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The story behind our first 3D game 

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 5:14 pm
Hi everyone,
we’ve come across Ludum Dare about two months ago. Immediately our lead programmer Cuo revamped his knowledge about Unity and together with an artist Huo they started the preparations for the big weekend.

This is our first try of making a full game. Even though each of us had some experience with game making, we actually didn’t finished nor shared any of them with audience.

We had established our own goal for the contest; We would follow harsher compo rules but we would work on one game together, so the result would be posted to Jam. That means that we’ve made the game in 48 hours, all models, art, sounds, ideas and even every line of code.

The product we made is not perfect and contains only three predefined levels without any kind of final victory. Unfortunately people find it very confusing at first, because we did not come up with a good UI. But otherwise it is a complete game and we are proud of it.
Now it’s time to play some other fantastic games which other contestants (you) made!

Team Huo-Cuo (Luba a Ondřej)
Special thanks to Monika for having so much patience with us and for one sound effect she made for the game.

Some statistics:
Total time spent working: 41 hours each
Total coffee drunk: 0 liters
Total games made: 1 game

You can play the game here: game
And watch us making the game here: time-lapse (youtube)
And for the ones, who are really interested, here are some internal notes from the weekend: drafts (pdf)

We are in!

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Friday, April 17th, 2015 2:29 pm

Hou-cuo are in.

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