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HTML5 tools?

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Monday, December 1st, 2014 10:41 am

I’ll probably participate again this time, but I’m not sure what tools to use.

I’ve been using a lot of HTML5/JS/CSS lately (for other purposes) and I’m inclined to use it to make a game.

I’m thinking about using Three.js if it’s 3D or develop my own codebase for a 2D game.

Which tools do you know or used to make games in HTML5?

Progress report

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 7:57 pm

I lost the first day trying to figure out what to do, so I didn’t make it on time.

I also switched from my Java-based environment to a Flash-based environment with FlashDevelop and FlashPunk.

I won’t be able to finish it for the jam as well… But I’m still developing this game, since it’s becoming something nice.

Below the animations I just got working:

The protagonist and her sword.

The protagonist and her sword.

Good luck for everyone that are still in. =)

Back in action

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 2:19 pm

After a while without participating, I’m returning for the 12th anniversary of Ludum Dare. =)

The tools I’ll use:

  • Programming: Java language + Eclipse IDE (Luna) + LibGdx framework;
  • Version control: Bitbucket;
  • Graphics: Wacom Bamboo Capture + Photoshop Elements;
  • Sound & Music: to be decided.

The game will be deployed as a desktop application (Windows, Mac, Linux) and if it makes sense, I might make an Android version after the event has ended.

Have a lot of fun, everyone. =D

Some good entries that are not getting enough love! (pt. 1)

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Thursday, September 5th, 2013 9:31 pm

I decided to take a break from rating very good-looking games, since these ones usually have already a lot of ratings. I went on to play those entries with a low number of ratings and a good coolness and found some gems that are not getting enough comments/ratings! I’ll list them below:


Coloured Block Swap



I’m very sleepy right now, so I hope these pretty screenshots are enough for you guys to click them and check this entries out!

Dango Rush development notes

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 10:11 am

I wanted to post some technical stuff about how our jam entry, Dango Rush, was developed, but it has been hard finding a time to do so while we have so many interesting games to play and rate! But, I finally decided to take a break and write down some development notes! So, let’s start!


The game’s title screen! =D

Tools we used

I started out using FlashDevelop and the Flixel library to code, but ended up using the FlashPunk library instead because of some helpful stuff it has already implemented. Also, because I was completely new to Flixel but had already read a lot on FlashPunk and found it more comfortable to go on a weekend-long project.

Aline used a Bamboo Capture drawing tablet, along with Adobe Sketchbook Express (that comes with it), to draw all the graphics. I also used it a little to draw some sketches. Paint.NET was used for editing (adapting) the drawings to a format acceptable by Flash/FlashPunk.

For the audio, PxTone was used by Carvalho to compose the music for the game and I used sfxr for the sound effects (as usual).

Early sketch of the game’s ideas.

First intentions and end result

Initially we decided to make a mix between The Binding of Isaac and Mii Force. The player would have to explore randomly generated dungeons while collecting and equipping different power ups, each one providing a different type of bullets you could shoot at enemies, while avoiding being hit by their bullets as well. These initial mechanics turned out very difficult to implement and we decided to simplify the game.

Aline suggested that we used “dangos” as characters in the game because they are very simple to draw (she’s not a pro artist) and very cute. The title “Dango Rush” was immediately adopted. =p

In the end, we removed a lot of stuff we wanted to put in the game, simply because we wouldn’t have the time to implement. It turned out to be more of an Isaac-like game than Mii Force-like. But we were very satisfied by the results, nonetheless. Of course we knew the game had problems (I’m glad people pointed out some of them while rating the game) and we plan on releasing a post-jam version pretty soon, fixing some stuff we couldn’t because we didn’t have the time, and adding some stuff people are pointing us to on the comments! So that’s your chance do play and rate, and contribute to the post-jam version of our game! =D

In-game screenshot.

Final regards

This is the fourth time I participate on a Ludum Dare event, second time on the jam and first time actually finishing the game on a LD jam. The first time we had some problems, maybe because we were too large a group or because we lacked intimacy with each other as game developers, and ended up giving up. This time I went for a more decentralized approach. While we had some specific ideas and goals, everyone on the team had a significant amount of freedom to do whatever they wanted. I think that’s a good way to work on a game jam. We also worked in different things in parallel (programming, drawing, composing), while the previous time we tried to focus on having a working prototype instead of focusing on different aspects to create a good synergy.

