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The Wait is Over!!!

Posted by
Thursday, January 21st, 2016 5:43 pm

As many of you know on the irc, I have spent over a year working on my Ludum Dare 30 entry Sunny Days. Molding it, shaping it, perfecting it, the wait is finally over! The game is released on itch.io and gamejolt! Feel free to donate or comment or whatever you cool kids do these days! If I make enough off of it I might eventually try to put it on Steam for free just so more people can play it. So tell your friends, tell your coworkers, tell your grandma that the wait is over!!!!

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All Ready

Posted by
Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 12:51 pm

I’m prepared for this LD! I managed to make a library to use to make setting up the screen, rendering, framebuffers and sounds much easier for me! I made a little demo to demonstrate what it can do. Here is a link to a video of it in action and here is a download link so you can run it.


Tiler, A Tool for LDers

Posted by
Friday, April 25th, 2014 7:24 pm

Just finished my tile map editor. You can find it on itch.io here.

It’s really awesome and easy to use.

It has two versions. A free version, and a pro version. The free version limits the amount of tiles you are allowed to have in your tileset to 10. Anything above will make the program prompt you to buy the free version.

It’s pretty great and you guys should download it and spread the word about it! Thanks!

Some screenshots:




The Candy Man Can!

Posted by
Monday, February 3rd, 2014 8:45 am


I have finally finished my game for the Candy Jam! Play as the Candy King and steal developers’ games to become the ultimate game developer. Be wary though since brief flashes of corruption blind you for a moment and could possibly lead to your downfall!

Play the game here: http://jacob16682.itch.io/thecandymancan

Poor Man’s Global Game Jam!

Posted by
Monday, January 20th, 2014 9:13 am

Alright, so I am hosting a game jam this weekend at this sitehttp://poormansggj.weebly.com/ for all those poor saps who can’t go to the GGJ. I apologize for the fact that the site isn’t very well polished or user-friendly but at least it’s something. Anywho the theme will be exactly the same as that for the actual GGJ and will be posted on the site whenever the GGJ releases their theme to the public. There are not really any rules, just have fun and make a game. Hope to see you all there!

Octobre Challenge Complete (Almost)

Posted by
Saturday, November 16th, 2013 7:52 am

It has been a long and tedious month to turn my Ludum Dare 27 entry into a game worthy to be sold. In the end though I finished the October Challenge a little over the deadline (16 days after the deadline ain’t bad). All I need now is a dollar from all of you lovely folks. Then I will have completely finished the October Challenge. Here is the description for the game, Lepton Epoch:


How did the universe begin? A question that has baffled scientists for years. One theory is the Big Bang Theory. It states that the universe started as a pinprick of matter then suddenly expanded. Scientists claim that one second after the initial “explosion” there was an event called the Lepton Epoch. The Lepton Epoch was where matter and Anti-Matter collided into one another, annihilating both particles. What did this event look like? How did it play out in the end? Take control of a Lepton and find out in this addicting game, Lepton Epoch.






So here is the link for it on itch.io: http://jacob16682.itch.io/lepton-epoch


Thanks for reading! Happy playing!

Lepton Epoch Post-Mortem

Posted by
Monday, September 16th, 2013 2:56 pm

As the judging period dwindles down to its final hours, I do believe it is time for my post-mortem of Lepton Epoch!


What Went Well:


  • Time-management – I pretty much nailed my time-management on the head! I was able to complete everything that was needed without rush or hassle.
  • Gameplay – The gameplay was pretty much on par with what I have envisioned. Plus people enjoyed it, so that’s always a plus!
  • Level Design – It was my first time designing full levels for a game and the end results were pretty good.
  • Fun – This was by far one of the more fun things I have done over a weekend.

What Went Wrong:


  • Theme – Now I thought my interpretation on the theme was brilliant. Turns out there was a lot of controversy on whether or not my game really screamed the theme. Oh, well.
  • Music – Man my music sucks. It was my first time making a piece for a game and thought, “Well I am pretty good at improv solos on my trumpet, I can do this!” Turns out, my music was very loud and grating and the fact that it looped over and over and over and over again did not help it much at all.
  • Graphics – Now I am not the best artist but I probably should’ve made the graphics a little better.  Although the effect with the electron spiraling around the character went over well.
  • Imposing Screen of Doom – I loved the thought of having the side of the screen be a hazard to the character. Although most of the character got hidden behind the screen so that you can only see like one/millionth of the character not behind the screen.


What Will Improve:

So far I am making my post-compo version of my game with a lot of added effects! Here are a few Before-After screenshots:



Title Before


game 2

Title After


Character Before

Character Before

Character After. Ooooo sparkles!

Character After. Ooooo sparkles!


What is this handsome feature? Stuck behind the screen, or ,for that matter, too close to it? Well, it's ok as now you pick up speed and the screen warns you by redding-out and an alarm wails until you are back in the clear!

What is this handsome feature? Stuck behind the screen, or ,for that matter, too close to it? Well, it’s ok as now you pick up speed and the screen warns you by redding-out and an alarm wails until you are back in the clear!


Many more changes to come too! An update in graphics, new music, still working on the menu, and to top it all off how about an endless mode?

This was a very exciting event and I am sad to see it end so soon. Hope to see you all next LD! Thanks for rating and remember, “One game at a time!”

P.S. And a special shout-out to BipoleMoment for some fan-art he made! I love it! http://oi44.tinypic.com/2dgqmmc.jpg

Progress For Day One

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 5:33 pm

It has been a great first day of my first Ludum Dare. I got the game mechanics and everything working great! All I need to do tomorrow is upgrade sprites, add music, and add sound. Here are a few screenshots of Lepton Epoch!











I am 100% positive it will be done by tomorrow. Good luck and happy coding!


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