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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 7:25 pm

Hello everybody!

I finally finished my 48-hours game – Duple!

I actually had to go out for a whole day yesterday so I only had a little less than one day to actually work on the game.

As soon as I heard the theme, I started running ideas in my head. I guess after all it was not so bad that I had a day to clear my head so when I sat down to work I knew pretty much what I wanted to achieve.

The main idea is that for each level (except the first introduction level) there are several “targets” that should all be occupied at once for the level to be complete. To do this you have to split your characters in two (since it’s dangerous to go alone, you see…), and you do this by stepping into special transporters. The clone works a little different from your own character and may be rotated or flipped (when you go left he goes right) – and it’s different each level so you have to think carefully about where you are going at each step.

I spent the last couple of hours building and tweaking my levels. I actually wanted to go a little further but ran out of time – so there are only 6 levels for now and they are rather easy to solve.

In the future I hope to add a few more levels and the possibility to create your own levels.

I wrote the game with javascript, so it can work everywhere with no installation and no compilation – and of course it’s easy to see the code and change it if you are interested. I tested it on Chrome and Firefox and it worked fine, hope you guys have no trouble running it.


I hope you all enjoy this silly little game – I had fun creating it :)


You can check it out at http://duple.yanirk.com.


Yanir Kleiman (hexygen)

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