That said, I believe LD28 Jam is confirmed for me and whoever wants to take a role in my team. LD27 was definitely a good experience and we are loving to read all the feedback we are receiving! =D

We are in the Jam!

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 5:31 pm

My girlfriend and I will be doing a game for the Ludum Dare Jam!

I’ll be using Flixel and FlashDevelop to code and she will draw the graphics using a Bamboo Capture and Autodesk SketchBook Express. We both never used these tools, so we might as well switch them later for something else! It also means that the final result is unpredictable! =p

You can follow our progress through my Twitter page: @ghRibacki.

Good luck, everyone! =D

Unfortunately we didn’t make it

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Monday, April 29th, 2013 5:31 pm

I’m sorry for all the friends we got hyped up, but we just couldn’t make it. We were tired, theme sucked, ideas were good but too complicated. We achieved too little in the first day and decided it was a better idea to skip this one.

See you all in August (maybe earlier). =)

First LD Jam

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Thursday, April 25th, 2013 8:32 pm

Hello, everyone! I’m glad to announce that my friends and I are going to participate on the Ludum Dare Jam for the first time! I already participated on LD23 and LD24 (but failed LD25) but wasn’t really satisfied by the gameplay factor of my games. For that reason, I want to focus a lot on gameplay mechanics and leave all the fancy stuff to when the basics are working (and are awesome).

“Project Peace” (LD23), my first Ludum Dare entry!

“Living Worlds” (LD24), my second entry.

This time we decided to do the Jam together so we could enjoy it in a more relaxed way and, we hope, finish an awesome entry that people can love. The team is made of programmers who have no fear of trying their hands at game design, 2d art and music! We are:

We will be using (mostly):

Also, some of us really wanted Potato as a theme, so we will be entering the Potato Challenge too!

Good luck everyone else participating this time! And keep an eye open for our updates here on the blog. =)

I’m out

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 7:33 pm

By the end of day one (beginning of day two) I’m now sure that I won’t be participating this time. Got some really important stuff to do this weekend and even though I tried as hard as I could to make it work, that wasn’t enough.

All the luck to everyone who’s still on board. =D


Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 5:15 pm

It’s been a hard semester for me with a lot of things going on with my life and a lot of difficult tasks to accomplish. Even though a lot of good things happened this year I really feel like passing a trial of fire and I hope I’ll be a better person after I’m done.

In this mood, I’d like to say I have no idea if I’ll have time to participate, but since this is going to be the third Ludum Dare since I started participating, and I never skipped one, I really want to participate. The idea here is to make a very frustrating (but rewarding) game. If I don’t have enough time to elaborate better on a game, I’ll try to make a really small one.

Alternatively, me and my code mate Lessie2D might work together on the Jam.

Or both.

Who knows?

My entry: “Living Worlds”

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Monday, August 27th, 2012 7:27 pm

Unfortunately I got carried away again and left the game play (the most important part, right?) for the final moments and had little time to work on it. But hey! At least my game is prettier than my last one. =)

I learnt a lot of technical stuff but also subjective stuff like how to use your time better. Next time I’ll try to finish my entry with hours to spare so I don’t have these final stressful moments. I also want to have a more polished game with sound effects and music, both which I couldn’t manage to put into this one.

Living Worlds

You can play and rate my game here or read a full report post on my personal blog if you like. =)

Let’s rate all these games now!

I’m all for confusing themes

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Friday, August 17th, 2012 9:15 am

This will be the second time I’ll participate and I can’t wait!

Haven’t decided what I’ll use yet, probably will decide based on which theme gets picked. List of options:

I’ll probably use Paint.NET for graphics and sfxr for sound effects again. Will try to squeeze in some music this time, but need to see which program to use yet.

I’m also very excited that my friend Lessie will join me this time! We’re both participating on the compo individually, but I hope we can participate on the jam together sometime soon. =)

Good luck and fun for everyone participating! =D


Project Peace: successes, failures, lessons learned

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 12:41 pm

I’m sorry for writing so much on the last post, I was in dire need of sleep but wanted to put it all out before I went to bed. Also, if you haven’t checked out my entry, here is a link.

I saw other posts and decided to list the successes, failures and lessons of my weekend!


  • Managed to finish the entry in time for the compo;
  • Core idea developed based on the proposed theme;
  • Made everything with a “low” level API (Java 2D API).


  • Couldn’t add all the fancy features I wanted in time;
  • Gameplay is too simple;
  • Wanted to make 4 small levels but ended up making only one (too large);
  • Most of the available time spent on making the basic graphics and platformer engines, too little time spent on actually designing the game;
  • Completely messed up the code (which was somewhat organized) on the last couple hours by adding game data to it since I wouldn’t have time make a xml loader or something.

