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Ludum Dare 23 – Tiny World – My Progress Journal

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 1:02 am

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Sunday 22 April – 22h41)

Timelapse Link

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Sunday 22 April – 16h51)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 16 hours, 8 minutes, 32 seconds

Ludum Dare 23 Jam Ends in 1 day, 16 hours, 8 minutes, 32 seconds

Well, I will finish my part on the contest here. Its too late to change the tool and also I think that I don’t have enough time to finish the rest of the game (more art, audio and the mobs logic).

As my first Ludum Dare, I have to say that this is a big challenge. I wasn’t well prepare for the competition (Was planning in use Cocos2D with Objective-C and decide to change to Java because I need to port to windows. On the way, I had lost my HDD and everything that I had in the computer. So I just use pure Java – and PaulsCode for audio).

But I learn a lot. A learn a lot about bitmaps and tiles (because I need to create a engine to break bitmaps and cut in tiles). Remember a lot of things in Java and learn also that I need to put my weaknesses and strengthens during the design phase. I am very good in programming, but I suck in Art, that’s the result of the game. I look to my sprites and Tiles and I lost the will to play.

Next time I will also want to use a library or a Graphic Engine to build the game faster. I am uploading the timelapse video of this adventure (26 hours) and I hope that before the next Ludum Dare I look back to this post and remember everything that I felt, so next time I can enter in the competition as a true winner candidate!!!

BTW, thank you Ludum Dare and all the friend from the IRC channel. :)

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Sunday 22 April – 16h43)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 16 hours, 16 minutes, 36 seconds

Ludum Dare 23 Jam Ends in 1 day, 16 hours, 16 minutes, 36 seconds

Now I change some test tiles that I had for real tiles. In that activity I remember something abou me: I SUCK ON DRAW!!!!

Really, my Tiles and arts are horrible. Next LD or MiniLD I need to consider it when I start to design the game. Even I don’t wanna play my game 😛

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Sunday 22 April – 15h49)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 17 hours, 10 minutes, 1 second

Ludum Dare 23 Jam Ends in 1 day, 17 hours, 10 minutes, 1 seconds

Yey, the game is running!

Yeah, it doesn’t look the most pretty thing in the world. I know. This numbers are the indetifiers of my Tiles, what means
that now I only need to worry about my art, the code is running. Later after have all the tiles I can test the game with more  accuracy.

You can see that I am using the font that I created to send messages to the user.

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Sunday 22 April – 15h37)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 17 hours, 22 minutes, 24 seconds

Ludum Dare 23 Jam Ends in 1 day, 17 hours, 22 minutes, 24 seconds

Well, even with the slow job, I think that some stuffs have some great quality. Like this, I made my own font for the game (but I was lazy to do the “&”. You can download and modify the colors, if you want:

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Sunday 22 April – 12h58)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 20 hours, 1 minute, 42 seconds

Yeah, finally I can export my art to the game. Of course, poor art. I want to test if my classes are reading the images and buffering to present on image. I also achieve 60 fps (but its easy because I am not calculating nothing until now.

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Sunday 22 April – 10h32)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 22 hours, 27 minutes, 9 seconds

Well, I feel that I slept to much. Now I need to finish the art and sound, and I really need to be fast so I can test the code and also send releases to the IRC Channel.
Later I also have some meetings and I won’t be able to use all my day to work on the game, so I have to carefully use my time now! :)

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Sunday 22 April – 03h29)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 1 day, 5 hours, 30 minutes, 55 seconds

Well, finally I finish most part of the programming and was able to launch the Applet!!

You can see that the Applet start but it don’t show nothing and the console show some errors. The console show erros because from the sound library (Pauls Code) because it didn’t find the sound files (I didn’t made any sound file yet). The Applet don’t show anything because I also didn’t start the Art part.

For now I will sleep and tomorrow I will focus hard on the Art and some sound effects. I hope that I can finish this on time. Now I am again excited with the project.
PS: Normally I sleep to much during weekend, I hope that tomorrow I wake up early to continue the project!!!

Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Saturday 21 April – 22h21)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 1 day, 10 hours, 38 minutes, 30 seconds

Just come back from dinner. During the dinner I noticed that I was doing a game with a wrong theme. The theme is “Tiny World”, but in my game the player was tiny and world was big. I didn’t had notice this before. At least I still have time to change some classes and begin the art and sound with this in mind.
I also create 3 different styles of gameplay. Of course I will focus on the easier one until have a release (that is just a survival game based on waves), but if I finish and still have time I will try to implement the others (that have stages and a “end”).


Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Saturday 21 April – 21h47)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 1 day, 11 hours, 12 minutes, 13 seconds

The game is starting to create a shape. Unfortunately I am still in the programming part and didn’t even began the Art and Sound. I don’t know if I will be able to finish the game in time :/

I am already ing programming for almost 7 hours. So now I will take a break to have dinner and will take my notebook (paper + pen) with me to see what will be the next step and also to plan it.


Update post – Taiwan (+8GMT) Saturday 21 April – 17h01)

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Ends in 1 day, 15 hours, 56 minutes, 25 seconds

I finally finish the classes that will take care of the graphics on screen (I will read the pixels, bitmaps and tiles to throw on screen).

The problem is that I am more used to Objective-C, but I was afraid of many people don’t test my game (because Objective-C is for iOS and Mac OS X) so I am using Java. But in Java I don’t know ANY game framework :( So I am building somethings from scratch…I hope I have time to finish everything.

I am still not able to produce a on screen result. I will try to release a Applet so I can put in my site and sent the link to people test it.

Initial Post – Taiwan (+8 GMT) Saturday 21 April – 15h57

This is the first post for my Journal. The time is:

Taiwan (+8 GMT) Saturday 21 April – 15h57 and I still have 1 day, 17 hours, 2 minutes, 33 seconds to finish the game to the compo.

I had some problem before yesterday and yesterday when I lost my macbook HDD and had to re-download everything and prepare the ambient. Worst than that, some project from my work was in the HDD and had no backup (noob) and I lost everything. For luck I could recover most of the files with a HDD recover system, but that was a pain in the ass and I didn’t had time to prepare for the compo (and I have a meeting with the client on monday lol because this project was concluded on Thursday….and now is lost >D. But ok, yesterday I took most of the files back).

Now I am focus on the development of the game. As I am good in programming and bad in art and sound, I am focus on the Java Code of the project. I am programming the entities, math resources, logic of the HP and other stuffs. I am trying to make everything the minimum possible to have a good gameplay and later I will to put some art on it and throw the alpha version in the IRC.

Yes, I think that is a bad strategy, but I am quite desperate here to achieve at least a playing thing.

BTW, I have a rival in this competition. Is a friend of mine that is in his house also making a game (and he have a very good art background!!)

this is his post!


Ok, lets come back. Cheers!

I am in for the Ludum Dare 23 Jam

Posted by
Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 11:50 am

As a lof of people here, this will also be my first Jam.

I will use:

  • Objective-C (what means that the game will be for Mac OS X or iOS. Is there any restriction of platform?)
  • Cocos2D game engine
  • cfxr (for sound effects)
  • Grafx2, Pixelmator and Pixen (for graphics)
  • Audacity (for music)
  • GitHUB (to share the code)

BTW, I am a Brazilian that live in Hsinchu, Taiwan. I was following the list and didn’t find nobody from Taiwan. If you are from ROC and wanna gather, please leave a comment. :)

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