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I finished early?!

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 7:34 am

Yes! Apperantly!

Yesterday I realized my idea was not a good idea. Then I suddenly got the idea to make a funny birth-thinggy game, and I made that, and I finished it super early. It lacks music and other stuff, but I like it this way. My goal for the next LD is to have music or decent sounds in it.

Oh? You can’t wait to play it? Here it is!

Good luck to all the other people!

Changing plans

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 10:13 am

So I made this game where you needed to turn all protons into neutrons, but the protons caused other sub-atomic particles to become protons too, and it didn’t really make sense. I spend my time implementing ridiculous stuff like gravity which was not too boring. The idea seemed cool but I can’t make anything fun out of it.


Ugly quarks the form ugly protons and neutrons and other boring stuff.

Soooo. Now I’m making a game where you are a bird who shoots with its laser eyes stuff, and you just try not to die. I’m motivated for that, and I hope it’ll come together in this little time!



I’m in

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Thursday, April 16th, 2015 12:14 pm

I’ll be using tools

LD 31 & October Challenge post-mortem

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 7:10 am

Today I’ll review my experiences of last LD and the October Challenge!

So lets start with LD 31:

Fireguy: A bomberman spin-off with ugly-evil-unicode-snowmans. It was intended to have “the same screen” the whole game – no spawning, nothing that drops, etc. – but that didn’t work out very well. I ended up in a hurry and made an hostile AI that’s just smart enough to place bombs and evade them.
Graphics were cheap, AI code was horrible, gameplay was boring. I still felt like I had to finish it, because game > no game. People in the comments agreed on that too, I’m glad they voted.

I was pretty tired that weekend. The inspiration didn’t really come up, so I just practically worked and had fun. I kept forcing myself to finish it, and it was quite fun. I hope I do better next time.

Then there’s the October Challenge:

Offensive Defense: A RTS defense game, where you need to defend yourself against the things.

First, I came up with an top-down boxing game, but after a week or so I wasn’t really motivated for it anymore, and I realized it wasn’t really fun, so I quit.
Then I decided that I would work on a RTS game, what I always wanted to make. It’s very simple: Creatures in massive amounts are trying to invade you, but you have to keep ’em outside.
In the beginning I had really much motivation, I spent much time on it. Later, school began to take it’s toll, I had an test week, so I didn’t really have much time that week.
I wanted to push out a public test version October 15th, but I had too little time. That was just after the test week.
I went on vacation, and it felt weird to abandon the game a few days. After the vacation, I had to “refresh” my mind again. School was a problem, again.
At 29 October I realized I had too little time. I didn’t push my game out in time to “win” the challenge, but I kept working on it.
At 31 October my first phase was done. This meant the game was playable, but not finished. Before the October Challenge I thought this would be the date I would have an awesome game and start making Minecraft-money. That obviously didn’t work out.
After a while I ran out of ideas and I really wanted to finish it because it felt like it was never finished. I just picked a day where it needed to be finished, and that worked.
Then there’s a gap until 20 October: the release date. I don’t remember much of it. I remember I worked like crazy, I polished as much as I could, and that I felt every day different, but always a little weird.

It felt weird to make the game. Sometimes it was really fun, sometimes it felt really depressing. Again, I focused on getting stuff done. However, there was a big problem called school. It kept me away from working on my game, but after a few weeks I tried to ignore school a little more and work more on Offensive Defense, that was because of the benefits of the game weighted more than the benefits of school. I’ll probably explain that later.

Now the things of the game itself(IMO, it’s widely different from someone else’s opinion for example a friend of mine):

  • The graphics. You see, in a creative process it’s hard to review your work yourself. I thought some of them where nicely done, like the Evil Hamburger, and some were terrible, like the headquarters. I should learn to make graphics in other programs rather than MSPaint.
  • The audio. Terrible. Every time a bullet has been shot, a sound plays. But I didn’t think about the scenario where 100 bullets are being fired per second.
    Oh, and I didn’t include music, because I’m not a composer.
  • The content. I included many features, which is a good thing.
  • The idea. It kind of looks like something I made for LD28, One Wall. I don’t know why but I managed to make it to look like it in the gameplay. Someone said that it looked like “Storm the House”. Weird.
  • The gameplay. I think it’s a fun game. It’s hard, but it has many difficulties, which I’m glad I implemented them. The balancing was hard. I’m not sure if it’s perfect, but it’s at least not to easy and not to hard.

