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Sentinel: Some Gameplay GIFs

Posted by
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 6:55 pm

Start with the link to the game

I had 48 hours to make a game

Just figured I’d share some gameplay gifs of my submission, since I fixed the bugs with the web player version of it.

My 5th Entry

Essentially you fight a giant robot with a boomerang.


and frontflips, those are important



Sentinel- Entry Submitted!

Posted by
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 4:35 pm


Sentinel submission page!

This was a great Ludum for me, I am pretty chuffed with what I made *and* I finished well within the time limit, spending the last couple hours knocking out web version issues and so on so it just plain works


It all worked surprisingly well, though I would have liked to get the lug to follow you around (more accurately I’d have liked to make a turning animation but eh)

Thanks to anyone who comments <3

In again!

Posted by
Thursday, August 18th, 2016 10:59 pm

Ahoy, I know this just joins a sea of other posts, but figured I’d entered formally to all the other ones, may as well do this one too. I was a little disappointed for the lack of judging on this one, but if he needs to take a break, it is what it is. I’ll probably take it a bit less like trying to put out a product and go for something more wacky or experimental and hopefully people will still comment, despite the lack of ratings.

Looking for partner(s) for LD35

Posted by
Friday, March 11th, 2016 7:55 am

Ahoy, so I have taken part in the last few Compos and had quite a fun time. However this time I’d like to mix things up by working with some others on the Jam instead. So first let me tell you about me.


Me: Firstly, as I said, I am decently experienced. I have 3 Compos under my belt and while others have a lot more experience in development and/or Ludum Dare, I spent a lot of time on each of them analyzing what went wrong, where to improve and the concepts behind a successful Ludum project. Organizing workflow for LD is a mental exercise I relish in so I take it pretty seriously (spent on average about 36 hours on each Compo.)

Regarding practical skills; I am a bit of a jack of all trades; I have a ton of experience working with Unity, as well as 3d Modeling and Animating, Texture work, sprite work, sound (music and effects) and programming. admittedly my knowledge is a bit lacking when it comes to graphical coding (don’t know many rendering tricks) and I’d say my specialty is probably design.


What I’m looking for: Personally I’d prefer people who are more specialized so that I can work around them to feature their strength(s). If you’re an artist, I’ll do the coding/design/sound, if you’re sound, I’ll do art/code/design, so on so forth. I don’t mind if you are new to Ludum Dare, as I said; coming up with workflow is something I love for Ludum, so teaching it to you is fine by me.

I also recognize that if your specialty is something that won’t take the full time for the project that you won’t spend as much time doing it as I do (IE: if you’re just doing music and sound and knock it out all on Saturday, don’t expect you to stay on beck and call all the way till Monday) but I plan on taking it seriously and would love those who also want to make a quality game despite the short timeline.


If you’re interested in working with me on the next Ludum, just comment below. thanks for your time!

LD34 Retrospective: Doing alright in the face of failure

Posted by
Thursday, December 17th, 2015 3:34 pm

Here is the game in question if you care to give it a shot.

Introduction: While I have done overviews of my two previous Ludum Dare entries, I decided to do a proper full retrospective, especially considering that I think it is probably my weakest entry to date. It’s important to review poor performances so that you can fully recognize what went wrong.


Goals: As with any LD, a set of goals was established to be completed.


  • Attempt to rig scripts to particular frames of animation.
  • Attempt to finish a significant portion of content.
  • Attempt to maintain the level of polish my previous entries had.
  • Attempt to make the Theme more integral to the game.


Preparation: As opposed to previous events, there was very little preparation. Tools were not set up or used within the last few months which led to some confusion, specifically with Unity as it had been updated and changed significantly.


In addition, very little time was spent pre-conceptualizing based on the last round of potential themes. Due to this the eventual release of the theme led to considerable issues.


Concepts: With the release of the dual themes of Growth and Two Button Game, I actually came to my first concept in short order; however due to the nature of a dual theme I ended up changing my mind repeatedly and ended up working on several themes throughout the 48 hours.


Digital Pet: My initial concept was a combination of the two themes; a revamped digital pet similar to the Tamagotchi. This seemed conceivable however the eventual decision was that the number of sprites necessary were a workload beyond what I felt comfortable in completing in 48 hours when combined with the necessary coding to be done. In addition, I was intending on this entry doing well in the votes and I felt that a longform game like a digital pet would not be received well.  Work completed included the base UI, as well as some basic logic needed.


