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Ludum Dare begun and finished °u°

Posted by (twitter: @HeskHwis)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 6:37 am

You are preparing yourself for the Mighty Night of the Spooky Evil, a demonic party that happens once a year. As the respectable demon you are, you can’t afford not going to that Night… But you need to bring your favourite weapon, it’s the tradition !

This is a Twine game I made in three hours… I’d like to have had more time, but as my exams are next week, I couldn’t take 48 hours to make a big game. I like writing, so I wrote a small Twine with demons and badass weapons. I hope you will like it for what it is, a funny interactive story with a rabbit, a helmet and dead gnomes.

Good luck to all the participants, please make great games !



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