About goerp

Long, long ago I wrote a little basic, a little assembly on a C64 . . .

Years went by without any programming (did some cartooning on and off, though).

Then I discovered Excel and more importantly VBA. A way to make games that you can show your colleagues at work and still obey company policies!
Examples can be found at http://excel.goerp.nl/

After that I discovered Flash which suited me very well, because I could program and make animations with one program.
I took a course in ActionScript3 and found that I like Object Oriented programming. I branched out to Java, but I I don't really like any of the game frameworks for it.
After the demise of Flash online (Air still works fine) I no longer use it that much.
Since a certain Ludum Dare, I came back to 6502 assembly and also use Javascript and Typescript.
My first Ludum was in october 2012 and I did some more. That's a few years ago, but I'd like to do a 'hard Ludum Dare' for the Commodore 64. One day, maybe. Who knows?


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Pfff, jam again

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 5:21 pm

I got to do this differently.

Graphics Day 1:

ss1 ss2

Graphics Day 2:


Yes, a completely different game (again)! I skipped the idea of making a C64 game and went with another idea and switched to Flash.

I might be able to finish the game in the next three hours, but I wont.

So JAM it is (again).

So there

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Saturday, December 6th, 2014 2:27 pm

Screenshot of a terrible game. Or maybe just a terrible screenshot of not really a game yet

screenshot day1

You should always google yourself

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Friday, September 26th, 2014 1:55 pm

I Googled myself on youtube and found that my game for the previous Ludum Dare had a gameplay video. Funny, the video was published 4 months ago, but I only found out today.

It just goes to show, that EVERY game can get into a gameplay video (but with LD it helps if it’s short and simple)/

A quantum post mortem

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Sunday, September 7th, 2014 8:29 am

First of all: congrats to all who have finished.

The good:

I was pleased with the idea, the visual and the music.

I found the theme a bit hard: the theme was just shouting at me: ‘planets and trade!’ and ‘two world platformer where one  influences the other’. I found these ideas a bit obvious and I thought I would drown in a sea of similar but better excecuted ideas.

After some hard (and pretty long) thinking I decided to join the world of the smallest scale to the world of the biggest scale. I even had a (love) story.

I kept the graphics simple. Animations were bad, but overall it looked OK, especially considering the amount of work done.


ugly but functional

The music was simple, hardly any editing, but did seem to fit the theme pretty well. Also I used Aques Tone for some ambient singing, which I think worked well. Because  Aques Tone is Japanese  you’re limited to Japanese syllables (I used Google translate for the words Earth and Love, but have no idea if it’s right).

Using existing code. I have a habit of writing everything from scratch which takes much too much time. This time I used some frameworks, public code and some code I had made myself a year ago (and had posted online, so I could use it, lucky break!).

Preparation: I did a warm up weekend!

The bad: 

Framework: I used the Starting Framework. I tested it in the warm up weekend but it still threw some unexpected curve balls, which made me doubt if I could finish the game on time. In the end I made it work but at first a bug made it so slow, nobody would be able to finish it, it would have taken hours, now it can be done in minutes.

RSI: it influenced a lot:

  • I had to keep graphics simple (which turned out to be a positive) and could not spend the time I would like to spend. Therfore I ended up doing the Jam, because I couldn’t finish in 2 days.
  • I kept the music minimal. I did a simple one take chord sequence on guitar and a one take improvisation on guitar. They turned out pretty nice, but I wanted to have a bit more layering.
  • I couldn’t play as much games from the compo as I wanted to and couldn’t play them for very long.
  • I couldn’t play test my game as much as I wanted to (should have) . Which led to the biggest BAD:

It was not finishable for  the first week. In the last few hours I made a desperate attempt to make the shape recognition work, but because testing takes a lot of time and keyboard use, I had to post the game not knowing for sure if it was finishable. I turned out not te be.
My apologies to people trying to finish my game.

I wanted the story to be about connecting the small and the large world, about making small changes with big consequences, but it meant players would have to zoom in and out a lot.   As a playing experience it was not ideal.

It’s HARD.
I made a hint page at some point, but I haven’t heard of anyone winning the game. And I think people would want the world to know, because it is an achievement. I did it myself so I know it can be done.

The ‘don’t know’:

I made my own system for shape recognition. I looked at some publicly available code, but couldn’t figure out if it was legal to use and maybe I wouldn’t able to figure it out. If that was a good choice? I have no idea!

scrfeenshot def0

If you want a zen game to slowly create a winning state: play my game

Who doesn’t like jam?

