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Dungeon Crawling and horror?

Posted by (twitter: @Jacksendary)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 10:09 am

It doesn’t seem of much yet but holy shoots have it been bugging me/us! at least it looks better than yester day and we might also have overshot with the time as this seems really ambitious.

Skærmbillede 2016-08-27 20.49.12

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Some facts about my game “Spacey Trail” and some shoutouts!

Posted by (twitter: @Jacksendary)
Thursday, December 11th, 2014 10:44 am

Hey so I compiled a list of some (maybe) interesting facts about our LD Project/Game that I and maybe some others may find interesting!

The game is created by 2 people, Programmer: Jackie Christensen (@jacksendary) Artist: Bettina Andersen (@tinachan_ba)
Created within 72 hours – Rough estimate of time used actually working: Jackie: 36 Hours Bettina: 24 Hours
Created with Unity3D V4.6, Visual Studio, and Photoshop
First time using the new GUI system in Unity (was interesting to use for this project)
Total lines of code (LOC) (Estimated by Visual studio’s code calculation metrix): 746 Lines (all written by jackie)
First sub theme the game was created from was Resource management, with inspiration from Oregon Trail
Current state of the game very buggy
The event system (the most bugged part) was created within roughly 3 hours in the very end (not the smartest idea :D)

If you wanna play the game feel free to do so here: Spacey Trail
Final game intro screen
Early Game Gif

After now voting roughly 150 games we’ve found some that we though stood out and we wanna give those a shoutout!
Streaming Simulator: Hard and very interesting game: StreamingSimulator
Discord: Fun little Puzzle game with good potentials: Discord
LiliLight: One of the most beautiful games we’ve seen so far, and a very interesting idea: LiliLight
Lord Of the Dungeon: Cool Dungeon crawler, Platformer, RPG game: Lord Of the Dungeon
Press Enter: One of the game that I think was very weird but pretty fun idea: Press Enter

and there was at least 50 more games that as easily could have been placed on this list but I think these 5 was some that we really though stood out and we remember playing!

Day one soon over! (at least here in Europe)

Posted by (twitter: @Jacksendary)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 6:12 pm

So after long a philosophic discussing about what a “One Screen” is (here including that the monitor was a screen, the window of the game was a screen etc.) we dragged to the conclusion that what this theme must mean is that you should not have big fancy popup guis, and a mess like they have in MMOs but all infomation should be on the screen at all time, sort of like the old Amiga Dungeon Crawler games. The conclusion we took was that you didn’t necessary need to see the entire level of the game on the screen at once. We began to look at it make some rules to follow like; you should never be in need of waiting on a loading screen, need to have popup windows, or have a huge Gui to popup. You should simply have every single importance to the game shown on the screen at anytime!


With the rules set we made a brain storm and the idea we first began to relate to and find interesting was resource management. We than started to slowly find ideas we then started to look at basic game mechanics and stuff to get started and we decided to make a pixelated game in outerspace where you need to manage your crew members and resources of the ship, as well as buying and selling to aliens to survive your mission in space. Maybe most importance is the treats to the player, Pirates, Asteroid Storms, Oxygen, black holes, and many others we’ll probably won’t have implemented in the first version, but most important to manage your limited resources on your trip through space!


Now my fellow game developers, I give you one days hard work! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13581369/Game.gif (Image too huge to be uploaded – Sorry)

Just to make sure I don’t end up cheating

Posted by (twitter: @Jacksendary)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11:23 am

So I’ve been working on a game for 8 hours now and I’ve been using a few free packages from unity’s asset store to put a bit of life into the game but then it hit me! Compo says that I’m to do everything from scratch which lead to this post now. So as I already mentioned I’ve been using 3 free packages from the Asset store and are now wondering if this makes it impossible/illegal for me to to submit my product for the compo? Regardless I’m sure that I’m allowed to upload it to the jam 😀

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