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Posted by (twitter: @hapiel)
Monday, April 17th, 2017 5:13 pm


Hey Game developers

Are you a programmer, but without a graphics team?

Recently, we, the Open Pixel Project, published over 2000 free game assets.
High quality pixel art, style consistent, collaboratively created, all in the public domain!

There are tiles for various environments like a jungle, village, cave, castle, temple, and much more.
Animated sprites for some animals, playable characters and NPCs.
Various icons and particles. The mockups in this article only show a fraction of the available content!

You can download them for free on our website, OpenPixelProject.com


We really hope some of you would consider using some of these assets for LD entries. The assets are super flexible, and we’re curious to see how you end up using them. Also, after the event we’d love to collect feedback on wishes for expansion and improvement, we are still working on our set!


So go ahead and download them already to get yourself acquainted with the various assets. You’re also welcome to join our community and say hi:

Have fun with Ludum Dare

-Hapiel from the OPP team



Pixel Art games

Posted by (twitter: @hapiel)
Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 12:43 pm

Weee, lets play some games with sweet pixel art!

There is:



Unconventional WTF !


Dick Cannon

Ice Story

Spacecat Meowpatrol

Shield Maiden

Does it shoot?

And last but not least, plugging the game which I made the graphics for myself:

(It probably wouldn’t have made the list if it were made by someone objective… :p )

Bubble Becky

Now go ahead and play with all this pixel awesomeness!

Thanks for notifying me in the comments about:


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