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10 UP eventually ported: Native Linux, OS/X Windows support

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 12:56 am

We eventually managed to port ourĀ gameĀ 10 UP to Linux, OS/X and Windows. If you had trouble to play our web Versions (Flash or HTML5) you can try one of these.

We have also a short game introduction and manual which might get missed at the moment if playing native. Here it is:

You control four highly-trained specialists, the world’s top investigation team:

An agent, who uses a gun to greet his enemies and a grappling hook to reach faraway places. His name is confidential. Very confidential.

A mechanic, who can repair stuff and performs a very distracting dance. Never trust a woman who can’t handle a wrench.

A scientist, who can hack into computers, and uses a time gun to turn back time. It’s all relative.

A rowdy, who can punch and lift objects. He pities the fools.

Fresh from their secret laboratory our team makes use of the newest and most powerful energy drink ever conceived: 10 Up. There is just one catch: Emptying a can of 10 Up will make you fall asleep after 10 seconds. It’s just that powerful, mankind cannot handle so much energy for long.

Use the pause button (space) often and wisely to switch characters, plan ahead and make the most of your precious time. Watch our introductory video and show the foes who’s boss.

10 UP – An Introduction

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 2:35 am

10 UP Logo

10 Up is our action strategy adventure. You control a 4 heads special unit. Empowered by drinking 10 UP each of them hay only 10 seconds active time. (more…)

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