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A Night on the Express

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 1:09 pm

Hi This is Fadi Khoury the sound guy from Seven Sided Games . I’ve had an amazing time working with this great group of people ,This is my first Ludum Dare . I am responsible for the music and sound effects . As a sound designer i wanted  to challenge my self and make several bits of music that could be played randomly and still sound like a song. i went about doing this by making all the songs in the same key except a few the were in  A and G.  A lot of space was put between cord so the tracks would loop better when played randomly. some of the go into other song seamlessly , but others are obvious . We are using unity3d 3d sound tool to make the environment believable , for example the farther you go from the piano the quieter the music gets and louder the creepy sounds get.  I am responsible for the music and sound effects . Our game has  developed very well ,and our writer hasn’t slept in 24 hours . The story has been redone several times , so it won’t suck .  we have all the dialogue written out and we have started placing it all in the game. writing has been a challenge ,we had to make one of the programmers the writer. Jimmy Delaney has been our only programmer and as done a damn good job .

here are some the songs i put in the game https://soundcloud.com/fadi-khoury/piano-solo-improv-7


7 Sided Games – A Night on the Express

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 8:52 pm

Mike here posting for 7 sided games, we’ve been bustin’ butts the last 50 hours workin on a little thing we  call “A Night on the Express” Our art team has been really pumpin out pixels and our sound dude has been playing some sweet jazzy melodies (which I seriously suggest you give a listen to) while we work. Still on getting in the all the programming and story(Our awesome Programmer Jimmy DeLaney’s Livestream is livestreaming rightnow!) , but its really coming together. Here’s just a few of the characters I’ve been pumpin’ out. You’ve only got one chance to solve the case. Can you figure out whodunit?


7sidedGames A night on the Express

A night on the Express


Making Progress

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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 3:24 pm

First Ludum Dare for me! Making a type of Survival Cell game that changes phases every 10 seconds. I’m working with my friend Kevin who is doing most of the asset creation.

Early Screen

Early Screen

Using Unity, Photoshop, NGUI, other fun stuff.

I’m pretty happy with the progress we’ve already made and the mood of the game feels great.

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