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[LD37] Moon Maze Post-Mortem

Posted by
Sunday, December 25th, 2016 4:31 am


Hi everyone,

This is my 6th LD jam. As a indie game maker, I take LD very seriously as a chance to explore creativity and skills.

So one day before the jam, I took some time and thought about every final theme and came up with some ideas.

pre-jam ideas

And this is for “One Room” and several other themes. Player is trapped among giant boulders, and somehow he has the ability to move these boulder around. But due to the limited open space, it is still a difficult job to move around.


Klotski puzzle. in China, we call it Hua Rong Dao(华容道).

It is basically a twist of kind of puzzle called “Klotski”(sliding blocks around to move  a marked block to certain place.). My idea is about twisting this mechanic into a exploration game: the world is full of sliding blocks, big and small in various shapes; player must move through with some careful thoughts.


The Jam Starts


But right after the jam starts, I started a brainstorm and had more ideas.

I was not very satisfied with the first idea. Reasons:

1.Not hitting the theme hard

Theme “One Room” is about physical space limitation. But this idea would end up a game world much larger than “One Room”.

One the other hand, it is not possible for the player to feel like in any room. As there is no way to add furniture.

2. How to balance the “puzzle” part?

This idea is definitely not about remaking the “Klotski” puzzle. I will not design the blocks so that player can pass with the right difficulty. Not to mention I want to add certain free play into the level design. So how do player deal with “impossible” situation?

I preferred idea No.2 “Use Room as resource” from the brain storm, yet I couldn’t came up with solid design.

Player has “One Room” and that’s all he got. He can take actions to counter the threat of death. But actions would be placing items on ground that cost “room (slots)”.

I still like this idea No.2 even after the jam. I can think of some great idea now. But I couldn’t come up with idea good enough under the pressure of jam.

Here was the idea I had after 4 hours after the jam starts (very funny, but no):

One day, the husband lost his job and he was very sad.

But he came up with a poster about a “Money Making Machine”.

He ordered one and he set it up in the living room.(Taking up a slot) The machine makes $1 every second. Player can also press the machine directly. The machine makes a “ka-ching”  sound for every dollar it makes, even in night, which drived the wife crazy.

Yet then, husband just buy more machines with money he made. And he has to sell his furniture to make room for the machine.

In the meantime, I made some breakthrough for the idea No.1:


  • Player can CUT a block out of a larger block to make the “impossible” situation possible to handle. And there is a “battery-cost” to have the player not abusing it.


  • Player can hold the moving button and then release to make the block “RUSH” forward, crashing monsters along the way!!!

The second breakthrough bring the element of “BATTLE” into the game, and then I feel the idea complicated enough. As for the theme, I aimed to continue the development after the jam and hoped to publish somewhere , and the idea is good on its own.

Idea No.1 won the bidding.


Coding is Fun


How the three days spent

I happened to be in a time-zone of UTC+8:00. The jam starts at 10:00 am Saturday, end at 10:00 am Monday.(I aimed for compo when the jam start). I don’t have a job currently, good for the jam.


This is the decided concept art in AI

During the actual development, concept art was decided very quickly (I didn’t ask too much). I spent the first two days writing code. Here are certain jobs that cost me time:

  • Move/rush a block: check how far it can go.
  • Cutting: cut a piece out of  a block, results in 2 or 3 blocks.
  • Render the blocks: trace the border line of a block and create mesh to render.
  • Analyse the tile-map data and create blocks for tiles neighboring same color. (must fast enough)
  • Light up the blocks that can be see but no further.(This is totally just eye-candy)


Before each level, tilemap data must be parsed and split into each block. And you have to do it quick.

a1 a2

A single cut might just cause a block split into 3 blocks. That’s what makes it complex.


These coding carried me away. During the late night of the second day, I felt sleepy and realized that maybe I can not stay up. Desperation arise. Here are the reason I should felt desperate:

  • I have not touched UI.
  • I had no actual level design.
  • There wasn’t any level structure (title, thank for playing, level select, etc).
  • I haven’t thought about the game title yet.

I have spent too much time on the coding of core mechanic itself. I should have spent the time more wisely, in the order of importance, and submitted early and then update.

In the end,  I had to switch from compo to jam! I have another day to fight.


