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Taking the next step

Posted by (twitter: @illugionn)
Sunday, May 4th, 2014 9:55 pm

So, I’ve made this game Under Earth, which is really awesome. I loved working on it, I loved the results ( even tho it didn’t have that many things to see ) but I got something solid.


So I decided to make a full game out of it.. and the name of the game is: UNDERGROUND FRAGMENT


I invite all of you to the game’s tumblr, where I’ll be posting new stuff, like a devlog, and you guys can see how the game is improving 😀


I took all feedback from you guys and I’m fixing every detail you guys mentioned, and improving everything else. I loved participating on this Ludum Dare and I will not disappoint you ! Feel free to leave more feedback if you want to !


Here you can check out the first updated image: ( the character is already different and animated on tumblr! )

Oh, and follow me on twitter ! @illugionn

-not a postmortem- Under Earth (JAM)

Posted by (twitter: @illugionn)
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 3:37 pm

 First of all, thank you for everyone who played and gave me feedback, you guys rock !

main_character_robotNow about the project:enemy_tri_wall


The good: 

worked solo, as I’m used to. It has some drawbacks but I think now I can understand better what I’m doing and I could put everything I wanted in the game, that freedom is priceless;

focused on gameplay, even tho I’m usually just making pixel art I decided to postpone that to make a game that was actually fun and I had a lot of fun doing it;

listened to feedback, one of the best things I did was to give it to someone else play, once in a while. They could say whatever they felt while playing and say what was weird or find bugs for me 😀

“studied a lot”, i know it sounds weird so let me explain: I watched many videos with tips from Vlambeer ( as some of you pointed out ), Pixel, Konjak and others and i read a lot about game development too. Not about the actual programming but about things that make video games feel good. People who are already successful have lots of useful things to say. I really wanna become as great as those guys someday.


The ( not so ) good:

windows-only ; .exe, I know people usually hate downloading and executing files but I had no other good option. The only program I know how to use is Construct Classic, that has all the tools that I need in an interface friendly enough for an artist like me;

no saturday: actually saturday was a lot of fun but i didn’t actually do anything about the game D:

– didn’t have enough time to make a boss: that’s just sad haha


Well, thats it ! This is the greatest Ludum Dare I’ve seen so far, you guys have done lots of cool games too and I’ve been playing some of those 😀 ( oh and it’s not a postmortem because I plan to continue with the project, follow me on twitter for more info! @illugione )

And for you who haven’t played my game yet:


Finally uploaded my game ! Phew !

Posted by (twitter: @illugionn)
Monday, April 28th, 2014 4:51 pm

I present to you: UNDER EARTH ( oh yeah, that title is awesome! )


Under Earth Title Screen


Didn’t get to actually finish it, unfortunately, but it became something cool at least haha


Hope you guys like it !

Oh yeah, I’m in ! Haha

Posted by (twitter: @illugionn)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 10:54 pm

Been working on the game but I’m mostly doing the gameplay so no cool graphics or prints for now 😛

I don’t have that much time so I’ll participate in the jam by my own again haha


It’s just so cool to come to the site and see those games, I’m really hyped this time!

Keep up the good work people!


Posted by (twitter: @illugionn)
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 12:10 am

First of all, happy new year, everyone!

So, I’ve rated around 100 games by now and what I can say is: wow. You guys can really make incredible things in a short time. It was great to see that everyone went through this and came up with so many creative ideas and games, it really inspires me to see so many people trying hard to create something good. This was really a great experience.


Participating on this ludum dare was a surprise to me. I was home on friday thinking about how cool it would be to participate but i couldnt, i wouldn’t be home on saturday so i didn’t have enough time. I couldn’t do it, i gave up. But then, when i got home on the saturday night i started looking at all of your posts and i really couldn’t hold myself. I needed to participate. Many ideas started floating around my head, “you are the villain” was a really cool theme too. I coudn’t really do much on the saturday because i was really tired, but on the other two days i couldn’t stop working on my first game: Target:Restaurant!


target restaurant ld print

Yeah, my first game! And i’m really happy about it! Its not really finished tho, there’s just a little bit of gameplay but i had so much fun making it and seeing the result and the feedback.. You guys are the best. Thanks for all your advice and compliments, i really aprecciate it, i learned a lot from this competition. I’m working on a full version of my game and i will be finishing it soon!

( not really finished but… ) Submitted !

Posted by (twitter: @illugionn)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 7:21 pm

Well that’s it guys, it was really cool to participate in this jam with all of you! I didn’t get to work on the saturday and this is my first game ( and i worked alone ) so i didnt complete the game.. but you can still have a taste of what it would be like 😛

The game is called Target: Restaurant!


target restaurant ld sc close

Oh hey !

Posted by (twitter: @illugionn)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 10:43 am

So, just a few hours left and still a lot of work to do, I decided to post something just to show a little bit of what I have.

target restaurant illugion


I still gotta work on the AI and a bit of level design, I’m mostly an artist so 90% of the art is done, just lots of programming left. Good luck for everyone in this jam! I really wanna play all of your games when I finish this!

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