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Room of no Escape V0.11 (and we’re forced to switch the project!)

Posted by
Sunday, December 11th, 2016 8:16 am

TL;DR: Download the prototype from DropBox

Hey everyone!
bandicam 2016-12-11 01-02-22-246

We’ve tried to fit into GameBoy limitations, and I think we did fairly well, but then we’ve realized some problems about the game itself.

The idea was to make a Castle of no Escape spin-off, with only one room, in a tower-defence survival mode, but without the towers. Say, Battle City with its Construction Mode between the waves. But upon testing, it became obvious that 7×7 tiles Room isn’t really sufficient for that kind of gameplay. Everything goes on too fast, and enemies need advanced pathfinding, which I was never good at.

Other than that, the deadline for our main game “Castle of no Escape 2”, which is headed towards Steam, is approaching, and today I’ve received a bunch of messages from several interested people. So, sadly enought, we must finish that thing first, and maybe return to the Room of no Escape later. Anyway, I wish you have some minutes of fun with the prototype! At least I did, both with making and testing it. Note that it has no ending. No escape, you’ve got the idea, eh?


There are also two music tracks made by Esdeer, but we didn’t decide where they belong, so we leave you with an option to listen to them as you want.

Castle of no Escape, originally made for Ludum Dare #31

Castle of no Escape 2, already Greenlit, scheduled for release on 20th December of 2016.


Right now, Castle of no Escape 2 is overrun with bugs, just like this.

Thanks to everyone involved, Ludum Dare rocks!

Nothing done, but totally in LD33

Posted by
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 5:58 am

Did you ever have the feeling that you’ve got like everything you need to make a game, and it’s going to be absolutely great, but you didn’t start to program it yet? That’s the case. Yesterday I’ve decided that I’ll make my game ignoring the theme if needed. Now I think it’s possible to come along nicely.

For this time, I’m going to participate solo, but in Jam, because, you know, using assets from 2005 pretty much counts as a team mate. This will be one “content-driven” development – featuring graphics, audio and characters from my frozen projects from the past 10 years. Have to get it all together at first.

And an irregular diagonal minimalistic cake of course.


Sig.NULL, an upcoming puzzle game by our fellow Ludum Darers SaintHeiser and arrogant.gamer, which is a Hi-Fi remake of Signal (made in puzzlescript), is 99% ready right now, and is now suffering from a certain localization issue. It utilizes phrases in Latin, and we’ve tried our best to get their proper translations (either by finding the official ones or translating to English from the Latin-to-Russian translations), but eventually ended up without much confidence in what we’ve done. I was into fixing SaintHeiser’s, let’s say, eclectic English for ages, and he’s even getting better at it, but lingua Latina is something totally different.


(click the images to view in full size)

Pre-final demo video here:


Ludum Dare, I call upon thee! You’re full of people fluent in English, being the essence of modern international game development contests! I hope that this post is being read by somebody who is willing to do a bit of proofreading (actually the full text is not very long at all). If this is about you, please take a look at this document and write a comment to this post about any discrepancies you find (your name/nickname makes it to the credits, of course):


If not, then alas, four months were wasted, we can’t just release Sig.NULL like this.

Another fellow Ludum Darer,


LD27 game rating skirmish

Posted by
Monday, August 26th, 2013 9:09 pm

Hello, LD community!

Like in a previous LD, I’ve used my LD crawler and some common sense to provide everyone who cares with a filtered list of links to mass download the games by platforms; and the full list of all the links, grouped by equal names.

LD27 all Links.zip – 729 different items.

LD27 filtered Links.zip – includes Windows, Win, Linux, OSX, OS X, OS-X and Mac variants.

Have a good time!

LD26 game rating skirmish

Posted by
Sunday, May 5th, 2013 5:45 am

Hello, LD community!

This is my first post out there, albeit not my first participation, as I’m in LD since the april of 2012.

As we all see, activity dramatically raised here since the last LD and I think it will keep like that. Looking at infographics for LD  and seeing how the time to rate every game in LD dropped to some 5 minutes (assuming 4 hours per day), I was surprised by the fact, and also remembered that there is an actual problem for getting ratings for every game in LD. Last time, even my own game didn’t get enough (but that’s more because I didn’t actually care and didn’t rate other games as well — had no time back then). So yesterday I thought about ways to make the rating of games easier anyhow, and here’s what I came up with.

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