The Final Redemption

The third day, I worked on UI, logo, the first and only level, sounds and some bugs. I stayed up through the night. I had underestimated the “extra” work.


The last screen of game if the last job of development.

Back before the jam started, I had wished that I could have more time creating levels and have player enjoy for a longer time.

Post-Jam and Future

After the jam, I created another two levels, worked on a lot of other improvements. Currently I am working on a completed version of the game. Instead of a level-based game, I would like to experiment with random-map generation and rogue-like elements.


Thank you for reading.

[Play the Game Here]



Moon Maze Post-Jam Update

Posted by
Saturday, December 24th, 2016 2:45 am



Moon Maze has been updated, 3 Levels in total.

New features added.

Play at Here

Moon Maze!

Posted by
Monday, December 12th, 2016 9:09 pm

Long night ahead

Posted by
Sunday, December 11th, 2016 11:48 am

画板 17

A pyramid has been discoverd on the moon, wanna check it out?

MINI LD70 – Quick Love

Posted by
Friday, September 30th, 2016 4:29 am

Joined Mini LD70 in the last days

Posted by
Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 8:57 pm

God’s Gift the story

Posted by
Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 12:06 am

My entry is a little strategy game featured a tech tree (like in civ) with ultimate technology to save the universe.

When I was submitting, I realized that the game is too complicated to understand… (One drawback for solos) .

So I decided to write a story to explain the background.

Please note that currently the game is only roughly completed, there is too much to  improve. And I hadn’t the time to actually put the big tech tree (designed for two days) into the game.

There will be a updated version.



God’s Gift

4000 BC

The player stands in the desert, waiting.

Before him, the giant structure casts a shadow that covers a thousand men. There were the people that lived along the river. Now for the first time, they gathered around this giant structure.

Their king ordered the men to open this structure that had been there for thousands of years.

The men, thousands of them, pulled the ropes that ties up to a heavy stone. Then, someone shouted a commend, and they all let go. The heavy stone crashed on a larger brick of the pyramid. The latter hold still, but they repeated, until the wall of the pyramid gave in. The first slave run inside and returned, carrying a piece of flat and transparent stone.

“Optics.” The player mustered to himself.

As a player, he can see all and know all, in a trade, no one else can see or know him.

Another slave carried a jar. He stutted and fell, and everybody around was frightened by the black viscous liquid that spurred out.

The last findings was just a handful of seeds. The kings hold the seeds in both his hands, with the rest of people on their knees, claimed that these were God’s Gift.

The player left before the ritual ended.


AC 1134

The spacesuit was designed  in a different fashion to the memory of the player.

The first rocket had failed and killed its first female astronaut. But human never gave up.

The radio was not very stable, so the latter part  of the landing mission was under the command of the captain.

The space craft looked very tiny against the pyramid on the moon.

But the reversal thrusting was calculated without the account of such a structure…

The player worry a bit when the craft crashed.

But after a while, the captain, in his space suit, get off and found himself standing before the entrance of a ancient pyramid structure.

The man start talking on the radio, forgetting the fact that no one but only the Player could hear him.

Yet, the player cannot understand Arabic.


AC 1798

Cain-788901 vonlunteered on this sun-landing mission.

The plan was to shoot their capusule into the sun and then the capusule will operate like a submarine and dock into the pyramid.

Unmanned missions had yield success several times and located the pyramid floating about 300k miles from the core.


The artifacts found on the moon has speed up the technology development for hundreds of years.

And also the pyramid is the ultimate mystery for human.

So the signal from within the sun is distinguished, they immidiantly started the sun project.


The player float above the ocean of eternal flames. Waiting for the capsule to shoot from a giant spaceship.

The capasule is built with vacum materail to keep off the heat conduction and coated with invisible shield against radiation.

Even the player can not see the invisible capasule. Instead, he was facing the sun and then, he saw the disturbance pattern the capasule left on the surface when it passed.

It is beautiful.





AC 2016

6000 years were not very long for the player, yet still, he felt very tired, from  frustration.

Before him, the last science committee conference was being hold, as the ending time is soon.

The player sit in a chair that belongs to the god. In this universe, there had been a ritual to spare one more chair for the ultimate observer in any scientific meeting.

“The condensing speed is faster than we had expected.” The chairman spoke directly to mind of everyone seated.

He then “talked” some complex data models though this brainwave communication.