Dungeon Crawl with Growing Sword: Similar to the concept I ended up with, but a third person, overhead dungeon crawler with basic combat and a growing sword with every kill. Decided to move on to the next concept as I got frustrated with certain issues and wasn’t thinking properly. Worked on basic camera and movement code, in addition to a basic player model and weapon model and some required animations.


Kaiju Game: Essentially using the same camera and movement code from previous concept, this would be a game where you start as a small monster and grow with every person eaten, eventually able to destroy buildings and whatnot. Decided that production of the enemy AI would be far too extensive for the short time remaining. Work completed included several building models and the creation of a small test city.


2D Platformer: In the style of old castlevania games, I decided to ignore the growth theme and go with “Two button” but decided it was a bit of a cop out, since there are still movement buttons. No real work completed, though.


Tower Climb Platformer: The decided upon concept, this combined the growing sword with the concept of making a platformer. To go with it’s simple tower geometry I went with an orthographic camera to make it feel strangely flat and to make the controls feel more appropriate.


Time Chart:


    9pm -1am Fri-Sat: Worked on the digital pet concept, deciding that though I wasted the first 4 hours I could make it up in the morning.


1am-5am Sat: Attempted to sleep, failed, was too busy conceptualizing the project at hand. Came up with all sorts of concepts that never made it into the final project.


5am-8am Sat: Actual sleep


8am-3pm Sat: Built the base player model, the sword, the movement and attack animations and the movement and camera code. It was at this time I dealt with frustration regarding the Attack code, and the goal to integrate code into animations failed horribly.


3pm-7pm Sat:  Slept


7pm-12am Sat-Sun: Was frustrated and still tired, decided to calm down and look over some things but didn’t actually really work on anything.. At this time considered calling it quits.


12am-7am Sun: Slept


7am-12pm Sun: Swapped to the Kaiju concept, built a couple building models as well as the base terrain for the city as well as several  terrain textures and a few support models. Decided this wouldn’t work.

12pm-1pm Sun: Fiddled with a few things in 2d, to set up for the platformer. Came up with idea of the tower platformer


1pm-7pm Sun: Built the base tower model, 2 platform models and a “floor” model. Created a jump animation for the player model I had made earlier. Rebuilt the attack animation code to be separate from the animation itself.  Created an enemy slime model, then the enemy AI.


7pm-8pm Sun: Took out my guitar and fiddled around to make a theme for the tower, then used my mouth to make the other sound effects. Last second UI for reloading the level on defeat, quitting the game and starting the game.


8pm-9pm Sun: Generated the game file and published onto itch.io


Review of Goals:


    Scripts to Animation (Failed): Due to the way the unity engine inherits animations, they are read only and won’t keep any scripts attached to keyframes, despite that only affecting them inside the unity engine. Can only attach it to animations created in Unity.


Considerable Content Generation (Failure): As I spent a lot of time and effort on other concepts,  I ended up behind schedule considerably and barely finished making one level.I would hardly call one level with one enemy type considerable content.


Dedication to Polish (Failed): Unfortunately several buttons used generic Unity button graphics as well as not having a proper intro screen. In addition the player and weapon models was incomplete as well. Lastly the enemies don’t actually have an attack.


Theme Integration: While I think technically it was more actually part of the gameplay then my previous entries, I still think I could have done more if I had more time left over, however the low enemy variety and lack of enemy attack combined with the lack of any real mechanics regarding the sword growth besides killing things meant that it was sort of irrelevant.




While I think the game I managed to pull through and make a product in short order, I am disappointed in my capacity to hold to a working concept. My original concept would have fit both themes and while it would have meant a fair deal of sprite work, if I had stuck through I think I could have completed it. I think my inexperience with 2D work in Unity is part of why I decided to switch concepts.


