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Addendum to pre-compo declaration

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Friday, April 26th, 2013 5:18 pm

I’ll also be including Photonstorm’s Flixel Power Tools in my Flixel directory, unsure of whether or not it’ll see use. Just declarin’, is all!


I see that I’m supposed to declare my base code here.

I’ll be using Flixel 2.55 for my framework, and that’s it. No custom templates – I’ll start by remembering how to do a basic Flixel Hello World and then moving up from there. This choice should hopefully encourage me to break my previous comfort zone, and eliminate the hassle of having to prepare a perfectly vanilla “starting template” from pieces of old projects.

So, to reiterate, in summary, I’ll be using only the Flixel framework, and no pre-made personal code to begin with.

A bit more info regarding my tools, just for fun:

I’ll be using FlashDevelop with the Flex compiler, writing in AS3

I’ll be making all of my graphics from scratch, most likely pixel art, and probably mostly in Photoshop CS2 and maybe Pickle for its spritesheeting capacities.

Haven’t decided where I’ll make/get my sounds and music yet, but songs will most likely be sequenced/synthesized from scratch.

Some things in the previous 3 lines may be subject to change, but we’ll see.

I look forward to the madness!


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