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Coracao Branco v0.1 Hintthough/Walkthrough

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 6:53 pm

I like hard games, I tried to make Coracao Branco nearly impossible to win without hints on purpose, but I wanted it to be winnable just using hints. Anyway, here is a hint through at the top, and an actual walk through at the bottom.


Puzzle 1:

  1.  This is the title screen. No tricks here, just do as it says.

Puzzle 2:

  1.  The game has started, and this acts as a sort of tutorial.
  2. The heart is the one speaking.
  3. Even after you changed mitso to something else, clicked on him, and waited until he is gone, you still need to do something to advance.
  4. Try using the standard controls in video games to advance.

Puzzle 3:

  1. This is the first real puzzle. You need a very specific answer now, not a general thing like not mitso. Capitalization and spelling is important.
  2. Notice the g. Its important, but not for this particular puzzle. This puzzle is a lot simpler than that.
  3. He asked you a question. You should respond.
  4. Generally, use the same conventions found within that puzzle.
  5. Here the answer is found within the body of the text.

Puzzle 4:

  1. Coracao Branco does not lie.
  2. Really, the answer is obvious.
  3. There is nothing subjective here.
  4. Sometimes you want to take things as literally as possible, other times he is speaking extremely figuratively.

Puzzle 5:

  1. There is no clear question or puzzle here, but this time its a game of guess who.
  2. Google is a friend while solving theses. Here there is a reference you need to look up.
  3. Its a reference to a book.
  4. This book is so famous that references to this book have their name.
  5. There is only name in the full version of this reference, and that is the answer.

Puzzle 6:

  1. I goofed here. The answer is “gronk”, but I meant to but something else. Continue reading the clues and you may found out what that was.
  2. I also meant to add the phrase “different book”, but I forgot to do that as well.
  3. This word is closely associated with the book in a meme like way, and it does in fact start with the same first letter as the last answer.
  4. It is no longer a name.

Puzzle 7:

  1. Everyone spells it wrong. Its impossible not to.
  2. If you don’t spell this wrong, you will spell spell it wrong.
  3. There is only one word like this.
  4. This puzzle is very similar to an earlier one.

Puzzle 8:

  1. You cannot open Coracao Branco alone.
  2. You can do it, but you need help.
  3. The point of this game is to open up the heart.
  4. This might technically be the one time Coracao Branco is lying, but since you are looking through the walkthrough
  5. This person is known by many names, but you do not want to enter in his true name.
  6. Some of my puzzles are a bit egocentric.
  7. The proper name is the one associated with Ludum Dare.

Puzzle 9:

  1. All the words have something in common. You need to complete the set.
  2. He is really just saying the same thing over and over again.
  3. This puzzle is easier if you are multilingual.
  4. Several words could theoretically complete the set, but only one is correct.
  5. To find the correct word, look at the title of the game. Its not English, is it?

Puzzle 10:

  1. Several puzzles like this want you to look at previous answers. This is one of them.
  2. Usually these puzzles want you to look at the previous puzzle, though that is not always the case.
  3. Puzzle answers can be interpreted different ways depending on the context.
  4. Here you need to interpret it as it would be in the main language of the game.
  5. You could interpret the previous answer as a well known acronym.
  6. Here you want the actual conventions, not the puzzle’s conventions.
  7. This is the first answer that is multiple words.

Puzzle 11:

  1. I did not make this riddle up, its slightly famous.
  2. One word, lowercase

Puzzle 12:

  1. We is plural.
  2. Depending on how you look at the nature of Coracao Branco, it may only refer to one person.
  3. The answer is on the title page.
  4. English Latin refers to the 26  letters of the English Alphabet.
  5. To convert just split ash and drop accents.

Puzzle 13:

  1. Solving this puzzle requires knowledge of two languages that are not English.
  2. The question is in the same language as the answer, but not the source of the answer.
  3. This language is Japanese.
  4. You have entered an answer in the same language as the source of this answer before.
  5. Remember to use the same spelling and grammar conventions as in the question.

Puzzle 14:

  1. This isn’t an existentialist or religious question.
  2. This time you are part of the we, but that may not be true. At the very least it is true for Corcao Branco.
  3. Here refers to the game itself.
  4. It’s two words.
  5. It’s the same reason there are puppies to be slain and blocks to be turned to gold.

Puzzle 15:

  1. Math time!
  2. You need a basic knowledge of calculus to solve this.
  3. x is not the variable.
  4. There is a reason the S is capitalized, it has to do with the notion being used.

Puzzle 16:

  1. Puzzle 2 is not the start.
  2. The less you do for this puzzle, the easier is.
  3. The answer is two words.

Puzzle 17:

  1. You must now do the opposite as you did in the past.
  2. For the past you need to go way back, but not quite to the start.
  3. Its a nonsense word.

Puzzle 18:

  1. If you weren’t paying attention you might need to restart the game.
  2. If you memory is bad, write stuff down.
  3. This is the first time the red is a clue, but it always was important.
  4. Solving the puzzle is as simple as concatenating a string.
  5. Spaces are to be ignored. The answer is one word.
  6. The answers are often nonsense, but it is always clear exactly how that nonsense word is supposed to be structured.