Lessons learned

  • The need to code the basic graphics and platformer engines took valuable time that could have been spent on designing the game and developing different ideas and art for the game. Next time I shall use a decent previously published code base or engine so I can focus on the creative part (which I guess is the whole point of making games, right?);
  • I was caught off guard by the proposed theme. Next time I shall prepare for all the ones on the final round, mainly the ones I don’t like or don’t expect to win the voting.

Bonus! Features I wanted to add but had no time to

  • Space ship crashed with smoke rising on the start of the game (which would explain how the character ended up at the tiny world);
  • Background color changing with player advancing through the level;
  • More villages, buildings, tiny persons and dialog lines;
  • 4 levels: desert, forest, cave and complex;
  • Tiny persons moving on the landscape, falling into holes and doing silly dances;
  • Y axis exploration: less linear landscape;
  • Hidden amber stones as a bonus motivation for exploration;
  • Achievements: talk to all the tiny persons, finish the game, get all the amber stones.

And that’s it! If I remember something later I’ll add here on this post.

I want to thank all the Ludum Dare community for this great thing we have here! And I’m so happy to be part of it as a competitor now, since I only spectated for a few editions. Thank you all, competitors, jammers, spectators, organizers! You are awesome! =)

Can’t wait for August!

I’m so happy, I finished a LD48 entry on my first try!

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 9:05 pm

Our lost giant asking for help on the nearest village.

I made Project Peace with one thing in mind: violence-free. In other words, I wanted to make a game with zero violence. I have been trying to do that for a while now (at least to have good ideas) and I already had an idea in mind which fitted this name, but it was far more complex and couldn’t be made in 48 hours.

Well, on the first day I had no idea what to make, I didn’t expect the theme “Tiny Worlds” at all and it caught me off guard. So, I had a few game genres in mind and one of them was, of course, platformer. Though, I knew this was a hard one to make and was trying to avoid it, I had this idea of a giant person smashing tiny people’s buildings… or fighting off Godzilla (or something) to defend them. But that would include lots of violence and, again, I was trying to avoid it. So I decided that instead of smashing their buildings, this giant would ask them for help, to return to his home, and on the way he would find out clues and little pieces of information that would lead to an ultimate outstanding truth… which you shall find out playing it.

It’s a very small game. I wasted many hours on coding the basics and thinking about what should I do for a game. On the last couple hours I started to freak out and include the stuff I judged more important to add (unfortunately good features were left out – moving tiny persons, for instance) and the code that was somewhat organized then exploded into trash (ok, only one class, I swear!). In the end it turned out more as a short story than a game, because I didn’t have enough time on my hands to add fun features.

In the end, I am very happy that I managed to finish a game for Ludum Dare on my first try! I was scarred until the last minute that I wouldn’t be able to deliver a full game because I tied the last loose ends on that moment and I wouldn’t be able to submit it if that wasn’t done. I don’t even care if it gets low rates, I will certainly do better next time with all this experience I just got!

Thanks for everyone that participated and spectated. I can’t wait to try all your games out on the next weeks!

Let the games begin! =)

I’m calling it “Project Peace”

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 9:44 pm

50% of this screen is a mockup!

So far I focused on making a simple engine to draw text, sprites and a tile-based level. I decided to make a platformer with tiny people! It won’t have weapons or any kind of violence, only a narrative with some exploration, I guess. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

I worked today as much as I worked on Friday, but tomorrow will be a full day of work and food for me!

Now: sleep!

Follow my progress during the weekend!

Posted by (twitter: @ghRibacki)
Thursday, April 19th, 2012 2:53 pm

I won’t livestream myself making the game because it would take too much time to setup and can go wrong in many ways (I never did it, so I’m not sure how to do it). Plus, I don’t think people will like to watch it now on my first try, maybe after some successful entries I can get viewers. =)

While I’m still deciding if I go timelapse or not, I will definitely post my progress as I go on this page and I’ll try to keep an updated applet and a repository on Google Code (check that page later to see all of this).

Also, the only input I will be receiving during the compo will be through Twitter – I will always have the “mentions” page opened, so if you want to tell me something, just mention @ghRibacki ! I won’t see anything else, as I want to avoid peeking at the others’ entries before my entry is finished (you know how creativity goes).

Good luck to everyone and let’s do this! =D

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