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Nailed down the initial game concept

Posted by (twitter: @haxpor)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 12:22 am

We started the collaboration call on 8:00 AM TH time (9:00 AM in SG) to talk about the idea we will work on for Ludum Dare 27.

The time now 11:15, and we finally nailed down the concept to be Nine Lives – Cat. The initial solid reason we thought about this was that 9 is near 10 seconds (the theme), thus leads us to this kind of topic.

Team, collaboration talk on skype (SG + TH)

Team, collaboration talk on skype (SG + TH)

Game concept

Game concept

During the talk, we have shared ideas and discuss on the possibilities of interesting game idea might be continued working on. The following is the links we gathered through.

We will inject the perspective through the cat as it’s falling down from the very virtual high places. In fact, the cat will fall down starting from the real physical world then go through the obstacles that allow our chance to use somewhat ghost trick to activate something or clear the path away. Each gameplay will last long for only 10 seconds but by using ghost trick, we can slow down the pace of time a little bit more to peacefully act upon the puzzle ahead of ourselves. Anyway, it’s simply about clearing the path.

As the cat falls down each chunk of sub-world, it will go through transitioning into another chunk. We planned to have 10 chunks with different level set up and obstacles. Finally if a cat can touch the lowest ground in the lowest chunk, then it will go back to life (in real world) thus the name Nine Lives comes to play. We believe we take 10 seconds to work with the game idea in a creative way although there’s room for us to further think about it.

One last thing, Bruce is able to find out is that whenever we need to commit Unity project to github or source control. We need to consider about the following issue and how to solve it. It causes our team mates not be able to open the project after the first commit.


Right now it’s lunch time, we will get back and talk more about the plan in implementation along with we will be able to see the first concept design from Suebphatt.

Step through the physics world | LD72 no.25

Posted by (twitter: @haxpor)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 8:08 am

So quite some time before the information you’re reading get posted on this site, my blog :_)

The following is the updates

-> I got a name for 3-leg-Alien that we will be controlling it in the game. The name is Trideroche. To be honest, while I were searching for information over the Internet, I found something about vocabulary namely “Tribe – De – RoChe”, not sure whether it’s French or not, can’t remember the meaning neither. Anyway that the cool name.

-> Made physics world works! Fine-tune and finally managed to implement the initial walking feature, the core one, successfully.

The concept is that it has 3 legs. You will control it individually in the way that maintains the stability of the character itself. If you step up wrongly, you may result in explosion or get hurt in some ways.

Apparently the current state is not totally what I want it to be just yet. The pain problem relates to the initial design which is “3-leg”, yes, … literally. I don’t want to change it to other things else as that is the pretty first and solid design and I would love to stick to it. What’s wrong is when you create such a character in the world of physics, you need to make it be able to maintain its own stability at the first go you put it into the game.

Design and stuff

Usually, most of the time you will pop the physics object by click anywhere in the screen and it will be born there, thus falls down to the ground according to normal gravity. Whenever it touches the land, there you will see a problem. In my case, a character cannot stand on its own at the first go. Due to 3 thin legs, and at this time I have not much time to figure out which solution or primitive shape or constraint to form such a spider-like object at the end. Chipmunk is new to me.

It cannot stand on its own. This is the very first implementation according to my design.

It may be because the upper part of the character is visually heavier than the bottom, that’s just a guess to make it looks like in front of the screen although mass can be set. Please note that what you see in the image, it has no 3 legs yet just 2. But that’s enough for me to rethink for better solution.

Thus I re-implement the forming of character code, what I got is below.

Re-implement it to another design.

That’s better but it needs to be better and walkable.

So I reduced the radius of the head and decreased its mass, also shorten the body part, and put another leg with also feet. 

With reasonable touching area of three feet, the character has more chance to stand ground!

Anyway that’s not the optimal solution. After I poped it into the game and fell to the ground it has more chance to stand up on its own. Besides that, its clumsy structure causes it to fall down and its head knock with the ground most of the time. Ha ha, that’s funny, but it needs to be better.

My initial solution at this stage is to periodically apply y-axis velocity to its head to pull it up. But I need to call it 2 times per second (according to your set up, but it needs less frequently than frame rate, of course) to maintain its stability and realistic.

Much better!

In addition, I managed to remove out the big feet and make it looks like it has just that long legs. I still need the foot but just reduce its width to 1 to hide it completely. Other things still work properly.

I captured some movement of Trideroche below.

or directly at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rq427T2f9A.

I’m back to code now, I have another day and 10 hours left to finish this for the jam event of Ludum dare#25.

[I originally posted this on http://haxpor.org/post/38064023763/step-through-the-physics-world-ld72-no-25]

Changed to use chipmunk, tested, moving forward. | LD72 no. 25

Posted by (twitter: @haxpor)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 12:29 pm

Now the time has passed quite gracefully, more than a half day now.


Current progress is pretty much learning, and testing functionalities in chipmunk that will be used as a core in the game.

Before that, I spent first portion of the time in recalling about Box2d, and trying to make it works. I ever used Box2d once back in my experiment iOS game project quite more than a half year ago, back then it’s native and works great. But unfortunately as this time I develop on web platform using HTML5 or cocos2d-html5 framework, it doesn’t work out. Several hours were lost into the realm of physics.

Anton (@garfeild) sent me this during a jam. I should listen to him :)

I found a problem about debug information that rendered on screen incorrectly. For instance, the testcase of cocos2d-html5 itself also has a problem regarding to this issue although its functionality in forefront works properly. I asked the community about this but can’t wait as I need to step further. I can’t live in the world of physics without debug information.

A problem still occurs in cocos2d-html5 v.2.1 testcase, but its forefront functionality works properly.

So I switched to chipmunk wholeheartedly for this project. I have to admit that less code is done with chipmunk comparing to Box2d. It’s quite simple to grasp the concept of code structure than Box2d. But anyway, if I go back to iOS natively I prefer to use Box2d as it’s originally developed in C++ and well optimized for mobile usage according to my believe + with the fact that I’m a little bit shock to see chipmunk is available on premium as it means the free and open source version is kind da rip-off in sense.

Nonetheless, the community there at github of chipmunk is rather big with hundred-ish star and fork and it’s quite active. If nothing is super duper complex and doesn’t need 100% optimization, it’s one of your candidate option.

That’s being said. I quickly ramped up chipmunk with this link-of-the-day.

Here is what I got to move on.

Cat, cat, and cat with non-perfect shape for physics simuation.

Yeah, that’s better.

Back to code now …

[Originally posted this on my blog: http://haxpor.org/post/37994792037/changed-to-use-chipmunk-tested-moving-forward-ld72]

Taking long time | LD72 no. 25

Posted by (twitter: @haxpor)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 3:08 am

I’m taking too much time to make the base code involving Box2d up and running. This also includes a decision to change cocos2d-html5 version from 2.0 to 2.1, quite notable changes that can drag you some time.

But glad that I’ve read the rule carefully again and found out that actually there’s 2 parallel event running in Ludum Dare. I work with my another mate, so I fit in “Jam” not “Combo”. That’s being said means that I have another day to finish things off.

I stick to my plan and original idea blinking in quite fast in thinking process. I have to speed thing up though.

Box2D up and running

Box2D up and running

[I also posted at my blog here: http://haxpor.org/post/37973256431/taking-long-time-ld72-no-25]

Here we go

Posted by (twitter: @haxpor)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 7:39 pm






No time to say anything now …. Go go go :)


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