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LD36 Retrosaur Innovation Award
Awarded by SkullPixel
on August 31, 2016

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Modus Catapultus on LD36 Jam

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 12:23 pm
Attack enemy forts and catapults with your catapult and supporting units. Use special stones to build/reinforce forts and spawn new catapults.

Movements – WASD or Cursor Keys
Shoot – E/Space hold and release
Switch stones – Q/Shift

Retreat to friendly forts for fixes and resupply.
Screenshot from 2016-08-31 19-49-04

Development Log
@40m into competition (and 4:40am in the morning here) I read the theme and posted that I’m going to participate
@4h – after crawling web for inspiration, looking at Da Vince sketches, reading about Antikythera mechanism, Rome warfare among other stuff I went to sleep feeling that I have some understanding of a game to build. It is supposed to be a top-down naval warfare game.
@8h – waked up, reviewed the sketches and considered the scope to be totally unrealistic. So I’ve changed direction into land-based warfare and simplified it a little.
@9h – changed direction once again to a side-view scrolling artillery-like game that supposed to be about catapults
@14h – have first boxes moving around the screen.
@18h – spent time on tech, that should have been in the toolbox at the beginning – like camera view and rudimentary physics
@20h – stopped and went to bed
@30h – development continues
@32h – first shoots have been fired. What should have taken just 2-3 hours (theme selection, basic setup and rudimentary mechanics) actually took more than a day to develop.
@40h – I started to realize that even the basic mechanics can’t be completed on time.
@47h – decided to target the jam
@62h – back from work and on track again. Reevaluated the concept, removed some features, layered out 12-step program to make that game playable.
@71h 50m – PANIC, since I’ve just completed all necessary features and having some troubles scp-ing that on the server (As it turned out – I’ve been DoSed at the time)
@72h – I’ve managed to release the game and started to update the Jam post entry for better readability.
Total hours logged in development and playtesting:
Day 1 – 14h
Day 2 – 16h
Day 3 – 9h

What Went Right
Almost nothing actually.
* I’m glad I’ve switched the initial concept, since that allowed me to release some moderately playable prototype at least for the jam deadline.
* Also good that I’ve sticked to Vanilla JS and dropped the idea of using full-features JS game engine – last time I’ve participated 1 year ago (LD33) I failed miserably because spent too much time struggling with technology.

What Went Wrong
* I wasn’t ready for the theme. Tools I’ve selected were better suited for some retro-styled art and I didn’t see at the time how that can work with Ancient technology.
* I wasn’t ready whatsoever in general. Good idea would’ve been to participate in one of miniLDs and in warm-up weekend. Also, it would make sense to get familiar with possible theme list, analyze it and consider at least remotely what kind of game can be done with that particular theme.
* Most activities of Day 1 should have been fit into 2-3 hours at most.
* I probably could have squished couple more hours in development. But more could be achieved by better readiness and better focus on things that are important.

Tools Used
JavaScript + 2d Canvas proved to be simple and reliable to provide needed functionality. No surprises as far as I can remember. All game shortcomings are caused by me, since I haven’t been able to deliver more elaborated art and sound content and left striking holes in the gameplay itself – the decision to block fire on entities overlap is one of these ‘dirty rules’ that ended up in the posted game. And it looks really stupid now, once I play it.
Aseprite is not fitting well for that kind of game.

I’m in!

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Friday, August 26th, 2016 8:45 pm

well, it’s 4:40am here, but I have to mark my commitment – sticking to vim, JavaScript, PikoPixel, Milky Tracker, Audacity and Korg Kaossilator.

The theme is totally different topic – I don’t have slightest idea what to do with it… So some early morning brainstorming session need to take place – I’ll go and grab some coffee…

Carrier Wave – finally finished my first Jam entry

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 7:43 pm

Well, it was supposed to be in the main wave, but I haven’t been able to pull enough hours to make it playable – and there was that stupid bug with ships flying away from the screen.

So here it is – Carrier Wave – realtime global (galaxy-wide) multiplayer strategy.

You can play in a web browser @the party – up to 4 players on a single keyboard if you’re geeky enough to manage layout.

You are controlling rectangular drone carrier. It can be used to navigate between planets, mine fuel, manufacture drones and eliminate the opposition.

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