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 12:53 pm

Yesterday I thought I there was a big chance I wouldn’t finish, now I think I will, provided I enter the jam. In theory I might do it within the compo deadline, but it would physically be an irresponsible thing to do.  So the Jam it is!

I’ll never win prizes with this thingamajig anyway.

Yesterdays state:

screenshot midway
Current state:

screenshot day2

player interaction done

graphics done (except for ending animation)

most of the game logic is done, but still testing the winning condition (oh, my program just crashed! so really needs some work)

Some music is recorded, but a little mixing would be nice.


make a todo list

stuff mentioned above

See you tomorrow.

Midway Post (or as my girlfriend says: my ‘Mid Ludum Crisis’)

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 2:43 pm


It looks like a repeat from LD27, LD28 or LD29. Hardly any progress on day one.

  • In LD27, I did not finish,
  • in LD28 I finished in three days (and I liked the result).
  • In LD29 threw away progress of day one and made a silly game in one day (but liked the music).

I think the best I can hope for is a repeat of LD28.


Things are moving on screen and there is some stuff going on behind the scenes, but that’s about it.

screenshot midway


  • Make TODO list (skip this)
  • Menu (could skip this)
  • Intro animation (don’t want to skip this)
  • Replace placeholder graphics (could skip, but would be bad)
  • Player Interaction (better not skip this)
  • Music (Don’t want to skip, but might have to)
  • Win/Lose Condition (I  might skip the lose condition).

Good luck everyone.


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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 12:22 pm

This was my first idea for the  ‘I’m in’ post, but decided to go with my desk photo.

But when I thought I could use the cartoon AND do the pun, I couldn’t resist to post this as well.


I’m in

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Sunday, August 10th, 2014 5:01 am

. . because:

best reason to tidy



Programming: Action Script 3 with Flashdevelop
Graphics: probably Flash or hand drawn if there aren’t many graphics.
Sound/Music: Reaper, VSTHost, Guitar with Zoom G3X, midi Drums, myC64 organ, my voice or anything else that has a cool sound.

Or if I feel brave enough (and have a clear and simple enough idea):
I’d like to make a C64 game (but then I will have not so many possiblities for making music)

The making of ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’

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Saturday, May 10th, 2014 11:02 am

(based on a true story)

It was early sunday morning  when Ben stormed into my house.

'Let's go to the beach!'

‘Let’s go to the beach!’

Hey man! You gotta come to the beach, there are some killer (hehe) waves!

I can’t this time Ben”, I answered. “I’m making a game this weekend”.
Hey, that’s cool too! Let’s see what you got”.

I showed Ben what I had made the day before. “You’ve got to control facial muscles to make appropriate expressions during a conversation”, I explained.

Yeah, yeah, I can see where you’re going with this: some sort of over the top QWOP kinda thing. But ehm . . where’s the FUN? You gotta have fun, ya know? It doesn’t matter if I’m out surfing, solving crimes or waxing my board,  I ALWAYS make sure there’s fun in it”.

I agreed “It was fun in my head, but now. . I don’t know . . maybe I should just pack it in”.

No way, dude. You’re no quitter! You just gotta quit fighting the waves, go with the flow, see? You gotta go with me!”.
I looked at him puzzled.

Can't go wrong with Ben

Can’t go wrong with Ben

Look, the theme is ‘beneath the surface’, right? I’m a surfer. You could say I’m a Surf Ace. Change my last name to ‘Eath’  and what ya got? ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’. So make a game about me!  I’ve had TONS of adventures and they were ALL fun!

Bens enthusiasm has always been infectious. I agreed. ‘Go with the flow’, right?

We immediately got to work. We only had one day and virtually no budget so, to quote Ben, we even had to ‘cut corners of friggin circles’.


We started with the music.  Ben knew a local band that played surf music and were willing to play for beer. Unfortunately they wanted to be  paid up front, so they were not as tight as they usually are ;).

the band "Smurf's Up!"

the band “Smurf’s Up!”

