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I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @hypothete)
Saturday, August 20th, 2016 2:58 pm

Hooray for another Ludum Dare! This time around I’m going to work exclusively off the Pico-8 fantasy console to develop code, graphics, and sounds. For those not familiar with Pico-8, check it out here. It’s a one-stop-shop for simple video games, and the “hardware” limitations keep things interesting.

Good luck everyone!

I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @hypothete)
Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 2:48 am

Languages: JS, some GLSL
Libraries: THREE.js
Graphics: maybe sculpt gl. Still figuring out a simple modeling software.
Sounds: Audacity and my electronic keyboard

5th time around.

Posted by (twitter: @hypothete)
Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 12:09 am

Keeping things extremely light this time. I spent way too much time last Jam on art, and not enough time on a fun mechanic.

Editor: Sublime Text 3

Language: JavaScript / HTML

Frameworks/Libraries: NONE

Graphics: Native HTML if not text only

Sounds: Bfxr


I’m in! Jam #4

Posted by (twitter: @hypothete)
Friday, April 3rd, 2015 10:11 am

This is my 4th LD, and I’m pumped! Not too many changes in my stack:

Editor: Sublime Text 3

Language: JavaScript / HTML

Frameworks/Libraries: lodash.js,  three.js

Graphics: Photoshop CC, SVG shenanigans

Sounds: Bfxr and the Online Sequencer


Follow me at @hypothete on Twitter for updates on the project. Good luck everybody!

Hour 26 progress

Posted by (twitter: @hypothete)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 9:46 pm

I feel like I’m making good headway with a game mechanic. My ‘entire screen’ is literal – a folding screen, like the kind used for dressing in privacy.


The game takes place as an illustration on the screen, where you battle a multitude of your foes. Even though you’re an army of one, you have an ability that could give you an advantage – the ability to fold space.



Once the basic battle mechanics are finished, I plan to move on to replacing the programmer art, and adding outside forces that can affect your battlefield.

I’m in! 3rd jam

Posted by (twitter: @hypothete)
Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 12:24 pm

Hey LD, long time no see. My last run at the jam didn’t go so well this past summer, but ever since my first jam last February 2013 I can’t help but give it a shot. :)

Editor: Sublime Text 3

Language: JavaScript / HTML

Frameworks/LibrariesSylvester.js, node.js

Graphics: Photoshop CC, HTML shenanigans

Sounds: Bfxr and the Online Sequencer



Stay frosty! You can keep up with me at @hypothete on Twitter.

Ready for year #2

Posted by (twitter: @hypothete)
Monday, April 21st, 2014 8:31 am

Hello fellow LD participants!

This will be my second year participating in the compo. Last year, the code I came up with helped me land a job, so I’m very supportive of the event. :)

My tools and libraries this year:

AngularJS for architecture

SylvesterJS for simplifying my vector math

JQuery for stuff. That’s it.

Good luck, everyone!

I’m In!

Posted by (twitter: @hypothete)
Monday, April 22nd, 2013 4:30 pm

Hey there! I’m very excited to participate for my first time in Ludum Dare. Here’s my setup:

Language: Javascript in HTML5

Framework: (Edited) AngularJS. Maybe.

Libraries: D3.js for vector graphics

Sound: Probably Audacity and sfxr.

Editor: Sublime Text 2

I had a vector potato for you, but WordPress doesn’t seem to like inline SVGs. Oh well.

Best of luck to everyone!

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