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I'm and experienced (read OLD) programmer ;) Born in the year 1974, fell in love with computers when I, at a tour at a huge company as an 8 year old kid, saw a C64 move a sprite (the hot air balloon) across the screen. I was hooked, I wanted to do that.
So when my school invested in 8 C64's I startede to like school a little bit more.
From there I started programming in basic on the C64, then moved to assembler, still on C64, then on Amiga and then PC. On PC it turned out I could optimize my assembler code ever time a new processor came out, so to not go mad in rewriting my code again and again, I moved from assembler to C, then to C++. After years and years writing C++, and cursing a lot, a friend told me then C# would be better.. Year, right! I thought, but after 3 days of testing speed and ease of use, I haven't written one line of C++ and that was 8 years ago. So C# FTW.. :) I still don't like the garbage collector, but have learned to live with it.

Found Unity3d about 2 years ago and have used it ever since, both for game creation and also to visualize and simulate physics for some of the genetic algorithms I like doing from time to time.

Tools I use:
Visual Studio


Ludum Dare 30

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Hi all,

I’ve now rated 50 #LD48 games, and are having so much fun playing the games and seeing what you have all created :)

I definitely hope to be able to do LD31, LD32, and so on. :) Great experience, and rough.. You DO feel the pressure, even though the only one pressuring you, is… You. .

Most fun so far have been “Zanlings Match” by Franklins Ghost, only game that have made me laugh out loud. Great humor. 😀

Most moody and aesthetic pleasing graphics I’ve seen, was “juxtapose ” by zillix.

Have fun playing LD games :)

Now, go make games!

– Henning

Join Us! Mini let me play video.

Posted by (twitter: @incd021)
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 3:09 am

Hi all,

First thanks to all that have tried my game and rated it.

As many have mentioned the flotiness of the controls, I thought I would share a video of me playing the game to show, what I think is a good play/run. In the video I get a time of 128.8 seconds which is 20 sec over the maximum difficulty which is reached at time 100 sec.
After the 100 seconds you are you own worst enemy, because of the wrapping around of space letting your bullets hit you in the back :)

Hope this shows that the game isn’t suppose to go on for more than a minute or two.

Hope you enjoy. 😀

Now, go make games 😉

Web Player with Chrome – No input on startup

Posted by (twitter: @incd021)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 3:11 am


If you are having problems starting a Unity web game in chrome, I found, from this thread in the Unity forum that it’s caused by the “Unity Needs your permission to run” message as a yellow bar on top of the browsing window.. If you click “Always run on this site” and reload, the problem is solved!

I have hit this problem on about 20% of the Unity Web Player based games, when rating.

Hope this post will be read and shared as this will have a huge impact on the rating of those games.

Enjoy rating all the games 😀

Screenshots video of my progress, and good night.

Posted by (twitter: @incd021)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 2:27 pm

Brain fried.. Off to bed.. Almost at zombie level of activity.

Thanks for a intense weekend, resulting in a new view of myself and what I can do if I spend some time creating..  This will NOT be my last LD.. =D

I created a short screenshots video of my progress .

Hope you enjoy the game “Join Us!” and do leave a comment at the Ludum Dare game page.

Now, go make games 😉

Good night… .. .  .   .     .        .           .                .                     .


LD30 Startup scripts.

Posted by (twitter: @incd021)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 2:49 am

Hi all, :)

As the rules states “Base code and personal code libraries are allowed, but should be declared and shared with the community prior to beginning your entry. To do this, make a blog post.”

So I’ll share the two small scripts that I use in almost project I make in Unity.

  • AudioController.cs for playing sfx’s. I normally use this when I destroy an object that should play a death sfx. I can just play a sound an destroy the object instead of having to keep it in limbo just to play a sound.
  • CameraScript.cs for following player or any other object with damping.

Download Startup scripts

That was it.. Rules obeyed :)

Good luck all. =D

Getting ready for LD30 and (Dr. Who) – Nerd corner

Posted by (twitter: @incd021)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 12:36 am



Finally a free weekend that matches LD :)

Posted by (twitter: @incd021)
Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 12:32 am

Ok, everything is about ready for the weekend. The #ludumdare IRC channel is running on one monitor, the background music have been selected (Slay-, Scene Sat- and Scene King- Radio) and friends and family have been told, not to contact me from Friday evening until Monday morning.. :) Only thing missing now is shopping for food and drink.

Success criteria for my first LD;

  1. Submit a game. That’s about it, if I get that far it will be great 😀
  2. Submit a playable game.
  3. Having a bit of graphics (Don’t fail me now Gimp)
  4. Having some sound effects (Bfxr to the rescue)
  5. Having music (Never made music for anything before…)
  6. Having amazing graphics (not going to happen, I have to do it!)

Tools I use:

Engine: Unity
IDE: Visual Studio
Audio: Audacity, Bfxr, PixiTracker
Graphics: GraphicsGale, InkScape, Gimp, PyxelEdit, Blender, Spriter

Good luck to everyone.. :)

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