Goals for the next Ludum Dare:



  • Stick to a concept if it works: The main reason I would consider this entry a failure is the fact I swapped concepts repeatedly until nearly the end, and barely produced any content at all.
  • Make the Theme the heart:  The double theme made focusing on the theme kind of challenging; but making it such a small part of the game feels kind of lame.
  • Make the game with Reviewers in mind: Simple fact is, there are a lot of things that reviewers immediately recoil from. Complicated control schemes, long startup periods and lacking an browser version are all good ways to immediately prevent people from reviewing your game. Keep it simple stupid seems to be practically required.
  • Create a decent amount of content: This has been a major issue with all of my entries is that they can all be completed in a few minutes… even a first person stealth game. Considering procedural generation as a potential to allow for a lot of content.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I mostly made this for myself, but if it helped any of you think through your issues I am glad it helped maybe.


And for ultimate sellout, here is a link to the game again >.>



I’m in again :)

Posted by
Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 1:58 pm


Had a ton of fun in the last two ludums I was in, and plan on using what I learned to try to improve my efficiency and build something for Compo that is actually a full experience. My previous titles Umbrellespionage and  Imperial Accountant were both pretty alright, but had similar issues. I spent a decent amount of time producing the graphics and had no solid conclusion. In addition both were stealth games which means I am likely to try to avoid that for this Ludum Dare.

What I did well in previous Ludums:

  • Involving the Theme
  • Keeping the game at a particular level of polish
  • Provided reasonable sound and music

What I’ll be trying to improve in this Ludum:

  • Making the theme integral, as opposed to simply related
  • Make a catchier name
  • Avoid long startup  (as reviewers are likely to spend less then 2 minutes on the game on average unless they are very hooked)
  • Create a gameplay experience that can be satisfying in both short form and long form gameplay.

Thanks for reading and I’ll probably be streaming this for anyone who is interested.


Imperial Accountant: “Finished” Version available for play

Posted by
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 4:02 pm

Ahoy, to people who may have played my game, or to those who would like to, I recently added a “finished version” with the last two floors that I was going to make, but ran out of time. The only other difference is that the dialogue box is a bit larger to assist legibility. If you are judging still, simply disregard the last two floors content, but obviously you can feel free to comment/enjoy it <3



Just a quick FYI: a lot of people complained that they wanted a bit more challenge, so one of the floors is significantly harder then the previous floors (though honestly still not that bad.)

Again, thanks for your time, looking forward to your comments, and I am considering turning this prototype into a full game in time (we shall see.)

Postmortem for Imp Accountant

Posted by
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 7:54 am

I figured I may as well pull together a postmortem post for this game as I did last time, though I don’t have a flashy time lapse as I only streamed like 8 hours of development… and twitch didn’t save the stream, so I guess I’ll post a gameplay vid.

And a link for those who may not have played it.
Quick rundown of how the time was Allocated:
Friday night: Get 1st person controls working, build basic dungeon pieces, experiment with shader properties until I got it looking the way i wanted to, then built the first floor. Tried to go to sleep at 3am (EST) but ended up thinking in bed until 5 about potential gameplay.
Sat: Woke up (7am) and started work (and streamed) development of the Dialogue system, as well  as the patrol AI for the Knights, finished off the stream with the backstab animation. Ate. Built the models for Knight and the players arm and dagger (and had to rebuild the backstab animation) as well as other objects. Slept 1 am.

Sun: Woke 7am, Build the UI system to prompt interaction, rebuilt the dialogue system to allow for items to be delivered through options. Build the knight walking animation, then the NPC Imp model + animations. Finished off UI interactions and wrote the script for the first floor, followed by rebuilding the dialogue system again to allow for events to occur based on dialogue. Started audio production (footsteps, stabbing, getting seen) and then whipped out my guitar and recorded 3 little improv songs. Finished my time by freaking out because it turns out that unity wasn’t packing in one of the shaders I was using, so the game was unplayable, and fixed it in the last 10 minutes of submission hour.

What I learned:
-Don’t work on something if it isn’t really that relevant to gameplay. While the dialogue system would be great in the full game, building a multi-choice dialogue system for a few quick conversations is a little silly. I decided to do it because the mental image of the full game had dialogue, but gotta realize where I can cut time.

