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I’m In !

Posted by
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 6:14 am

Or good afternoon. Or good night… Or good what the f**k you want !

Anyway… I’M IN ! And I’m a really exited for this one. This is the first ld in a long time where i can fully participate.
More over, saturday is my birthday (19) ! And it’s a doctor who day ! How can I spend a better week end ?

I know ! I will attend the Paris meet up ! Oh yeah ! First IRL game jam ! This gonna be so awesooooooooome !!!!

Now for the mandatory thing:
My tools are:

  • Sublime text
  • Gimp
  • NodeJS

I use this lib too https://github.com/grifdail/OtherAudio .
It’s a javascript lib using the webaudioApi to create music and sound. Using a sequencer or a sound generator. You don’t need to use any other sound file. It’s not finished yet. I think i could polished it a bit before the start of the competion. Anyway feel free to use it !

I may use this lib too https://github.com/kallaspriit/HTML5-JavaScript-Gamepad-Controller-Library If I happen to use the gamepad !

I’ll spend the next day, trying to find some polish trick or usefull design pattern to make my game cooler and the programming easier.

One last thing. The github repo for the project !
And the game will be playable here.

Good luck everyone ! LUDUM DARE ROCK !

And keep it awesome !

I’m in !

Posted by
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 1:53 pm

IIt has been more than a year since my first Ludum Dare, and I can finally participate for real. My skills have improved a lot in the past year, and I am now studying video game development in a real school. So let’s do it.

I’ll try to do the compo this time ! (But it’s not impossible that it will end with the jam…)It will be an HTML5 canvas game, maybe with the help of Howler (for the sound) and threeJs. I don’t really know threeJs, but if 3d is fine in the game i’ll make, I ‘ll try it. I think ludum dare would be the perfect time for that. (Oh, and maybe gamepadJS, gamepad are fun !)

I ‘ll write my code with codepen, and draw my art (if I need to) with gimp. Sound will be made using Bfxr. Oh, and I’ll probably some personal library (vector, colors and think like that) wihch are released here.

Oh, and I might join some of my classmate’s team for their first game jam.

A Special ludum dare groups !

Posted by
Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 2:14 pm

Hi, I’m grifdail !

Sadly i can’t participe to the 25th ludum dare. I’ve got some friend in the same case. But ludum dare is so great we want todo it so we launch the “Guy who can’t do a ludum dare but who are going to do something anyways”  ‘s group!.

If you’re in the same case as us: “Come in! We have cookie” It’s simple as cheerleading on the IRC channel or maybe if you have just a very  litle time this week end, you can try to make a mini game for the jam !

There is no reason to not do LudumDare 25 !



Ho, sorry, they ‘re telling me that their’s no cookie left!

New here

Posted by
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 1:50 pm


I’m a frenh High scool student and it will be my first game jam.


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