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The training room : after update

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 11:24 am

So here i am , the next day after posting my first Ludum Dare game.What a experience , i must say i did a little underestimated the fun you can have doing this , it a thing to do at least one time if you are bit familiar with any development tool or programming language!

My entry for the compo is The training room , a fps with i think a simple gameplay but effective , at first i was thinking that the game would be to big for me to do in 48h but it seem i did quite good! The final product sure feel unpolish and a bit raw but i did see other people having fun with it and that is the most pleasant of feeling you can have after developping a game. I’m currrently in the process of “Trying” to start my own indie company with my dad (yup dad and son , sound super official a first glance 😉 !?)here at quebec and i  must said that This Ludum Dare 37 just reinforce my will to make our first game a reality.

So that it for my post-Ludum Dare update , you will definitively see me for the next one!

Thanks you all for that experience , leaving you with a preview of my work  !

The training room : IT’S THERE!

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 7:38 pm

Am so burn out but it finish ! sort off! (without music)

The training room is my first Ludum Dare game , it been a pleasant experience (exhausting to…) , i’m quite satisfied with the result even if the game feel a bit unpolished.

Here a video of gameplay :

The training room : quick update 03

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 11:54 pm

So i finaly got the ludumdare fever so i didn’t go to sleep like plan 😉

i finish the drone “ai” and the damage system for them and the player

So now i will go sleep and tomorrow will working on  level making + polish

I only have one sound(player shoting) for now , im hopping to be able to make some more but will probably need to sacrifice the music because well … (whisper : i dont have any talent…)  so  if you come to play the game once finish , i advice you to put Doom level 1 music 😛 .

Have a nice Ludum Dare! / Bon Ludum Dare à tous!

The training room : quick update

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 9:51 pm

So nearly the end of the first day i quite satisfied with my progress , so tomorow i will principaly doing the different level and polishing the game.

Your hero at third person 😛                            The FPS view in game

Capture  Capture2

I currently finishing the drone ai and making them fire to the player.




Some here i am , doing my first Ludum dare , my game is a Fps doom/quake like where you will need to fight wave of drone ai whith a metroid like weapon.

I implemented the theme “One room” by making the game only being play inside one arena but here the twist the floor of the arena will reconfigure itself during wave.

Maybe if i got time , i will do some sort of shop where the player can buy upgrade/ability.


Here a screenshot of the 3 drone type i will try to implement :

From the left it’s the basic drone , the sniper  and the tank




And a video of the current mechanic working inside the game (sorry for the bad resolution , dont have time to fix the recording swoftware…) :


For now what is in the game :


Player controller

Drone ai (basic move only)

Shooting with player gun

Room controller(reconfigure the floor)


Probably a too big project for my first ludumdare but i will try my best to finish it . It at the sound level that im the most concern due to my experience in the subject.My commit on the official site will be under the name “jejelite” if your are interesting seing the game once finish.

Hope you all a nice Ludum dare and coffee(or tea)!!!

Jérémie Morin De Ruyter.


PS : vous pouver laisser un commentaire en francais aussi.

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