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Theme - Almost 3rd Place - LD29
Awarded by Jezzamon
on May 23, 2014
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Yep I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Friday, December 9th, 2016 4:47 pm

I’m thinking I’ll be using flash stuff for this, but who knows what ideas may come up.

LD34 Visualisation and Analysis

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 7:01 am

TD;LR? Just look at the pretty pictures.

Hi all!

Before I begin, lets just remember Correlation != Causation

So, using the data that “”¬†scraped from this Ludum Dare, I created some plots showing how each of the different categories correlate with the overall category. Here’s the lot of them (It’s a big image, so click to see it full size). Compo games are blue dots, and Jam games are red.

ld34 correlations

There’s a quite few interesting things there, but here’s a few little points.

As we’ve seen from previous analyses (Google told me that’s the plural of¬†analysis) of Ludum Dares, the fun category has the highest correlation with the overall category, and humour correlates the least.

Another interesting thing is that the audio category is split for¬†Jam and Compo games. You’re more likely to get a better overall score with the same audio score if you entered a Compo game, perhaps suggesting people are more forgiving for average audio in Compo games.

The ID plot may seem meaningless, except that IDs are given sequentially, and so it roughly shows what score people got in relation to how long they’ve been around Ludum Dare. It’s slightly skewed in favour of veterans, but not much, showing that¬†newbies have just as good of a chance of making a great game.


But what I wanted to focus on is how the number of votes you got relates to the overall rating you get.

ld34 votes vs score

Now, this plot is a little hard to read because there’s so many people clustered up in the left, which hides the significance a little bit. You can see a slight¬†upward trend as you get more votes, but it’s that clear. If¬†you compare it to the plot of Votes Given vs Overall, you can understand it a bit better.

ld34 votes given vs score
Because there are so many people that cast/received between 20 and 50¬†votes, you would expect to see more extreme results in that area, just because there are more games. This is what we see with the Votes Given vs Overall¬†plot — as the votes get larger there are less scores near the top and the bottom, mostly¬†because there are less games there and it’s unlikely to get a really good or really bad rating. (That being said, there are some relationships here, but they’re not as significant as in the votes received plot)

In the Votes Received vs Overall plot, we have games that got high ratings with a large number of votes. This would be pretty unlikely if they were unrelated, just because less games got that many votes, indicating that there is a correlation.

But please remember¬†CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION!!!¬†It’s totally wrong to say that this means that if you want to do better you should try to get more ratings, because more ratings = higher overall. Instead, we have to say: Ok, there’s a relationship, what theories can we come up with that might explain it.

When you think about it, it would make sense that games that are really good would tend to get more votes, because people share them more.

Even though the general trend is upward, we can also see that there are games that get a lot of votes in a way that’s unrelated to how good the game is, such as people who are hugely popular or do a lot of publicity.


Finally, an issue that often comes up is the concerns that games that didn’t get many votes could sneak a high score¬†just by being lucky with the ratings they got. If you look at the plot, there aren’t that many games that didn’t do well that didn’t also get quite a few votes.¬†There are a few, but as there are a lot of games that got a relatively small number of votes, there would also be a lot more if¬†it was entirely up to chance.

This doesn’t mean it’s perfect, just not all that bad.

That’s all for now! Thanks again to Liam for the useful data!

Tamamystery behind the scenes

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Monday, January 4th, 2016 4:38 pm

(First of all, I was originally concerned about not having enough votes when I started this post, but I’m all good now. That said, you should still play my game because it’s cool, but perhaps consider playing other games too, there’s still time!)

Tamamystery is a cutesy virtual pet game with nothing mysterious or nefarious involved at all. Nope. Why would you suggest that? Also it’s in Flash, so there’s no download or anything, which means you should totes play it!

[Click to play!]

You should totes play this game

You should totes play this game

Now that that’s out of the way, lets get to what this post is about: How I came to using papercraft for my Ludum Dare game!

The first thing you’ll notice is my freakish hands holding some type of paper-craft device. But it wasn’t always going to be this way…

Once I knew I was going to do something Tamagotchi related, I started off by doing the classic Google image search to get ideas.

So many Tamagotchis…

I also watched some Youtube videos to get an idea of how the Tamagotchi gameplay typically works. I also came across this Tamagotchi device with the little cake on the top, which I liked, and is why I added a bow on the top of my toy.