So this is my first commercial game. I’m 15, and I don’t feel like an MLG AAA Pro Game Designer/Programmer Indie Freak, and I did this as an experiment. I’m still wondering about the opinions of this game. Because I don’t know if my game is good, the user chooses to buy the game. That’s to make sure the people who buy the game, are actually happy with the game. I am happy with money, so I can buy other games ‘n stuff.

What’s really disappointing, is that it has 5 downloads. Yes. 5. It’s almost a month ago, and just 5 people downloaded it! D:
I am really wondering what I did wrong in that part. I mean I did some promoting, but why so little? So if you’re reading this, and you want to play a game, please play mine, because it’s fun and I really wish some feedback.

I really wish I got some feedback, I don’t really need sales, but without it I still didn’t win the October Challenge.

So it was a weird experience. It was very fun, but I should’ve picked another moment and I should’ve thought more realistic. But it’s not really about the game, it was because of the experience, and that was definitely worth it, because I learned so much from it.

Are people exploiting the rating system?

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 6:46 am

I was clicking arround at Sos’ Ludum Dare Rescue Rangers page, when I saw “Boring Tanks” by Toast.
It was rated 3 times, but there isn’t any download link at all, because Toast hadn’t enough time to complete it. So those votes aren’t valid.

This is not just this game, but also other games, also games that are perfectly playable.

Another example: In my LD 28, some people actually rated audio higher than one star, but I had not implemented any sound whatsoever.

So how can we fix this?

What you can do about this:

  • Rate more games! More valid ratings, the less the false ratings count.


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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 6:32 am

I’ve had better LD’s. I just realize, that my code is awefull in some parts, and if I want to finish this game, I can’t make it pretty.

The idea is terrible. I didn’t really have a good idea(like the last time), but it fits the theme. I should’ve combined this theme with another.

I’m making a “bomberman” spin-off. But what’s on the screen is all you get. No magical thinggys comming out of crates. But bombs do out of no-where when you press space… items randomly duplicate themselves…?
See, it doesn’t match anything.

Now I am programming AI. Or should I say: typing words at 400 hpm. Why? Because it’s the only way I can finish this, and: less fun game < no game

Confused AI snowman approves:


The 392st progress article for today!

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Saturday, December 6th, 2014 4:07 am

I’m making a bomberman-ripspin-off. I don’t know what the end product will be, but it’s not your average one.
Nothing spawns, there’s nothing comming out of the crates
What you see in the beginning is what you get, no spawning, nothing comming out of this corner, no menus, no…

The potions spread. They “grow”.

I’m currently working on collisions.

Here’s a picture:



Good luck, other people!

I will participate!

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Thursday, December 4th, 2014 1:58 am

But only if the theme is ☃

Once again, I’ll learn of making a far-from-perfect game in a stressfull period where you finish your game much more easialy!


  • MSPaint(I’m not kidding) + RealWorld Paint + maybe-ish Inkscape(still learning)
  • VS 2010
  • The good old dead XNA Framework/MonoGame + C#
  • Chronolapse


Offensive Defense is out now!

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Thursday, November 20th, 2014 9:03 am

Remember my october challenge?

Well, my game is out now! You can try it, and if you like it, you can buy it! If you don’t, you don’t! 😀
I’ll be posting how it was to create my first commercial game sometime later.
I’m also looking forward to LD 31!
And, as always, I’d like your opinion!

Give it a go here!

Here’s a mediocré trailer:

it has already started!

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 12:43 pm


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Friday, October 31st, 2014 8:26 am

Well, at least the first stadium of the game! 😀

At the beginning of the month, I expected that I’d have my game finished, and that everyone started buying it and I would make Minecraft-money(Okay not that last thing)… But it turned out to be different. I had too little time to work on it.
But instead, my game finished it’s first development stadium! And you can play it, thought it isn’t done. I’d love to get some feedback! Have fun playing it!

(Click the image for more info!)


EDIT: And oh, for the those who are interested… Here’s the timelapse!

October Challenge: Change of plans

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 1:34 pm

Today is the day I realize that 2 days isn’t enough to finish my game and sell it. I just had too little time to work on it. It’s mainly because of school, it’s pretty hard sometimes(effort) and it requires much time.

If I am going to sell a game, it must be good. I am not selling a half-finished buggy game that is not fun. I always imagine like my game is going to be reviewed by the AVGN.
The next question is what is good. What I call good is a fun game, that’s designed & progrmmed with care. Like most of the games here.