“Among the seven planets, earth will be the second to be destroyed. The last planet will have extra 0.13 seconds of time.”

Another mind talked, “The research on the pyramid draws one conclusion that could be helpful. ”

“The foamton field could protect the pyramid and things within.”

“We had talked about it before. What good will some objects do when all observer has diminished?”

“There is one possibility that they could be opened by another human civilization in another but same universe.”

“Go on.”

“If we put some items that could be helpful to them on the technology….”

“Then maybe they have a chance to accumulate enough technology to find the Ultimate theory?”

“Now, suggestions for the items? PhotonStick? A book?”

“We must plan this on a technology tree or sth.”


The player watched as they shield the gate again. There wasn’t any time left before the condensing.

The human and earth, the stars, everything swallowed by the instant whiteness.

Only the pyramid and the player stands, in the middle of nothing.

One singularity exploded, then another, then all of them.

The time came into being. The foam gradually formed.

The sun was born and then earth.

And finally, the sand filled under the feet of the player until there were desert again.

Not far way from him, a stream is growing to a river.

Patiently, he waits.






LD36 Final Themes Illustrated

Posted by
Friday, August 26th, 2016 1:25 am

LD36 Prewarm-01

Pic taken from Gravity Falls

LD35 Picked By GB Vol2

Posted by
Thursday, May 5th, 2016 10:30 pm

Hi, I am Bruce Guo. And I have been rating a few games so far. I’d like to share some nice or interesting entries I found.

LD35 Picked by GB vol-2

Link to Vol-1


Splitter Critters

by GertJohnnyJam Entry

Lovely graphics!  Imaginative mechanism!

Slice screen to bring little things to their spaceship.

Top entry for LD35.

2045 Henkei no Densetsu

by Rock Eaters –  Jam Entry


Kill those monsters with your blade and sometimes you would transform into a monster (only to kill more monsters)

A walk to the top

by jk5000Compo Entry

Place-device-and-click-play type of puzzle game.

Fair & Square

by ceeyus VareedJam Entry


An arena battle game among shapes. The best part is that shape would affect the battle physically.

Switch to triangle when the enemy rushes towards you as a circle, then your opponent may fly off the stage….

Zen and the Art of Transhumanism

by DeconstructeamJam Entry

You create 3D component with a … spinning sculpting workstation.

And the whole game is set in a future with augmented humans.


by SheepolutionJam Entry

A funny story about a shape-shifting sofa.


The Killer’s Apprentice

by PaulJsJam Entry


Interesting art-style



by omarhuseynov011Jam Entry

A evade-obstacle game with beautiful graphics and music.


Thank you for reading this far.

I will try to share more games I found.

And if you don’t mind, you can check our game:

Play our game here

Again, everything is done personally, leave me a comment for anything.

LD35 Mountain Updated More Levels

Posted by
Monday, May 2nd, 2016 1:07 pm



After two weeks, we managed to add two more levels.

We intended to put more love into this game!

Play our game here!

LD35 Picked By GB Vol1

Posted by
Thursday, April 28th, 2016 1:21 am

Hi, I am Bruce Guo. And I have been rating a few games so far. I’d like to share some nice or interesting entries I found.


LD35 Picked by GB vol-1



No Turning Back

by tgrehawi


The theme is shape-shift and many jammers take the shape as the shape of environment.

No Turning Back is a nice exploration-puzzle under a orthographic camera.



Space Pole And Monkey

by kronosfere


What will shift in the game? The pole, of course.

You play as the monkey who got a pole that can extend at will.

Well, I thought the game was about Monkey King…




by nesis


You shift the size of objects to wander in this desert full of puzzles.

The mechanic is potential, levels are well designed.



motion: a

by sepharoth213


Not sure what it is, but there is shape and it’s shifting and it looks nice…



Shifting Worlds

by ichbinkeinreh


The light create shapes. And the shapes will certainly shift if light were switched.

It is a very interesting plat former puzzle


Line Square Tower

by dalbinblue


Imagine that shape-shift is the super ability for a hero!

Well, that’s common. But this game is very funny to allow you to shift between flat state and thin state.

Well, a few games use that concept, too. But the best part of the game is how you move up and down stairs in thin state.

Also, you can expect a polished/smoothed levels.