-Don’t underestimate Audio: fiddling with audio ate up a substantial potion of my time, from recording music, to sound effects to making sure they worked well in game. While I am happy, I didn’t set enough time to do other effects. (doors opening, enemy footsteps, ambiance)
-Always do a test upload before submission hour: I was an absolute wreck at this point, as I had no clue how to fix this particular issue. The shader missing made the whole game unplayable, which I ended up running through every build, graphics, quality and other config menu and finally found a way to FORCE unity to push that shader into the build.
What I was surprised that worked:
-Backstab Animation: I always hate doing animations, but getting it to work, and feel clean and comfortable all came together really easily. Though sometimes, despite my code the knights slide a bit too far away, nothing too wacky.
-The Double Shader: If you watch closely, everything actually is being hit with two edge detection shaders, one white and one black, which means in the light, edges are black, and in dark, white. This makes the counter play of light and dark a lot more interesting to look at.
Will I continue work on the game?
Well I definitely wanted to take some time off post-ludum, took in some of the other competitors (at the time of writing I actually have played and reviewed over 80), but I think I am going to bump the floors up (you were on 7, moving to 5th) and finished the last two floors. I was going to be more thorough, add a lot of extra gameplay concepts, but I think I’d prefer to save those for a full proper game that would be sequel to it.
In the 2 floors it will likely just be more challenging interpretations of knight patrol patterns ending with hint on what the full game based on this would be.

Anyways, thanks for your time, if you haven’t played it yet, you can do so here.

Well it’s In: Imperial Accountant

Posted by
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 11:05 pm

Now that I have gotten some food in me and relaxed (and rated a few games) figured I would post that my Compo entry is indeed in.

So in my first time (32) I finished a game with one level, this time I made 2 (and kind of an intro). Maybe next time I might actually make a reasonable number of levels.

I threw together a quick video for people who can’t play right now, but it is kinda spoilery.

I’m In

Posted by
Friday, August 21st, 2015 12:11 am

2nd try at Ludum Dare, this time my goal is to make significantly more content in the game as my first time I had a roughly finished prototype… with one level that could be finished in a couple minutes.

Umbrellespionage Time Lapse

Posted by
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 5:14 pm

Ahoy, since I streamed my entire development of Umbrellespionage I figured I would make it into a timelapse.

Unfortunately, my video editor is garbage and only is recognizing one of my recordings ( even though they are all the same format and work fine)

However I figured some people who are interested in developing 3d games may be interested to see this section as it has a lot of my 3d modeling and texture work. as well as some in engine (unity) animations, AI programming, ect ect ect.

If you havent tried the game yet, it is here.


Post-Mordem Umbrellespionage

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2015 7:21 am



So now that I have had some time to sleep I wanted to talk a bit about my time with Ludum Dare. I think this is actually an amazing thing for someone like me. I actually have done a lot of messing with game engines and whatnot but never made anything even close to resembling a “finished product.” But something about having a set deadline with specific requirements really drove me and I spent a lot of time polishing. I am a little disappointed that I only made one level; but I wanted the level, the UI, the art assets, all to have a specific feel to them and it is amazing how much time and effort that takes.

I actually ended up wasting a bit of time because I thought royalty free music was allowed so I got super flustered when I had to whip out my guitar and knock out a (meh) tune. A little sad it didn’t match up to the royalty free stuff, but then he probably spent more time on his one song then I did the whole game.

So far I have only found two significant bugs, despite the complexities of making a stealth game, one of which is more unities fault (how they handle collisions) and thankfully it is only what one could say more of an “exploit” then “oh god have to patch this.”

Overall I am quite happy with how it turned out, and while there are some hitches, I am surprised how polished I was able to make it. Looking forward to the next Ludum Dare, and in the mean time, I may add some extra levels to the thing 😉

Umbrellespionage Comp Entry Completed

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 6:53 pm

So I just uploaded my 32 entry, it is my first time, was a lot of fun, and I got like… no sleep so  probably going to do that… maybe.

Essentially you are a gentlemanly spy, your weapon is an umbrella, with tranquillizer dart gun built in. Stealthily bonk and pew your way through a frankly overstaffed night guard at an embassy and find the crucial intelligence (and any extra along the way!)


theres the comp page and if you want a straight link to the IO page (has a web player and standalone download) here it is.


I’m in!

Posted by
Thursday, April 16th, 2015 10:16 pm

As the title states, I am going to join in tomorrow. This is my first time and while I am sure I am going to turn out some “meh” stuff, I hope to get some experience I can use for next time :)

Also if someone actually reads this, there was a post about embedding onto our “game page” where precisely would I find that? Thanks.

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