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DONE! And a small rant on the importance of content :)

Posted by (twitter: @jmoraguiard)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 5:25 pm

I’m DONE! Wow what a Roallercoaster of feelings!

This has been my first Ludum Dare (24 I did not even start the game :/) and I’m still processing my feelings! Yesterday morning I felt like “Wow, piece of cake!”, but god dammit what a hell of weekend (but I don’t regret any single moment!).

The first clear conclusion I got from my first LD is that one must pay attention to all game aspects, really, if you want your game to look like finished, pay attentiont to digital content. I’m not saying that it should be ellaborate, but it should be… cohesioned? So is good to implement good mechanics, but give time to create art and playtest!

Anyway, just sent the .rar for Windows (could not compile on Linux and Mac at the end, I should have tested before weekend, as everyone sais… test your tools!).

So after this little rant, I present my first LD project:


Proud of handmade art hehe.

Proud of handmade art hehe.

One in game picture, with many boats, planes and combos!

And this is the link to Windows game.

Ah, and scenario editor!


Yet Another Newbie in! (or not so newbie…)

Posted by (twitter: @jmoraguiard)
Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 12:51 pm


This is my “real” first time I participate in a Ludum Dare. Actually I applied for 24… but did nothing, so this time I hope I do something :)

I’ll be using…

Language  C++, OpenGL (and if feasible Pure Data)

IDE  MVS2010 and Pure Data IDE

Libraries/Framework  openFrameworks and Pure Data extended

Audio/Music  real-time generated/modulated sound with PD patch (hope so at least hehe) or Audacity recorded stuff

Art  Paint

My desk:


Cheers to everybody and really willing to participate with you all people!

I’m in! (LD virgin)

Posted by (twitter: @jmoraguiard)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 2:00 am


This is the first time I participate, but surely not the last!

I really want to participate despite I’ll be working all the weekend, but I think sis fun to work under even more stress! I’ve been already in four Music Hack Days (Barcelona 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012), a Global Game Jam (Madrid 2012), so now it is time to get into Ludum Dare!

Language  C++, OpenGL, OSC and Pure Data

IDE  Code::Blocks and Pure Data editor

Libraries/Framework  openFrameworks and Pure Data extended

Audio/Music  real-time generated/modulated sound with PD patch (hope so at least hehe)

Art  Paint

Go go go! 😀

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