Signed Distance Shift

by netgrind


The jammer created a stunning visual animation and somehow design a puzzle on top of it.



Robot Snake

by eduardogacn


Well, you certainly saw that snake/worm many times in games.

This time, the game uses a very unique and intuitive and fun way to move.

This is really great job!




by managore


Daniel Linssen is one of the best jammers in Ludum Dare.

And this time, he came up with the idea of shifting the shape of window.

It is a very nice entry to enjoy in LD.



Thank you for reading this far.

I will try to share more games I found.

And if you don’t mind, you can check our game:

LD35 Mountain By Bruce and Mizou



Again, everything is done personally, leave me a comment for anything.


Posted by
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 7:28 am

Hi, My name is Bruce Guo and I will share some findings in today’s rating.

You can drop your entry in comments and I will review them, (though it may takes some time)

VOL-VOL-4  VOL-3  VOL-2  VOL-1

The Troll’s Toll

by baykush_figtree

The design is perfect! Please play again after the end, you will notice the suggestions:

Why you have a ability to throw bottles?

And what is the red thing around neck? A tie? Does a troll wears a tie?


The Monster Inside

by Random Seed Games

Film Noir styled story. The art is so lovable!


I am Death and Fire

by derr

The best flying fire dragon game in LD33 that I rated, so far.


Greetings, Human

by boardtobits

All kinds of aliens coming to earth and you must choose the right way to great them.

You need to check the in-game reference (a lot), it is so humorous.


Hero Mate

by Lancelot Gao

You are a monster but who says that monster can’t help the hero? By being stepped?


Loveless : a multiplayer story

by Mark Venturelli

Developer will design the next part of the game based on the massive players’ choices in the game.


Can I Haz Monsters?

by Omiya Games

Imagine you are baby learning new words. The more words you learn the more you can understand and express.

This game is about the collecting words and making a sentence.

This is experimental!


Space Invadees

by lanestp

Well, a reversed Space Invaders. You control the swarm above.


Mini Tar’s Chair Stompin’ Extravaganza!

by ILoveToJam

Who is the monster that broke the chairs in the office?


The Supper

by jrhee

A reversed detective game! Kill everyone without being suspected!




by camlang

Very nice shark game! It is always bloody with sharks in game?



by uheartbeast

Very cool action game! Rare to see in a jam!


VOL-VOL-4  VOL-3  VOL-2  VOL-1


Posted by
Friday, August 28th, 2015 11:57 pm
Hi, I am Bruce Guo and I will share games I like during today’s rating.
Add your entry ink in comment so I will review and might pick your game.
VOL-4  VOL-3  VOL-2  VOL-1

Monster Academy

by feiss

This game is soooooooo lovely! It’s a Wario game.
A game full of tiny mini-games that you need to quickly understand the scene and take action.
Apart from that, every detail is done to polish this game to be very very lovely.

Blood Moon

by MagnesiumNinja

Wow! The game is so well designed and well made!
It a action puzzle about avoiding light. There two forms you can switch.


by Skoggy

Intro is like a cult film. So is the game. Killing zombie is made really fun in this game.

Beats of Nightmare

by Insality

A game with strong music and styled art.

Inner Monsters

by psypol

A game about giving alcohol to pregnant, burger to vegetarian, cigarettes to kids.
The vision to look around building is inspiring.

Monster of the Labyrinth

by J3X

Nice shader or is it done with shader?


by applejam

Sometimes being a monster is sad. This is a little story about betrayal.
Why not just forget your mission, and just live on like that.
That is a theme in many films.

V8000 AD

by DanteDouglas

In this desert and  you need crash other cars to get more fuels to keep running!

What Have I Become?

by Birke

You realize you became a monster after all the nice puzzles in the game.

The Bear Hunter

by Devark

The game is designed smartly with an ending twist. Telling a story involves a boss but no boss fight… I can’t say more to spoil you.


by TheMorfeus

It’s program game.
A game you need to program to play.
You need write like “A B MUL” to play the game.
You need to study the document for 5 minutes to play.
But it worth the while! The story is great!

Petit Monstre

by LeoM

Your snack is ready, my little monster!

Super Monster Fighter 1

by TomOlivier

Monsters are not just destroying the city, they compete with each other in this game.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment for anything.

