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LD29: Moles Warriors is over!!

Posted by (twitter: @juancgromero)
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 4:47 pm

I was able to finish my game for LD29 and now is the time for rest and beer. I hope you enjoy friends! : D







The Spike now for Android

Posted by (twitter: @juancgromero)
Saturday, March 29th, 2014 9:18 am

After MiniLD # 49 I declare that The Spike has been released for android in Google Play.

The Spike

Tired of the heroes overcome the Dark Lord ? Are you sick of always losing to them?

Well, that is going to end because the time to stand up to the heroes and curb their way through the castle of the Dark Lord has come .

But you are neither the hero nor the Dark Lord , not a powerful guardian , you’re not even a Minion . You are …A Spike !

No one spike any… THE SPIKE ! Yes , you are the typical spike is in any castle of a platform game either , faithfully guarding the abode of the Dark Lord of the arrival of the heroes.

The Spike 2

Your task as spike is to protect the passage of the heroes to the throne of the Dark Lord and keep the good guys win .

In “The Spike” to the typical spike control of a castle of a platform game , your duty is to prevent the passage of heroes , rising from different places and with variable speed. Do not let the hero win !

Welcome to The Spike, a highly addictive casual game for free and without in-app purchases .

Touch anywhere on the screen to make the pick attack hero is happening underneath it . You have to wait a while to charge your attack. Beware the Dark Lord’s life reaches zeroIf the heroes have won and you lost!

Google Play


Posted by (twitter: @juancgromero)
Friday, March 28th, 2014 7:52 am

This is my entry for MiniLD #50.

BitSiders is a Demake of Darksiders.

BitSiders is Darksiders with a look type of MegaMan.

In BitSiders you play with War in Darksiders’s Intro level.



Move: Left & Right Arrow

Jump: Z

Shoot: X

Skip scene: Intro

Exit: Esc (In menu and Level)

Hope you like and enjoy it.




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