Puzzle 19:

  1. He hasn’t actually gone anywhere, but you still need to find him.
  2. Its pretty much impossible to solve this puzzle without looking outside of the swf file.
  3. Google isn’t your only friend.
  4. Where do you find people?
  5. Someone better not create a fan page for this game.
  6. You need to get on Facebook to find the answer.
  7. Info is informative.
  8. Nonsense words on official pages are usually the correct answer.
  9. Copy/Paste is useful.

Puzzle 20:

  1. You aren’t done yet! You now need to dispel Coracao Branco.
  2. There is two ways to go about solving this.
  3. Do you prefer ponies or vampires?
  4. If you like ponies, complete the name.
  5. If you vampires, what do they do in the sun?
  6. Remember that capitalization is important.

Puzzle 21 :

  1. It’s another translation puzzle.
  2. Coracao Branco is in Portuguese.
  3. Though he speaks in English.
  4. This is gonna sound like a stereotypical Native American name.

Puzzle 22:

  1. Complete the name.
  2. Its not Hans Christian Andersen, though some would argue that they are more in common than just their first name.
  3. Some theorize that he had the condition which now bears his name.
  4. Some say that he gave purposely biased reports to save children from his Nazi overlords.
  5. His American counterpart is Kanner.
  6. If you pronounce it correctly it does not sound like a donkey sandwich.

Puzzle 23:

  1. This is text.
  2. Once again you need to look outside of the game.
  3. (-4, 0) is coordinates. If you don’t have them you might get lost forever.
  4. You are even more likely to get lost forever if you did not have the handle, signup
  5. Coracao Branco will make it rather obvious that you have found the answer if you find it.
  6. Use the URL http://www.yourworldoftext.com/signup

Puzzle 24:

  1. I made this riddle up, though its based on a well known murder riddle.
  2. Technically it neither creates nor destroys itself, nature does that.
  3. A liquid will remain once its gone.
  4. Its only found where its cold.
  5. One word, lowercase

Puzzle 25:

  1. The answer is the answer to the riddle being referenced.
  2. Once again, one word, lowercase
  3. Three letters

Puzzle 26:

  1. Yes, this is a riddle.
  2. There is a definite question, but it lacks a question mark.
  3. There is a reason for that.
  4. Conventions are exttremely important for this one.
  5. If you aren’t ready, you cannot continue. You need to be nice and assertive.
  6. Its only one short word, but its also a bit more.

Puzzle 27:

  1. There has been a drastic game play change, but its not over yet. Just one more riddle.
  2. Well, you could look through the source code, but that wasn’t the code being referenced.
  3.  It actually probably easier to solve this puzzle using the actual code than by looking at the source.
  4. This code is popular in video games.
  5. You are now in birds eye view, and another axis has been opened up.
  6. You enter the next screen the same way you entered all the others.
  7. Think of the original Legend of Zelda, and of Contra.

Puzzle 28:

  1. This is the final puzzle.
  2.  Figuring out how to solve this puzzle is the easy part, you need a lot of gaming skill to win this game, and it’s hard. Like, really hard.
  3. You cannot die. Coracao Branco can.
  4. This boss battle is backwards.
  5. Make him disappear the same way you did every other time, only this time you need to do it a lot.
  6. You will know when you have won the game. You can still move around, but that’s it.
  7. If you slip up the boss fight will reset.
  8. You cannot defeat the small hearts in the same way that you can defeat the larger heart.
  9. Don’t sue me if your hand cramps.



1. Click on the heart in the center of the screen.

2. Click on the purple text, type something.  Then click on the heart. Once it disappears walk out the right side of the screen by holding down the right arrow.

3.  Type in the word “ok”, without quotes, into the purple text box. Then click on the heart and proceed as you would have done for the previous puzzle. For puzzles 4- 18, and 20-27 I will only post the word need to answer. For example, the answer here would be”ok.

4. obvious

5. Gershom

6. gronk

7. wrong

8. Ganondox

9. eu

10. European Union

11. egg

12. Gaeoedoae

13. shiro

14. Ludum Dare

15. sino

16. type here

17. mitso

18. golstam

19. First replace the word with Talfos. Then click where the heart was in the other puzzles, and wait for it to reappear.

20. Sparkle

21. White Heart

22. Asperger

23. Dilfrak

24. icicle

25. man

26. YES!!

28. Hold the arrows to go in the same direction as the arrow, go out the top of the screen twice, then the bottom twice, the left side once, the right side once, the left side again, and the right side again. Its the Konomi code.

29. Click him 500 times to destroy him, run in the little hearts to destroy them, if one of them his him his health will reset. A message will appear once you win.


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Sunday, December 18th, 2011 6:23 pm

Somehow I managed to make a game in under 6 hours. Somehow. Its really more of under 4 as it me a few hours to figure out how to properly deal with strings. My this feels so good.


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Sunday, December 18th, 2011 1:21 pm

Ok, my internet was down for the last few days as we were behind on payments, and we only just got it back up and NOW ONLY 6 HOURS REMAIN! GAHH!!! Also audio on my computer that has Flash isn’t working, so now I can’t test the sound I made. Great. Just Great.

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