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Done! :D “Last-ditch Voyage”

Posted by (twitter: @hobblygobbly)
Monday, December 14th, 2015 4:02 pm

Here is a link to me entry: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=29419

I am done on my game called “Last-ditch Voyage”. Awesome LD again! Had tons of fun.

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Nearing completion…

Posted by (twitter: @hobblygobbly)
Monday, December 14th, 2015 10:37 am

Just doing some finishing touches (I actually abandoned the lightweight 4x game I originally had… discovered it would take way too much time lol, bad idea for a jam).

Now the game is more on the focus of two controls/buttons. Last thing I have to do is writing the different text for various random encounter events, shouldn’t take too long. All the the gameplay logic, graphics, music, etc is all done. And yes, all the planetary bodies move in orbit like older posts, there’s just no gif in this post of it!

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If you can’t see the above images go here: http://imgur.com/a/RCjKx

Names and roman numerals added to the planetary system gen

Posted by (twitter: @hobblygobbly)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 5:24 am

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Been working on other gameplay/simulation logic code in the background (nothing to show yet though), quickly did some name generation for the planetary system.

If you can’t see the gif go here: http://i.imgur.com/IPXuWeW.gif

Planetary system gen progress after an hour

Posted by (twitter: @hobblygobbly)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 3:19 am

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If you can’t see the gif in motion, see here: http://i.imgur.com/RFtnAVa.gif

Only started this morning at 8 AM (EU/UTC1+ TZ).

I’m done writing the code for random planetary system generation + orbits, it still need some tweaks – there are rare occurrences when the orbit paths are close and planets collide, just looks odd when it happens but not a huge issue for now.

I have an idea for like a growth/expansion across the planets, a management or very very very lightweight 4x game.

I’m in too!

Posted by (twitter: @hobblygobbly)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 8:04 am

I like all the themes in the final round and already have ideas for some of them. However yesterday I got a call for family needing to stay over for the weekend so hopefully I won’t be bothered too much!




Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.


Good luck and have fun to all participating!

Finishing up!

Posted by (twitter: @hobblygobbly)
Monday, August 24th, 2015 8:31 am

Screenshots of the finished game now and I’ll use them for the jam game page. (click image for larger res)






My first update/post

Posted by (twitter: @hobblygobbly)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 9:54 am

Okay so I have had trouble with the theme, the best I can come up with is an alien monster species that you play as and you’re on your way to destroy Earth (such monsters!). Along the way you fight ships from the Sol Confederacy (humans). Here’s a little gameplay GIF (you can click it to see a larger version). It’s not the most unique use of the theme but I really wanted to make spaceships. I still have to do explosion animations and stuff (I’m no artist as my spaceship art shows)

First hour of progress

Posted by (twitter: @hobblygobbly)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 3:02 am

So this weekend is somewhat busy for me, I have other work I have to finish but in between when I have free time, I’m attempting to work on my jam entry. Not even sure if I’ll finish, but I’ll most likely submit what I have at the end of it. I only began an hour ago, 9 hours after the jam began.

I did some pixel art (I use that loosely), since it’s my first attempt at art, completely going in blind, I haven’t even read on any pixel art techniques, just attempting from an image in my head to pixels. The approach I’m taking to the game however, is that of a JRPG, mostly including the turn-based order of actions in the vein of Final Fantasy IV for example, with a simple Active Time Battle-esque approach common in the series. The simple premise is that you’re in a nuclear shelter beneath the surface, which I am going to expand upon and saving the details as a surprise for when people can hopefully play it and how the gameplay relates to being under the “surface”.

Here’s a basic character and punch animation, first pass.



Here’s the character placed in a quick concept of a wall/corridor, testing the palettes.

ss (2014-04-26 at 11.40.20)

And here’s a piece of the wall in-engine using dynamic lighting for the pixel art, I haven’t created the normal/light maps for the rest of it, so it only shows the wall canvas as a test. First pass and still requires a lot of tweaking.

ss (2014-04-26 at 11.38.30)


Action menu for a battle sequence, still using an old palette I haven’t changed yet. An in-engine concept, supports both keyboard and mouse control.

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