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Posted by (twitter: @@artguyharry)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 1:05 pm

Here’s the link to my game

Here’s an upload on itch.io if youre into that


Here’s me being a pro at my own game



The good:

  • the concept was well established in my head before i began including some routines so programming went more smoothly than usual
  • graphics were fun, 16 colour palette was fun
  • it’s kind of satisfying to play

The bad:

  • No real win-state in the game. I kinda failed to get enough testing done to figure that one out
  • No intuitive settings, got too lazy to add in social media links
  • Wanted to do a ‘calm/practise’ mode with no meteors which really would have been easy but i just had to get the thing uploaded and done

The Ugly

  • i’m not totally happy with the visual style on some sprites but whatever, its a jam

fun with orbital defense

Posted by (twitter: @@artguyharry)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 9:14 am

Ive tied up a bunch of the resource systems in this now (pending a few, i like being able to spam in some of the structures to test things)

Still have some sprites to draw, numbers to link up and a fail state to flesh out. I like how the satellites came out.

Meteor showers come periodically and will probably get faster and more brutal as the game goes on. Score will be how long you maintain your colony before the infrastructure is ruined by weather events

my lazy hat in the ring

Posted by (twitter: @@artguyharry)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 8:55 am

the idea is resource management for a space colony. management will be pretty simple social game style mechanics but the strategy will be mostly in where on the surface of the planet you place various buildings.

meteor showers will come in periodically from different directions and bombard certain areas of the planet at a time. I may introduce other kinds of weather events which influence specific buildings more than others… but probably wont, because i’m lazy.

i only really started this an hour or so ago and right now its just a basic bit of script to place things oriented to a circular surface and then tally up values from those placed things to determine a score income. honestly, that much will account for most of the gameplay. i’ll make some nice looking pixels to make up for my extreme design laziness, or who knows – something might spark my imagination as i create. i like to work that way, build something simple i know i can achieve and see where it leads.



Posted by (twitter: @@artguyharry)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 7:51 am


unfinished. working tomorrow until 17 hours from now so it’s impossible for me to finish in time

pac man tribute/reboot

play two “worlds” at once using the same controls

turn based

lose points for inefficient moves (ramming into walls and allowing enemies a free turn etc… this happens a lot if you don’t take care, considering the maps are different)

when powerups are in they will probably be able to be shared between the “worlds”

C&C appreciated

As usual i spent too much time on aesthetics. It’s built in Fusion 2.5 and to be honest I don’t think it was a great choice. enemy pathing was hindered by a nasty bug  for about 10 hours due to complex workaround for the lack of hierarchical structure in fusion 2.5

the images are GIFs, please click through :)



two games, one controller

Posted by (twitter: @@artguyharry)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 8:57 am

I’m kind of late to the jam of course but i’m trying to keep my scope pretty low.

I decided to go with a turn based reboot of a classic arcade game with two seperate levels being run at once, using the same control scheme for both.

there will be a lot of bumping into walls, but the idea is i will deduct points for this to incentivise players to use their moves carefully. this could give it a puzzle element.

I will include some powerups which modify the control scheme and possibly exchange some extra information between the two levels or “worlds”

Right now i’ve just gotten movement and some basic enemy behaviour working. I’ve already put more effort into the visuals and “feel” than i should, but thats the kind of idiot i am.


I’ll clarify that right now the screenshot shows duplicates of the same level on either side. this is not final level design – they are duplicates just for now. Their being different in the future will be very important



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