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Affinity World – Postmortem

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 9:18 pm

I wasn’t really expecting to do a postmortem, but due to all the feedback i ‘ve been getting i just said “Meh, why not?”.

First things first, here’s the timelapse and the game in question.


  • What went right:

The concept: Like i always do with most things, once i heard what the theme was  i started thinking ‘outside the box‘, something that no one would think about doing with the current theme….

Luckly for me, i got a great concept 30 minutes in, a heavilly-text story oriented game, something i never even attempted to make before, but i managed to stick with it till the end and the final result was pretty good.


Coding: Due to my experience with the (not always so great) Game Maker, i was able to program the engine from scratch in only a few hours. Sure its not the greatest engine ever, but it gets all the work done which gave me plenty of time to concentrate on my cons. Speaking of cons…


-Graphics:  Usually, i would put this on what went wrong,  i’m just terrible at drawing but, for some reason, i really like how some of the art came out. Sure, its nothing spectacular compared with most of the games around here, it might even be on the ‘1|2 star type‘,  but I was really proud of what i did.


  • What went wrong:

Sounds/Music: I always have trouble with this part, i tried to make the sound effects myself (using the mic, etc), but i just couldn’t make them properly so, after wasting about 30 minutes, i went for the overused sfxr which can get the job done but the sounds get too similar to most of the games around the comp, but what really upset me the most was the lack of music. Music would be great for a heavilly-text oriented game but, after using OpenMPT for about 1 hour and getting near the deadline, i decided to scrap the music idea which really hurt the game in my opinion.


-‘Lack‘ of content: For a 48h game, its quite a lenghty game, with several diferent paths and decisions to choose from, 7 diferent people and 4 ‘zones’. Unfortunately, i planned to have +10 people and 6 zones and 2 more paths but, around the end of the first day, i saw that i wouldn’t be able to do that, which made me rewrite most of the dialogs for the NPC’s, sometimes making them say and give the same quests on diferent paths. And, while its possible to have 2 ‘diferent endings’, they were rushed out on the last minute, something i REALLY didn’t want to for this kind of game…


Aside from all that:

-I was able to finish the game in 48 hours =D.

-About 40% of the time was spent writing dialog for the NPC’s.

-I learned alot on how to handle ‘dialogs’ and ‘scripted events’.

-Music making is not for me…


That’s about it i think.  I might plan to complete the game later on since i’m getting a lot of great feedback, something i wasn’t expecting from this kind of game :).


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