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Space Mail – The post mortem

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 11:24 am

Welcome to the post mortem of Space Mail. The game that pits you against the odds in the ultimate space mail sorting puzzle. 


This was my first LD48 entry and my first time making a complete game using Unity. It was also the first time I’ve made a spacey game.


After having many ideas about planets and connecting planets ect. I decided on an idea about mail and connecting mail.

Sick game design

This was my game design doc.

The idea was to have ships carry in alien mail and the player would use conveyor belts to direct it to the correct output shaft.


I originally starting making the game in the Unity 4.6 beta. Bad move. After spending quite sometime getting a fancy UI going (Very easily done in new Unity) I realised that Unity doesn’t, obviously, ship the beta unity player to people. Thankfully I was able to open my project the the last stable release without any issues, I just had to remake the UI.

Unity made a nice change from my usual game development.

The Game

Sick game design
The finished game.

It’s a bit too hard, buggy and has a crap GUI. But it’s the first game I’ve actually completed in a long time. It was also, up until recently, impossible to win the game. I had spent all my time developing the game and left none for actually testing it plays well from start to end. Something I’ll do differently next time…


LD48 was a stressful but fun experience! I’d highly recommend it to anyone who feels their current project is losing steam.

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