VOL-4  VOL-3  VOL-2  VOL-1


Posted by
Thursday, August 27th, 2015 8:46 am
Hi, I am Bruce Guo and I will share games I like during today’s rating.
Add your entry ink in comment so I will review and might pick your game.





by magenta

A fun idle game with styled art. It looks so lovely!



by micdoodle8

We have seen that kind of giant worm moving underground in lots of games. Now we can play it!

Swim in dirt, then suddenly jump out at enemy!


Hydro Carbon

by bentglasstube

Try pollute the sea as much as you can.

You need to decide either to use the oil for the engine(speed up) or to pollute the water.


Jack vs Werewolf

by marom

It’s a detective game. You need to stop the monster behind the series murder in the big mansion.

The monster look just like human, but he won’t speak, not carrying gun. He will show true form when killing.

Will you be able to find him out?


Daylight Blobbery

by Mark Smith

You are a meat ball that consumes human.

Some human will just stick on the meat ball, such details are very funny.


St. George’s Academy for Monster-Slaying Lasses

by AlariSilver

A text based detective game. You need to find out who’s the killer dragon in the girl’s monster slayer school.

Why everyone who talked to the shy and mysterious girl were all found killed by the dragon?


Super Chop

by savethejets1

Cut some trees so that you can buy UPGRADES to cut more and more faster.


Squid Pro Quo

by TijmenTio

Can’t believe how simple idea can be made into such fun game!

Compares to the one below, this one focus more on the oval loveliness and with a upgrade system.


Sucker Punch

by Shaw

Another game about tentacles. Different styles. This one focus more on the battle experience.


All That Glitters

by cgmorton

There is a kind of monster imitates a treasure chest, waiting to eat RPG players. Now you can play as them.

Compared to the next one, this game has a gameplay with stealth element.


Dungeon of the Mimic

by Alpenter

Another game about mimic. But the idea was developed differently this time.

Compared with previous one, this game is more relaxed, more like action adventure with puzzles.



by OnionBlaze

This could be the most sweet way interpret the ‘monster’ in the theme!

You are the monster, someone who has a human heart inside but with a physical desire for blood.

So, will you be able to manage to hold your teeth from her?


Massacre Monday

by wg_phancock

A monster-destroy-everything game. The developers will throw tanks, bomber and choppers at you when conflict levels up.


Campaign Trail OF BODIES

by inurashii

A text game about an election companion in the monster world.


Do You Understand ?

by qkerguelen

It’s not a puzzle game. The game itself is a puzzle.

You were the player, then you were the monster. What kind of message does the developer wants to tell us?

Do you understand?



by GarethIW

I like the news view!!


No Credit, No Problem!

by Razoric

A game paying tribute to Papers, Please. You are deciding the hope for loan applicants.


Primary objective

by Aurel Bílý

A point and click adventure. It’s well-made. The art is great.


Jello Adventure

by FirebrushStudios

You are the jello thing. You touch fire then you change to …Jello on fire. then you can burn things.

It’s a puzzle game about jello changing from fire, water, oil and electrics states.





Leave a comment for anything.




Posted by
Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 10:37 am


Hi, I am Bruce Guo. And I will share some games I like during today’s rating.

You can drop you entry link in the comment. I will review your game and maybe pick it.

Older vols:



Camp Starvation

by Double Zero One Zero

This is a realist survival game! As the leader, to survive, you need to either feed people or kill people.

As you are the only man with gun, so you have to be the monster.

It’s that Paper, Please style game!


Eye In The Sky

by djfariel

Because of this jam, monster-destroy-everything will became a new sub-genre.

Well this game, it’s just a very polished monster-destroy-everything game.




In this game, sometimes (well, most times) you are pursued, sometimes you become stronger and pursue them.

It’s what makes Pacman Pacman.



by theshadowteam

You are the tiny evil inside human body, inside blood vessels. The game is not that polished, but its single-button mechanism to move around, I think is inspiring.


Monster Factory

by tMalicet

The modern entertainment world meet millions of monsters everyday! The movies, the games, the novels and TVs.

You are the supplier for zombies and orcs for the film and game industry.

But not every monster fits every genre! You need experiments and common sense to get the best profit.


Back for Dinner

by vegapomme27

It’s a unique story! Alien ship crashed. You play as a alien baby finding his way back to his father.

At first you are very weak, but as a alien monster you can evolve to be stronger(faster, jump higher and tougher).