Apparantly if you're into Tamagotchi videos then you also want to know how to make a Crochet Mini Coin Pouch

Apparently if you’re into Tamagotchi videos then you also want to know how to make a Crochet Mini Coin Pouch

So I started creating the graphics of the game. I knew I wanted the game to look like a real device, and so it had to be fairly realistic looking. So I started in GIMP, first by taking photo of an actual Tamagotchi and adjusting the colours a bit. Using that as a basis, I was going to try to essentially redraw it in GIMP, but soon realised that it looked pretty bad, and was going to take a while to do.

(I’m not very good at this way of doing art)

So I ditched that idea. Then I remembered “Hey, I’ve done nice vector stuff in the past, right? I’ll do it in flash!”. I quickly realised that THAT was going nowhere too.

I was hoping the grid would help me make things even, but I couldn’t even get the curves to look right

So I drew this little place holder graphics and moved on. Also, here you can see I had the idea of having a background that’s permanently etched in the game, like some Tamagotchis and small toys do.


The “figuring out graphics is a problem for Future Jez” graphic

Then I tried to figure out what it would look like on paper, and an idea hit me: If I can make it look good on paper, why not just use that as the graphics as is! I have a whole bunch of cardboard in my room (I often use it for craft things for kids), I had everything I needed really.

Even though I wasn’t trying to make it look good, I felt like this sketch was better than my my actual graphics attempts

The actual process of making the toy wasn’t too hard, all I did was draw each piece lightly on the cardboard in pencil and then cut out the outline. I made sure to measure out a piece of cardboard with the same dimensions as the screen so that they lined up.

To put the pieces together, I used Blu-Tack, which is good¬†for two reasons. Firstly, because it’s not permanent so you can move things around. Secondly, it makes the pieces stick out a bit, so you don’t just end up with a flat piece of cardboard, but instead have something with a bit of depth in it. Depending on how much Blu-Tack you use, you can adjust the height of each piece a little bit.

From side on, you can see the layers… kinda. That screen is coming of a little.

To get it into the game, I just took a photo on my phone, put it on the computer, and then skewed it a little bit to compensate for the slight angle I took it at. Then I scaled it to make sure the screen was a nice multiple of the game window size, in pixels, because otherwise you get awkward half-sized pixels or blurry edges due to anti-aliasing, and nobody wants that.

This one is nice in the way that you can clearly see that it’s made of paper, it’s not as obvious in the actual one.

It looked pretty good at this point, but I felt like it needed colour to look more like an actual device. So I added in the colour in GIMP by using layers with the “Multiply” blending mode. If you just transparently overlay a colour, you lose some of the contrast as all your shadows become lighter, whereas with multiplying,¬†you preserve all the blacks as black, and keep the subtle paper texture better. That’s a little tip for ya.

Whee! Timelapses! (click to see the unsquished version)

And to add in the hands, I just took a photo of me holding it with one hand in the different positions, and photoshop’d that in with GIMP (am I allowed to say that?). It would’ve been nice to set up a tripod and take photos of me holding it in the different positions to get the shadows right, but that also would’ve taken a bit longer and would’ve meant I had to skew, scale and colour¬†4 photos instead of 1.


Whee timelapses again!

And that’s it! I had a lot of fun with using papercraft, I might try to make an all-papercraft game next time. I’ll probably need some better equipment though.

Thanks for reading! See ya later!


Thanks for playing Tamamystery!

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 5:51 am

Hi Everyone! Just a quick message:


If you haven’t played it yet you totally should because¬†it’s fun, and possibly not what you expect! (and then the thanks can be for you too)

[Click here to play it]

P.S. I’m thinking of posting a little thing about how I decided to use papercraft… stay tuned, I guess.

P.P.S. Ok, this is really just a plug for my game, sorry ūüėõ

Merry Christmas everyone!

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Thursday, December 24th, 2015 8:09 pm


P.S. If you haven’t played my game¬†Tamamystery yet you totally should. It’s cool. And browser friendly!

