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Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 7:06 am

Deciding on an idea for an educational game was a tough one, but when I was complaining on GameJolt, KniteBlargh came along and gave me the greatest idea; ‘why not show your dislike of the theme by having facts as the enemy?’


Straight away me and my good friend GhostDev91 got to work on this, a de-educational SHMUP!

Control your ship with the arrow keys and spacebar to destroy incoming facts into Jack(C)’s head! The facts are all written in a handy txt file along with the game, so feel free to append and edit this file as you will! INFINITE REPLAYABILITY!! (ok not quite)

After the round you will be given a grade depending on your score. If you are unfortunate to go down to -1000 points during your run, however, you will automatically be given the A* grade.

Coding – GhostDev91
Graphics, Music and a teeny weeny bit of coding – JMickle
Concept – KniteBlargh


Contact:  jaymickle at gmail.com

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