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Here is three games that still need your love

Posted by
Monday, May 9th, 2016 3:21 am

Here is three games I really loves and they still need some playing and ratings.  I hope you can and will help them.

Shapeshift Serena

SuperShape Me

Time Balls

I have played 329 and here are some games I liked that needs more ratings.

Time Balls

A beautiful and fun puzzle/platformer game. You can find it here.


A shapeshifting endless runner that is pretty fun to play. You can find it here.

Shapeshift Serena

A simple clay animation game. It is short, but it is really fun to play.  You can find it here.

SuperShape Me

A fun little game dieting game. You can find it here.

Shift Shapes

A super simple idea and a great little game. You can find it here.

Terrain Shifter

A super great puzzle game, you must play.  You can find it here.


“Space Cowboy” the post compo version

Posted by
Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 9:59 am

I have made a post compo version of my game “Space Cowboy”. This version is much more finished, polished, and hopefully much more fun to play. I hope someone wants to try it, and in addition give me some feedback. If you want to try it, you find it here.

Space Cowboy
And of course congratulations to all the winners.

Funky Knight

A game with a great sense of humor and a fun interpretation of the theme. You can find here.

Funky Knight

You Are a Skunk

A simple and beautiful game, which uses the theme very well. Try it here.

Smoking Kills

A game about penguins who try to kill all humans, do I have to say more. Try this one here.


Leaf Blower

A a game that proves that simple is often the best solution. Try it here.

You can of course also try my game here. Here you also can leave a comment on my Post Compo version, which hopefully has made the game much better.


Space Cowboy (Post compo)

Posted by
Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 5:31 pm

I have now made a updated version of my game “Space Cowboy”.  You’ll find it here.

Updates and fixes:

  • Explanation of why you are game over
  • Better volume balance between audio clips
  • Better control
  • General better gaming experience
  • Hopefully less bugs
  • And much more

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