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Cyclic Clash Dev Note #1: Rock-Paper-Scissors

Monday, December 8th, 2014 8:07 am

Hello there! It’s been about half a day since submission for LD31 ended and I’m still in a state of glee for managing to finish in time (although in a very minimum specs). Since I got nothing better to do (the semester just ended last week), I’m feeling like writing a bit about the development of this entry. After all, this entry holds a specific place in my heart and mind. You can see it here.

The theme for this LD was “Entire Game in One Screen”. Initially I wasn’t very happy with this theme, it’s hardly inspiring for me. Maybe 5 hours after the compo started, I’m still scrambling my head for an idea good enough for the theme. Deciding that it was a lost cause, I then decided just to build one of the game in my concept reservoir that fits the theme. Enter Cyclic Clash a.k.a. Rock-Paper-Scissors on steroid.




Finishing LD31 and A Little Bit About The Game

Sunday, December 7th, 2014 1:12 pm

My LD31 entry is finished!! It’s called Cyclic Clash and you can find it here.


It’s been several months since my last LD, (I missed 30 because of school works) and so much things have changed. Yea, I know that I’ve been slacking off when I said I’m going to revamp my LD29 entry, but the time will come someday. That idea is still a good idea for me until now. Lots of things happened in between. The biggest maybe is my improvement in terms of creating games, especially with Unity. I got a 3 months internship in an up-and-coming game studio in my city, Arsanesia (http://arsanesia.com). They are cool people, and I’ve leveled up quite a bit because of my internship.

Anyway, about the game. (more…)


Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 5:54 pm

This is my first entry and my first contact with the ludum dare community, and I have to say I’m very surprised (and pleased) with the positive atmosphere of this community. I didn’t really expect all the positive feedbacks, considering that I myself felt like I should’ve done better (more level, yes). But it is an honor and a pleasure to receive such comments.

As for what next, I guess the entry as it is won’t change. I fixed the very minor bug and no other bugs were found (yet). For the game itself, I really want to create more levels, get someone to work on the art, balance it, and publish it somewhere, maybe on this summer break or maybe later. Bottomline is, entering LD 29 really motivated me to go into more serious game development, and for that, I thank you bunch a lot. 😀


Sunday, April 27th, 2014 8:17 am

Submitted for the compo! The game is called Covered, it’s basically navigating a maze while the maze itself is covered by some kind of surface ~
Alas, I didn’t leave a note for the control in the entry and I have no idea how to edit, so I’ll leave it here:

Arrow Buttons – Move
Space – Peek / Next level(after current level ends) / Restart level (after dying)
Z – Restart level

The entry is HERE.

Hope anybody out there like it. Now on to those unfinished college assignments.

First Post

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 8:01 am

It’s my first time joining Ludum Dare, and I’m pretty psyched. Managed to put something together in the midst of all my end-of-semester assignments.

It’s not much tho, it may just barely act as a proof-of-concept, but I’m pretty satisfied with it (aside from the art, I can barely use photoshop).  Anyway, I’m declaring my tools and code base here:

– Unity
– CorelDraw X7 for the assets
– sfxr for the sfx

That’s it. No library, no nothing. The game is pretty simple, so I don’t need anything much. Gonna post the compo submission after this~

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