from trying to make a version control system work in something other than a more relaxed time schedule. After Saros gave my friend some issues last LD, we decided to try something new, git.

Unfortunatly, we really screwed that up. He simply couldn’t commit whatsoever and I somehow screwed up the master branch BAAAD. Therefore we sort of lopped off what was left between us- I did a lot of the art, and he the code. He was focused on fixing what was there, adding base stuff and then expected me to implement it- whereas I was focused on doing a lot of the art+music and then expected him to implement it (see a problem?).

What DID go well, however, was how well he debugged what he had, and the art for me. I was actually pretty impressed with myself- Just a few years ago I was doing not much better than programmer art- and now I’m trying funky things like 8-step walkcycles and composing my own chiptunes! I’m not perfect at either, but the fact that I was even trying that in a 72hr period says something. He was able to work his way around git- I had a little bit of familiarity with the terms, but he knew nothing, and despite having even more problems than he did with Saros, still was able to work git admirably for knowing nothing of even the concepts just prior.


All in all, though, I think the hit from putting so much effort into this and then simply falling on our faces has inspired us to try again- something more than LD, an actual, truly completed game to distribute, and maybe, just maybe, sell. I think it might have even been a success anyway- We tried something new, and learned from it (albeit the hard way), and we had fun along the way. Isn’t that the point of LD?


JoeCool17 and sebastian4620


Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 1:03 pm

Run for your life, 2,000 games are coming!

And a few more alligators!


A friend and I are doing the jam, this will be my fourth LD, and his third. We’ll be using:

Well, we don’t actually know, really. Maybe flash, maybe java, maybe python, etc.

Sfxr/SunVox for sounds

GraphicsGale/Photoshop Elements for art


Better watch out for those alligators…

Or crocodiles…

Or crocigatoraptors… those are pretty deadly…

We’re in

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Friday, April 20th, 2012 5:28 pm

A friend of mine and I are doing the LD Jam, this is my third and his first. (He was going to do LD21 with me, but something came up and he couldn’t.) I’ve previously made the games “Dwarflings” and “Rocket Man Stan” for LD21 and LD22, respectively. We will be using:

  • Python
  • Pygame (we jumped on their awesome 1,000,000,000 license deal. :P)
  • Eclipse with Saros and PyDev
  • sfxr or some other sound tool
  • And maybe something else

Good luck everyone!

Rocket Man Stan postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 3:55 pm

So, I was very exited to be able to do this year’s LD, this has been my second one. Last time I did it with a freind, our entry was Dwarflings. This year, I decided to try LD48, but unfortunatley due to something that popped up last-minute (literally) I had to move it to the Jam. I had a few frustrations jumping right into Flixel 2.5, which I had no idea would be so different, but they were resolved fairly easily.


(Here is my entry if you’d like to see it and rate it. (hinthint))

What went right:

  • Sprites – I’m quite impressed with what I was able to do this time compared to what I did in LD21. My walkcycles still need work, but they’re better. Also, I’m no longer getting artist’s block when drawing characters. I drew Stan pretty quickly, much to my surprise.
  • Programming – I think I did pretty well here, just needed a refresher here and there, kept the Flixel reference handy for getting used to 2.5, I’m thinking of writing a tutorial on my code, as it’s good, and Siefer Tim’s excellent platformer tutorial is long outdated.
  • Time – Considering I took way too many breaks and started the compo at 2:00 PM ET on Saturday, I still finished, and almost had it done in time for the compo.
  • “Feel,” moving – I think I nailed this. Since the game takes place on the moon, I needed to make you feel like walking on the moon, which resulted in great, realistic, high jumps, slow walking, sliding, etc… I’m really happy with how this turned out

What didn’t go so peachy:

  • Bugs – As I learned Flixel 2.43, I was caught off-guard by how many changes there were in 2.5, and this resulted in many aggravating bugs that resulted from using old/depricated methods, and fixing these took a good 4 hours out of my time.
  • Distractions – Minecraft, TF2, Patriots games, I didn’t really do well dividing my time between game-making and game-playing/watching. ‘Course, I was never good at that.
  • Putting things off that I shouldn’t have – I put off the menu and SFX until the last minute, and I didn’t have time to get the SFX in, and the menu just barely scraped on. I had to cull an attract mode I wanted it to have due to time. Had I done this, I think it would have made my entry that much better.
  • Guns and Bullets – As you can see, Stan has a gun. But of course, he can’t use it. This was the plan, to add it in and add enemies that shoot, but I didn’t have the time to add a shooting enemy, and therefore didn’t bother with the bullets
What could have been better, but I’m not worried about:
  • Level design – The level feels too short, and there’s a lot of wasted space and useless jumping.
  • Tilemap – I think I overdid the craters on this, it feels like there are too many.
So, the good and bad negate each other, and there are a few things I wished I could have done but didn’t. But I still think I came out ahead, I had fun and made a decent entry. What’s more important than that?

Oh well, time for the Jam

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 7:47 pm

Well, I was stuck with an AI problem in my game, Rocket Man Stan. Soviet robots, supposed to be the enemy, refused to turn around when they hit a wall. Damn them Ruskies and their, well, uh, I guess my, not working AI! But just as I got it fixed, I had two hours left, enough to finish it, when my Dad comes up and asks for his laptop back. (I stole it to do the competition- he usually doesn’t miss it and the family computer’s usually taken, let alone available for 48 hours.) I guess this is a good thing though- Now I can add more levels, fix a problem with my tileset, give more of a satisfactory achievement than jumping on short patrol robots Goomba-style, and maybe even music and SFX.

Uh oh…

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 7:03 pm

Well, only decided to try doing it at about 2:00 this afternoon, so this is probably headed for the Jam. At least I’ll have some more time!

So, some story: My title? Rocket Man Stan

Set in the late 60s/early 70s, our intepid hero, Stan, was sent on a covert mission by the USAF to the dark side of the moon, in order to test some space laser weaponry away from the prying eyes of the Soviets. Since this mission needed the utmost secrecy, he was sent alone… However, when his craft fails and he is forced to land on the dark side of the moon, he must fight his way to the other side to radio home for help. There will be such enemies as Soviet robots (They DID send one… but obviously not a humanoid like the game might have) and worker robots sent by none other than Aperture Science (Remember that scene in Portal 2 where Cave Johnson mentions senate hearings on missing astronauts? heh heh).

So, how far along am I? I’ve got a horrible tilemap and a moving Stan…

My horrible tile map and my awesome Stan

My plan:

  • Finish Stan (he only has an idle state right now)
  • Finish/expand tileset
  • Create more levels
  • Add enemies
  • Add menu, game lost, and game won screens
  • Add intro/outro
  • Add sounds
  • Bugfix
  • (if time) add music

If all else fails, I’ll just keep working on it and just keep it as another game to add to Eggplant Animation’s game library.

(We’re) in!

Posted by (twitter: @@jquigley17)
Thursday, August 18th, 2011 6:57 pm

A few freinds and I (Collectively, Eggplant Animation) have gotten together to participate in the Jam. This is our first time participating, but not our first game.

We’re not sure of the language yet, but it’s probably going to be either Java or Python. Graphics will be whatever we feel like.

Men, to your battlestations! It’s time to prepare for battle!

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