Then you can explore more of the world!

Again, upgrade system make this game very interesting!



by ChuiGum

This game has great music and visual, strong and in its own style. It’s like walking into a strange bar…

It’s a running game, but perspective is constantly changing (from side view to top-down)


Project Jumpius

by kirilllosev

This is a monster game. Entire human army are on you. But you can jump on vehicles and choppers to destroy them.

The art is very lovely.


Oko Furia

by Tselmek

Well, it feels so good smashing the buildings!

It’s better than flappy bird!


The Hosts

by Warxen

It’s game about possess and stealth.

You can choose any guard to possess and then kill all the guards.

It is fun to think about how to kill someone without being found.


U no take Loot!

by Orni

You need to defend your gold against the mob. Buy traps and burn the them down!


We Are Monster

by JoshuaBurr

It looks like Cosmos! You need to eat white ones and shoot at purples ones.

The visual style is hard work.



by pinkmonkeyhead

The game has the perspective of looking at small things on ground.

It’s like Pikmin! Game play is like cosmos, big eat small.


Tenebrous Expanse

by WubAlliance

You move like pooling ball. The art style is unique. The game very polished.

It’s like a dessert puzzle game.


Well, thank you for reading, and thank your for support. All is personally. Leave a comment for anything.




Posted by
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 9:34 am

Hi, I picked these games during today’s rating.

Links to other Vols:

VOL-1 http://ludumdare.com/compo/2015/08/24/ld33-picked-by-gb-vol-1


The Last Little Monster

by Chris M

You attack those guys and collect coins and then you fly to other planets.

The way you fly to other planet is really inspiring.



by BoskoSokolov

You are monster and run at human like all other entries, but you can buy upgrades!

Upgrading makes a game not boring any more.

It is a way to create lengthy gameplay around simple concept!


A Beautiful Day to DIE

by Integershift

In this game you infect human and a zombie is spawn right where human was.

The new zombie will move with your arrow key as well. And you can grow an army of zombies.

This is unique.


Flying Purple

by pkenney

You control a purple dragon. And control is very inspiring.

I wish I can make it breath fire and change the title to Smaug.


Meet the Monsta

by Schrodinger Games

What you see above is what you play in game. Yes with the hand.

With this game, you can play cardboard monster battle game without cardboard.

And that is really cool. And it represents the spirit of  game jam: being creative, original and bold.


Monster Destroy Things

by Cory Martin

It is simple game with hard working on pixel drawing.

You have a large world to unleash your wrath on TVs and sofa.

I imagine a GTA with pixels from this.



by primaerfunktion

You have only limited time in a jam. And some jammers put it all on visual stuff.

And things I don’t understand, like the censored face and the talking bird.


Wild Flirting

by bloomingbuds

Monsters in this game have rare skin colors, like to cook weird things, and love to flirts with young girls over social apps.

It’s a text dating  game with funny lines.


The Legend of Monsters

by Eingya

Monsters are commonly programmed in a bad way., like some can only walk in one line,  and some can only turn left.

The game is about these monsters. Levels and challenges were designed around those limitations.


Ugly Turtle

by HacksawUnit

This game is simple, you shoot a turtle from the pipe when mario is jumping.

The game is very polished: with all the pixels graphics, animation, and sounds.

This scene maybe a moment for Mario, but it’s the life for the turtle-shooter pipe.



by miotatsu

You ‘build’ Sirens, you can click the Siren to make her sing(skill with CD), ship will be attracted to her, and thus hit the rocks.

So you earn money to build more Sirens and rocks.

It’s working tower defense game.


Sly Slime – Revenge On All Players

by reckhou

The game has decent visuals and sounds. And cool voxel style.


Hero Stomp

by Chadivision

You are the green guy, a guy who are going to be robbed by humans.

(People think they can just rob someone with different skin color?)

With no power up, traps, archer-towers, super abilities, it is too hard to defend those chests at all.

The game is inspiring for add-up designs.

What do you think? Should designer consider adding skills with CD?  Or minions? Or traps menu?



by Evergreen Games

Fired_Windows 2015-08-25 22-15-59-65

In this game, it is possible to hit all targets with one bullet. Because you are that bullet.


That’s all for today. Again, all is done personally. Don’t take it too seriously.

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