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Mini Post Mortem – Awkward Missile Command

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Thursday, December 17th, 2015 8:44 pm


What Went Right
This time I managed to get a game idea real soon. On LD33 I’ve literally gave up on my ideas, but this time that was pretty quick and I started to draw some graphics thirty minutes later.
This is my third Ludum Dare and also my third try with Pixel Art. I find GraphicsGale really easy to use and i’m satisfied with the results.
Zero stress or anxiety on finishing my game. My LD32 game “I’m only a Ninja” drained all my energy.

What Went Wrong
Had a big problemo and wasted some hours trying to fix the local highscore system. I wish I had the time to do an online score table.
I think the game mechanics could be better. Some people said that the game is too hard for them and others that it has a great learning curve. Well, you can see this for yourself :)




My entry “Awkward Missile Command” is finished!

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Sunday, December 13th, 2015 8:11 pm

My third Ludum Dare! said goodbye to all my friends and gf for the weekend but here it is.

– Two Button Controls.
– One Awkward way of Controlling.
– Explosions.
– Smart Bombs.
– Local Highscore System.




So, this is how it feels. My second try on Ludum Dare, one Jam, and this Compo stuff… pretty nasty.

You really need to know what you’re doing before trying to get a game done in two days. I didn’t knew by the way.
It is really important to get a good overall package but sometimes, like happened to me, it just feels could be more than this.

I started development on Saturday morning, my idea wasn’t even well polished inside my head, but somehow i’ve managed to finish it. Maybe not.

I’m a graphic designer, so visuals are really important to me, knowing that I can deal with that in a short time. This is also pretty bad for me since my priorities are always Visuals – Audio – Gameplay (in that order) and maybe, with a little more emphasis on the gameplay part, I could got this game a little more complete, and with some extra things as extra lives or shooting aliens, powerups and those kind of things.

The audio part of my game was special. Suddenly, i’ve remembered the movie Birdman, and that beautiful musical score from the great Antonio Sanchez. Then i’ve remembered i’m a self-taught drummer and the “music” for my game was finished.

But well, this is it, i’m really proud of my brain, he didn’t exploded already.

Check out my try on this compo —->>> HERE

BTW, the image on the post is a… tada! free wallpaper!


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