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I’m in and excited!

Posted by (twitter: @JonasMumm)
Sunday, August 16th, 2015 12:58 pm

This time I’m in for my fourth Ludum Dare Compo in a row, and this time I’m especially excited for it as it’s a chance to start out a fresh game and to just try out a lot of new things without having to worry about code-readability for future-me and long-term-planning. Just the sweet joy of starting a project. Since April I’ve mainly been working on just a single game. That’s not that much time compared to other people’s projects which sometimes take years to complete, but for me it feels like ages since I used to kickstart some new gameidea every week or so and never really released anything.


My tools of choice:

-Gamemaker Studio for messy programming

-Paint.net for janky sprites

-bfxr for crunchy sound effects

-Bosca Ceoil for funky music


Good luck eyeryone!

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