Mini Ludum Dare 63

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Thursday, November 5th, 2015 8:57 am


Announcement Video


  • Make a game that’s a fusion of two other games, game genres or game ideas
  • Do it during the 20th – 30th of November
  • Spend 48 hours or 72 hours or however long you want
  • Start whenever’s convenient
  • Work alone or in a team
  • Use any assets/tools you want
  • Tag your games with #MiniLD63 (and also #LDJAM)
  • Disregard any/all of the rules if you want

In case you can’t think of anything, here’s some of ideas for things you could fuse:

  • Platformer
  • Snake
  • Dating Sim
  • Text-based adventure
  • Gritty male protagonist
  • Educational ‘game’
  • Superman 64
  • Live action
  • Box pushing
  • Mike ‘PoV’ Kasprzak

That’s it! If you have any other ideas, feel free to leave them in a comment below.

[ Browse Entries ]


Happy Jamming!


Edit: Congrats Everyone! We ended up with 60 games, with some great ones!¬†There’s no rating system, but have a look at some of the games and leave a comment about what you thought!

Mini LD 59 Spritesheet

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 5:36 pm

Here’s my spritesheet! And suddenly, your game is a roguelike!
… or a roguelike-like, or whatever.

I gave each letter a walk cycle, and made them a little different when they’re not facing forward so that you can still tell what direction the character is facing. Just in case that’s needed for someone’s game.

I can’t make a game this time round, but I’m looking forward to playing some games!

Progress So Far

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 7:54 am

I thought I’d start with the soundtrack to my game this Ludum Dare. Have a listen:


I’m NOT in

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 5:43 am

hm yeah well I’m busy for that entire weekend, so unless I can crank out something Sunday evening/Monday morning (in Australia the compo ends in the middle of Monday) there will be no game from me!!

I would quite like to pump out a little 1 hour thing though. We’ll see.


Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 1:31 pm

well I’m away for that entire weekend! hahaaa…

Ludum Dare finishes in the middle of Monday for me though so maybe I’ll spit something out then….

FlashDevelop – AS3 – Gimp – ptCollage – Audacity – AS3SXFR – (Unity and Blender???? Nah)

My take on the mascot

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Saturday, March 14th, 2015 6:59 am

I liked aeveis’s mascot suggestions, so I animated one up!



I like this design because:

The body is a cube/pixel/’place holder square’ which encompasses the game-iness and prototype-y nature of Ludum Dare
The sprout represents creation, and the feeling¬†mystery (what’s it going to be?) and potential awesomeness¬†that you get when starting¬†a Ludum Dare game

And the sprout growing out of the cube is exactly what Ludum Dare is on about! Making awesome games from limited, often rough resources!

Whatever we go with, I hope it has some of those aspects to it :‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč)

(I wrote this same thing with 5 times as many words and 7 times as many emotions here)

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 12:45 am

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 6.44.32 pm

Blah blah blah

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 9:25 pm

I’ll have to cut my jam time a little short seeing as I’ll have to leave for work before the compo¬†ends (and I can’t stay up too late either). As such, I think I’ll take LD¬†a little differently this time. My aim is to spend a lot more time brainstorming ideas, to try and do something super interesting/imaginative.

FlashDevelop + AS3

Hey! Play my game!

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Monday, September 8th, 2014 6:11 am

I’m really, really happy with my Ludum Dare game this time, so I thought I’d share it some more!

Click to play! ^^

Click to play!

Play it! You might just have fun!

I took a post-modern approach to connected worlds – people live in different worlds based on their perceptions, but¬†are connected by ‘reality’, whatever that is.

What went right

I brainstormed a whole bunch of potential mechanics for the concept of different perspectives. I actually thought of 4 different characters, and quite a few more ideas. I then implemented the mechanics one at a time.
With around 10 hours left, I decided to stop designing levels, and not add any new mechanics but instead focus on polish, and pretty particles. I could have included more mechanics, but I think the polish was much more important.

I also programmed it all from scratch! No game libraries :)¬†(not that game libraries aren’t great too)

I plan on uploading a timelapse, and a post-compo version with a few more levels in the next few days (depending on how busy I am)

I think the sleep deprivation is starting to set in…

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 9:04 am


Yay for waterfalls!

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 6:30 am

This is my progress so far: [link] Head to the right to check out the levels.

Not pictured: The main mechanic my game uses. You’ll have to wait and see what it is! :)



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