We also wanted the Bee Cheesees to sing on the songs but had no money for it. So I sampled the beginning of their song “Bend over ‘cause I dropped my pants” and made it sound as if they were singing ‘Ben’.

the Bee Cheesees

the Bee Cheesees

Uncle Vern

Uncle Vern

Aunt Nancy

Aunt Nancy

Next up were the actors. When you want cheap there’s no substitute for family. We cast Uncle Vern as the bad guy. He was a good sport and didn’t mind me shaving his head for the part.

His wife (actually his second wife) Nancy played the daughter.  Unbelievable, isn’t it? It took a sh*t load of makeup to make her look like the daughter (don’t ever tell her I said that!).
The set was made of cardboard and plywood. That’s the reason you don’t see any waves.
To make the boat appear to move we used a cement mixer as an engine and put in a bucket of water to make a splash.

I was afraid everybody would notice the ‘fakeness’ and so wanted to the keep the resolution really low, but Ben complained that the pixelized version made his moustache look weird. So we ended up with the version that is now online.

We chose a story from Bens adventures and started to shoot. We were off!

By evening we had a lot of footage but then I realized: “we got all this stuff, but we got no game, there has to be a game in it!”. Hey don’t worry about it”, Ben said. “Just throw some stuff at me and film me ducking and jumping, it’ll be fine.”

On set with Ben

On set with Ben

We made a bomb from a football and Uncle Vern had a rubber knife; we had our projectiles. We filmed Ben jumping and ducking on his board and I made the game react to the keys so the player could make Ben jump or duck. We had a game. Sort of.

Two hours before the deadline things still got tense when I noticed that that the bombs would keep hitting Ben’s board. At the last minute we had to re-cut the whole jumping  and ducking sequence. It was tight but we made it with one minute to spare!

And that’s it!
That’s the story how this little game got made.  I was a bit worried that there was not much game in it, but Ben reassured me: “What would you rather have: a way too hard game where you have to bash a zillion keys to put a smile on a virtual face or a game that’s simple but puts a smile on your own face?”.

Oh well, you just can’t argue with a man who’s part time surfer, part time private detective, full time cool dude.

Go with the flow . . right?

Play it here.

Cutting it close!

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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 1:33 pm

Just about 4 hours left and still have to do part of the intro, the end and THE GAME ITSELF!

When I stopped yesterday I had a game mechanic, I had a game mechanic working, but found that the game was insanely difficult and NO FUN AT ALL!

So I decided to quit.

But this morning I had a different idea to make a little silly game. Of course it turned out not to be that little. My usual mistake: wanting to do animations and thereby losing lots of hours.

I don’t want to go into Jam-time, but one day for this game is very little.


If I finish it will have music the kind I’ve never made before and a silly story.

Just a little more rest and then go for the end line!


Good luck all others trying to make it too!

End of day one and what have I done?

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 1:11 pm

Stuff, I’ve done stuff!

There is a game mechanic working and the setup is good enough that I can change most things pretty quickly. But there’s still an ENORMOUS amount of work to do.
And I realised something a few minutes ago: “yes probably noone else will have a game like mine: but there’s a good reason for it:  it’s too difficult and not enough fun”.
But it’s too soon to despair.

Tomorrow: game flow, music, sound, starting screens, buttons, more graphics. Oh and a story, which the game really needs.

But you can’t polish a turd :D, so there’s not much use to extend to the Jam deadline. I’ll leave it as it is at the Compo deadline.


And a screenshot:

early screenshot

It will be less ugly, I promise!

thank you very much (not!)

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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 2:50 am

don’t know who’s responsible for the theme ‘you are the world’ but now I’ve got this in my head:




Are you ready for Gamepocalypse?

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Monday, April 14th, 2014 12:45 pm

I´m in Ludum Dare


Code for your life! Or else bad reviews or worse: NO reviews!

In other words: I’m in.

Not sure how much time I’ll have but I’m definitely going to make a game. Almost certain, pretty sure I can finish in time (which will probably be three days).

Code: Flashdevelop/Flash or Libgdx/Eclipse
Graphics: Flash, Mypaint or some pixel graphics tool (probably not Excel)
Sound/Music: Microphone, Walk Band, C64 Organ, Guitar, Zoom G3X, AmbiLoop, VSTHost

so pretty undecided toolwise.

Unfortunately I probably wont have much time for voting the first week after the compo,  so my game will have poor visibility. Oh well..

Progress on Helsing’s hunt.

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Thursday, February 13th, 2014 1:53 pm

EDIT 19-2: I made a pre-alpha version (with loads of bugs, placeholder music etc.) available online. You can view it with the Java applet or download the .prg to run with an Commodore 64 emulator.

