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Bunny Plane Massacre – Post mortem

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 10:22 am

Bunny Plane Massacre

I figure there’s no harm in writing up one of these. We’re a team of four Dutch artist and programmers that have been friends for a long time now.

We graduated together from a multimedia and games related course and have kept in touch. This is the second time we’ve participated in the Ludum dare jam, and the 4th game we’ve made together.

Bunny plane massacre is a gruesome biplane simulator in which many virtual bunnies give their lives for our entertainment.

What went right.

– Working together, Since we’ve worked together before and have had many years to get used to each others idiosyncrasies. We all knew what we could expect from one and another.

We had Maran van Brakel who did all of the modeling work,

Frederik Jansen who did all of the illustration and texturing jobs,

Marius Giertz who coded all the bunny logic and carrot patch interactions,

and myself Gerben van der Heijden who made the plane controls, menu interactions and bunny murder logic.

On the programming side of things unity allowed us to divide functionality of objects into multiple scripts. For instance the bunnies had separate scripts for their movement and their death triggers. Working this way ensured we wouldn’t have to dig in eachothers scripts too much.

On the art side of things we designed things in such a way that they were easily expanded. The unconventional bombs worked whether we had 1 type of bomb or 20. we had a simular scalable system for the biplane skins. The game would have worked the same if we had 1 alternate texture or multiple. Our art team also worked on the scene lighting, environment layout and other visual effects after most of their work was done.

– Scene transitions, Another thing that went well was the flow of the program, we had a splash screen, menu screen and win/lose screens which all looped back onto the main menu.

These scene transitions give the game a more complete feel.

– Design flexibility, On our whiteboard one of our core features was ‘awkward plane controls’ which is certainly something we’ve achieved. Originally we had planned to have the main weapon be the plane itself forcing the player to skim the ground to ram the bunnies, and while the player is certainly able to do this in our final build we quickly realised the difficult controls made this way too hard! So early in the development process we decided to allow unconventional bombs to be used as a primary weapon to make the game more playable.

Similarly it was originally planned to not give the player access to her heading controls, instead forcing her to use the more difficult roll and pitch controls exclusively. Play testing revealed the difficulty in those controls and as a response we put in the ‘easy mode’ controls.

Development atmosphere, The last thing that went well is the fun we had while working on this project, like I said before this is our second jam together and it’s certainly been the more enjoyable one. Perhaps having gone through the process once before allowed us to be much more laid back about the entire ordeal.

What went less than ideal.

– Game atmosphere and variety, In the end we managed to have one ‘level’. And while spilling bunny blood is fulfilling in itself it can also become a tad tedious. The game goes on a bit too long and there isn’t a lot of variety in what the player can do.

The lack of music makes the monotonous hum of the biplane engine stand out.

If we had saved more time for play-testing our final build we would have likely tuned back the amount of enemies to give a shorter but perhaps more memorable experience.

– PR and visibility, Another thing we should have done better was showing off more of our work during the ludum dare jam. While we had a great time working on this project we didn’t really involve the Ludum dare community in our toils. Our lack of participation in the Jam community translates into not many people seeing our game.

If theres a next time I think we’ll have to try and force ourselves away from our IDE’s and modeling applications to be more sociable with the jam community. Who knows maybe it’ll even add to the fun!

I hope this post mortum is of some value to you and you had as much or more fun with the ludum dare as we had.

You can play our game : Here.

~Kind regards,
Gerben van der Heijden.

Bunny Plane Massacre is done!

Monday, April 20th, 2015 6:42 pm

In-game screenshot!

Monday, April 20th, 2015 12:55 pm


Yes, it’s a moose in a bi-plane dropping a fridge on a bunch of bunnies. Problem?
(all in-game as well, super dope!)


Saturday, April 18th, 2015 6:40 pm
Bunnies everywhere!

Bunnies everywhere!

kill them all!

Bunny Plane Massacre (temp. title)

Saturday, April 18th, 2015 11:11 am

The first WIP assets for out game are done!


Prepare for bunny killing mayhem


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