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I’m in! And sharing my MusicEngine.

Posted by (twitter: @geekdrums)
Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 7:17 am

This gonna be my 3rd LD. can’t wait!

Last one was LD29 and then I got gold medal on Audio category, by “Space to go”. I hope someone remember this.


Code: Unity/C#
Music: StudioOne
Sfx: Bfxr, etc
Graphics: ExpressionDesign


Libraries: MusicEngine(self made)

Every time I make a musical game, I use my internal library for getting Musical Information(Bar, Beat, Unit), I call that as “MusicEngine” (actually it’s too small to call as “Engine”, it’s just a single MonoBehaviour class). I’m sorry I couldn’t share it last time(I didn’t make English document for that), but from this time, I will share this.

Here it is.

geekdrums/MusicEngine https://github.com/geekdrums/MusicEngine
This includes full example unity project file of “MusicPong”.
Music Pong | UnityGameUploader http://unitygameuploader.jpn.org/game/1233.html

If you are familiar with ADX2LE(audio middleware in Japan), you can also chose Unity/ADX2LE version
geekdrums/MusicEngineForADX https://github.com/geekdrums/MusicEngineForADX

English document is here
MusicEngine for Unity/ADX2LE(English) http://www.slideshare.net/geekdrums/musicengine-for-unityadx2leenglish

Feel free to use this for your lovely musical games :)

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