I am not abandoning my game. No. I want to release it. That’s why I am doing this October Challenge. “Make and release a game!” That’s why I came up with a plan with three phases:

  1. The publish phase (2 october – 31 october)
    This is the phase where the game gets made. This one is free, playable, fun. But not the end product, it’s not good enough to set it for sell.
    This is rougly the current test version with the stupid things removed.
    Halloween will be the release date!
  2. The release phase (1 november – 15 november(?))
    In this phase I’ll add more gameplay to the game, fix bugs, add more stuff, etc. I’ll set it for sale then. Then it’s somewhat finished.
    More “buildings” are added, headquarter is finished, things are finetuned, more enemies…
  3. The finetuning phase (15 november – ???)
    In this phase I’ll just work on the game, while it’s actually released. For example: Planetary Annihilation is finished, but there are still people working on it and adding some features ‘n stuff.
    After this phase, the game is done. It’s finished now.
    So this will be just improving things and add moar stuff! 😀

Of course this is just a plan, my old plan didn’t work either! 😛
So yeah, I’ve lost the October Challenge. But I just don’t want to sell some crappy game just because a challenge is forcing me to it.

Okay. So expect to see me delevering some work the next few weeks! For the one dollar!


(Excuse me for my bad english over here. I am dyslectic and it’s late for my feeling)

Test version!

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 11:29 am

As the final days of October are approaching, I need playtesters!
YOU could be one of them!
So hurry and goto this place and download my test version of my game! Hours of fun!
I’d like your feedback! In fact, I need it!
Oh, and you need the XNA Framework to play it. This is temporary, but it makes the development easier.


A screenshot taken from a early phase of my game.

EDIT: Thanks for all the testing everyone!(You can still test, the more, the better!)

The october challenge so far

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Friday, October 24th, 2014 9:35 am

I am doing the October Challenge this year! I like it so far.

Arround the middle of september, I came up with an idea for a top-down multiplayer boxing game. I started to work on it a little (with the idea in my head “Maybe October Challenge?”), but then the first day of october I realized it was boring and I wasn’t motivated enough.

Then I came up with a idea for a real-time defense game(when I later realized it’s a little like One Wall), and I started working on it but I couldn’t spend as much time I wanted because of school. I had much motivation thought. I wanted to push out a public beta-crap edition wednesday the 15th, but school and real life came in my way again. I got vacation which you would expect to work more on the game, but I had to go to many places. After the vacation, I had to “refresh” my mind again and it felt really weird to abandon my game for a few days. I felt like I should finish it. I also got the feeling like “how am I going to release this?”

Yeah. I am 15 and I feel like I am not a game-designer-programmer-professional-super-nerd-that-has-awesome-games. My goal was(and still) to release a game and make some money out of it, since I clearly have no job but I still have the urge to buy things.

I am wondering if anyone would buy my game. I don’t know if people like the game because it’s fun, I better hope so even thought I made the graphics in MS Paint and the game isn’t that original. To be honest, I rarely buy games(I rarely buy anything because of the money). I only pay for awesome games.

Now the trouble is to actually release it. I hope halloween will be my date, I only need to make it playable and then choose the humble bundle or itch.io, then it should be done(I am not saying I won’t work on it after it’s release! :D).

October challenge something something screenshot_20-10-2014_tick_724830

A screenshot taken while programming the spawn system for the weird enemys. Yes those are evil hamburgers. (taken October 20th)


Octobah challenge!

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 12:41 pm

I am doing the October Challenge this year,

But I’m donating the first dollar I’ll earn to Mike Kasprzak!

He deserves it. He made these series of events possible, and I want to thank him and make it possible for other people to particpiate Ludum Dare in the future!
Thanks to everyone who made LD possible!
Besides that, some people like Mike need some Netflix!
I probably donate a little more so he gets a full dollar instead of just 70 cents.

I need to earn of course something. I think my game will be free, and it’ll be optional to pay for it, pay if you like it. I hope this system works and I can give him a piece of Netflix.


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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 5:54 am

What was I thinking?

I quit. I cannot brain today. I’ve had a bad idea, and executed it. It’s fun… ish.

Later I realized that this wasn’t fun, I couldn’t make it really fun afterall, and it wasn’t based on the theme.
This was the best idea of all I had thought. I hope it’ll go better next time.
If I look at it, it’s a boring little game that’s split-screen(but mend for one person), created from scratch in roughly 4 hours.

*sigh*. I feel empty.

Interested anyways?
Here’s a download, and here’s the source code(C# XNA).

majestic plane


Good luck,  my fellow Ludum-Darers! It all looks awesome!

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