A long time ago I made a commmodore 64 game for the Mini Ludum Dare 45.


click to go to the Ludum Dare Game

I liked the result and thought it would be a nice idea to expand on the game and maybe release it commercially (yes for the C64!).
A sort of personal October challenge.
It will have to be sent by post, with a sturdy package containing a 5 1/4” disk, so to break even I will have to charge at least 7,50 euro.
Of course a C64 game would not be able to compete for other games with the same price, so I think I’ll try to make it a nice package with some cartoons.  A sort of collectors edition.

I did some work on it the past few months, but there was not much progress. This week and the coming week I’m trying to make some progress by working in an Agile kind of way.

I think I’m making progress but sometimes it’s hard to tell. The sticky notes with ‘user stories’(just small units of work really) are not moving as fast as I hoped (and sometimes they get pulled down by my cat, I think he’s an Agile perfectionist: ‘that’s not a user story!’). There also new notes appearing, but that’s to be expected.

There are other reasons for the lack of obvious progress. Before this week my game was still largely based on what I made for the Ludum Dare. It had a pretty good structure if you only have one level. If you want more levels and texts between levels you need something that is more flexible, some sort of game states. I think I have  a much better structure now to accommodate an easy flow of the program. I have lots more constants, variables and there are now also more macro’s so the code becomes more readable.

For instance: the transition from the Help-screen to an introscreen that will exit to level 1 is now two lines:
1. “showscreen LVL1IntroScreen,continueWithLevel1″
2. “SetState StateInfo”

screenshottext 13-2-2014

Each level now starts with a screen with text to explain what you are supposed to do.
The border is made automatically, which took some time to get right!

I hope to see this progress reflected in  a higher speed with the realisation of other stories.

Another way to measure progress is how big the program is:
It’s now about 80 blocks on loading (approx. 20k). It’s uncompressed but after loading all kinds of stuff is moved around, so after playing a game the program will have left its impression on about half of all the 64k of memory. This can be optimised a lot, so no need to worry yet.

memory map

my memory map

I think I have done an overhaul of between 30 and 50% of the code (not including data). So there’s a lot of progress.

And lastly progress can be measured best in a more enjoyable game experience.
Sadly that  is not the case. I break the game several times a day. It can sometimes take several hours to get it working again (and I use the word ‘working’ in a very broad sense).
I think my main goal for this and coming week will be to have a game with three levels that can be played till their (happy or tragic) conclusion. Polishing of text and graphics and creation of music will have to come after that. But it means that hopefully within two weeks playtesting can begin.
I know it’s not best practice to have something playable so late in the process, but I think I had to do the refactoring to be able to make changes without drowning in bugs.

I’ll end this lengthy post (TL;DNR) with a screenshot of the second level I’m working on. The end product will have 3 or 4 levels.


The yellow sprite is for debug purposes and is the position of the invisible vampire. You can see the shadow on the wall, cast by the candle (which at the moment has a flame that’s not attached to the candlestick)

Oh: the bar you see on the side is an indication of how much screentime my program uses: it changes to grey, when my interrupt starts (where now everything happens) and changes back to red after that. The maximum now lies at 20-25%. That sounds like a lot but there are not many forseeable processor-intensive tasks to add.
If I have to, I can probably get it down to 15% by using double buffering for the scroll.

This post of an almost-copy of the post on my blog, progress and other stuff will be posted there. Comments, feedback, encouragements are welcome.

No laughing matter!

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Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 12:48 pm

The results are in and as you can see in this graph, I’ve reversed the downward trend for most categories except humor, which is taking a nosedive. It’s now even below the 2!
Innovation is reaching the magical threshold of 4.


So the forecast for the next Ludum:

Expect an unexpected but depressing experience.

99, that’s it!

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Monday, January 6th, 2014 12:42 pm

I was at the point of calling it a day, but then I saw I had reviewed 96 games. My game is all about numbers and the number ’99’ is in it, so I decided to review another 3 games (call of the monsterschoices (sea wind) and drain).


you see? 99!

99 might not seem much to some raters, but with the holidays (I don’t play games when visiting relatives/friends)  and the fact that I like to leave a comment for the games I play, I think I did OK.

Thanks  again to everyone who rated and or commented on my game and for creating another batch of inspirational games.

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